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A quick lesson on the realistic shelf life of honey:

Honey, arguably, doesn't spoil. In normal storage conditions, it will only thicken and crystallize. You can return it to it's normal, non-crystallized state by putting it in a glass jar(if it's not already in one) and putting that jar into a pot of boiling water. The heat will cause it to decrystallize and become as good as new! Just don't heat the honey to it's boiling point as that will make it lose some of it's flavor.

What that means to this mod:

This mod allows you to cook honey over a campfire to get a fresh unit of honey. Also, instead of turning into rot, it will now turn into a new prefab, "crystallized honey", which doesn't spoil and can also be cooked over a fire for a fresh unit of honey. Eating crystallized honey without cooking it first will cause a slight sanity loss and it has a hunger value that's about a third of normal honey.


-Increased honey's spoilage level when cooked over a fire.

-Adjusted the shelf life of honey again.

-Added a new prefab "crystallized honey". See above for how it works.

-Doubled the spoil time of honey.

If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.

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