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2.0 Changes:

- new version of wall gates without recolor, they glow gold when you mouse over them

- configuration options you can pick normal (default) or recolored version

- you can pick recipe for wall gates, you can pick gears or electrical doodad (switched for more gold when RoG not enabled) or just gold for very cheap wall gates

- you can open and close wooden and hay wall gate while holding a torch

Different kind of walls, you can open and close them so they act like a doors. You can now close your base area and don't have to use hammer to get in/out and rebuild your walls.

You can build Wall Gates using alchemy engine. To build one you need:

1 wall segment, 2 gold nuggets and gears

Wall Gates now drops gears when you hammer them.

Build one Wall Gate and then repair it with it repair material (wall segments, stone, wood, cut grass) to get it higher.

Now you can open/close up to 4 segments at once. Just make sure to use middle segments to open/close them.

If you want multiply entrances/exits from your base make sure they are 2 normal wall segments away from each other so they wont be affected by other wall gates, as shown on screenshots.

What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


  • Small bug fixed.
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