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Link, based visually on The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

Link comes equipped with a number of "Hero's" items. All of the Hero's items are unbreakable, and uncraftable. So don't lose 'em. Link is impervious to sanity loss, owing to his adventuring experience. He's seen things like you wouldn't believe. Link, as a seasoned adventurer, is stronger, faster, and tougher than average, with a strong stomach, but has a faster metabolism, and a smaller stomach, due to how consistently hard he pushes himself.

Link is perhaps best at surviving through hunting and eating what he can kill.

Keep an eye on that hunger gauge.


Up-to-date Mediafire Link can always be found in the first post of the thread.

What's New in Version v1.8   See changelog


  • Improved Red and Blue tunics, monsters now drop Link-exclusive loot (Rupees, Bombs, and Arrows), arrows are craftable, Din's Fire has been improved, and Farore's Wind now functions. Various bugfixes.
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