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Boulders and Stalagmites regrow while time passes.

It's an update/addition from 'microbun' work which seems to be abandoned for some time.

Boulders and Stalagmites are destroyable up to 3 levels.

If you don't overpass the second one, the boulder will regrown to it's precedents states, after an amount of time; between 3 and 4,5 gamedays to regrow to full. But if you choose to break it until ends of it's roots, it will not.

You'll probably receive a good loot in return (especially for stalagmites).

You can edit "modmain.lua" to tune regrowth timers.


Open the zip file. Drag and drop in your "..Dontstarvemods" folder.

Known issues:




Thanks to report to me if you've found one.

¤It's seems that Nightmare update transforms stalagmites; There's no more yellow or orange gems in their loot table. If someone want me to remove gems of the loot table, send a PM ;)

¤Usual incompatibility & Priority Settings:

Load AlwaysOnStatus BEFORE RenwableMinerals.

To do that, please edit the AOS "modinfo.lua" and add a line :

priority = 2 -- or a number above RenewableMinerals which has a basic priority: 1 by default).

Future plans:

¤ OnSave/OnLoad stuff, if I understand something to these mess.

¤ Several version for hardcore gamers. (on demand)

¤ Adding some loot? (on demand)


v1.2: Add a mod icon.

v1.1: Nothing but Nightmares compatible.

v1.0: Cleaning of the code & solve save/load stage 1 problem. Boulder keep their pre-save stages on load.

v0.1b: Custom tuning variables moved to "modmain.lua".

v0.1a: Initial version.

Feel free to ask or to review or to fault. :grin:

What's New in Version v1.2   See changelog


  • v1.2 : Nothing changes but the mod icon.
  • v1.1 : Nightmares update.
  • v0.1a & v1.0 : Previous updates.
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