Krieg The Psycho - Public Beta - Everything works? 0.5

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Krieg The Psycho, a Borderlands 2 character.Now in your game!

I have implemented Krieg with difficulties along with it and I wouldn't do this without Lord Luxury.

His pros and cons:

1. Brings his own sword.

2. Gore and flesh will let him heal. ( killing enemy gives health. )

3. Unstable state of mind. ( At night, he might be insane or attack himself. )

His sword is a Buzz Axe, not for trees!.

His health and hunger is same as Wilson yet sanity is only 30.

More to be implemented.


DaVinci557 - Lord Luxury

What's New in Version 0.5


  • Added the mod's public beta which has everything working as tested.

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