About This File

This is Klei's internal tool for converting textures into our in-game format.


This tool comes with a big Buyer Beware! This is a development tool and not end user friendly. As you've discovered there is virtually no error checking because we use it in a very narrow set of circumstances and those are well debugged.

Also please note the game engine only supports ARGB/DXT1/3/5.

Hey all,

I see that many of you are looking to create .tex files for the game to load. I've discussed it with the team, and we're releasing our own Texture Converter for you to use.

Have fun!


EG:    C:TestTextureConverter.exe -t 2d -f bc3 -o modicon.tex -i modicon.png -p opengl   TextureConverter.exe  [-r <stretch|paste>] [-t <1d|2d|3d|cubemap>] [-e                         <big|little>] [--filter <box|bilinear|bspline                         |bicubic|catmulllrom|lanczos3>] -f <bc1|bc2|bc3                         |x8r8g8b8|argb|rgb|l16|a8|dxt1|dxt3|dxt5> -p                         <opengl|gles2|d3d9|xbox360|ps3> [--premultiply]                         [--info] [--mipmap] [-s] [--pow2] [-v <1>] [-h                         <64>] [-w <512>] -o <output.tex> -i                         <input.png[;input2.png;input3.png]> [--] Where:    -r <stretch|paste>,  --resize <stretch|paste>     The method used to resize a texture    -t <1d|2d|3d|cubemap>,  --type <1d|2d|3d|cubemap>     The type of texture to create    -e <big|little>,  --endian <big|little>     Endianness to output    --filter <box|bilinear|bspline|bicubic|catmulllrom|lanczos3>     Resize filter to use    -f <bc1|bc2|bc3|x8r8g8b8|argb|rgb|l16|a8|dxt1|dxt3|dxt5>,  --format <bc1      |bc2|bc3|x8r8g8b8|argb|rgb|l16|a8|dxt1|dxt3|dxt5>     (required)  Pixel format to convert the texture to    -p <opengl|gles2|d3d9|xbox360|ps3>,  --platform <opengl|gles2|d3d9      |xbox360|ps3>     (required)  Platform to convert the texture for.    --premultiply     Premultiply alpha    --info     Print texture info    --mipmap     Generate Mip Maps    -s,  --swizzle     Swizzle the texture on platforms that support it. Imposes platform     specific alignment & size restrictions.    --pow2     Make primary mipmap a power of two    -v <1>,  --verbosity <1>     Output verbosity    -h <64>,  --height <64>     Height to resize the primary mipmap to. No resizing occurs if     unspecified.    -w <512>,  --width <512>     Width to resize the primary mipmap to. No resizing occurs if     unspecified.    -o <output.tex>,  --outfile <output.tex>     (required)  Input texture filename    -i <input.png[;input2.png;input3.png]>,  --infiles      <input.png[;input2.png;input3.png]>     (required)  Input texture filenames    --,  --ignore_rest     Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.

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