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For anyone who doesn't know:

Wood ashes are very good for your garden and almost all plants can benefit from them. In addition to ashes enriching your soil with the valuable nutrients your plants use to grow big and strong, they're also very good for detouring pests like snails, aphids and cutworms. Coincidentally, the nutritional value plants receive from ashes is the reason the rainforests have been decreasing over the years. The local farmers burn them down to enrich the soil for the next growing season. It's not aerosol sprays or car exhaust, no matter what your teacher told you. But as with everything gardening related, always make sure your plants are compatible with the product in question before you apply it.

What that means to this mod:

This mod allows you to use ashes as a fertilizer. Click it on anything that needs to be fertilized, the same as you would for manure, rot or guano.

Ashfarms have also been added. They grow crops slightly faster than improved farms but need to be fertilized way more often and are instantly destroyed by rain. This took so long to implement because I had to wait for the Six Feet Under update, which fixes many bugs with the ashfarms.


-I want to say I updated it to be compatible with RoG but RoG is now stable enough to support ashfarms on it's own without needing me to change anything.(That's why I didn't bother updating it when RoG was still new.)

-Fixed crashes related to specific hud sizes. Thanks to HaZ_MiDNighT for helping me troubleshoot this.

-Added ashfarms by request. It doesn't function as requested but I'm the one running the show here.

-Fine tuned fertilizer values.

-Made wetgoop and fish, both fresh and cooked, valid fertilizers as requested.

If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.

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