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About This File

A morbid and neurotic axe swinger who refuses to take off her coat.

HUNGER:    220
SANITY:     120
HEALTH:     150

  • Skilled with axes.
  • Enjoys fishing.
  • Loves violence.
  • Has trouble digesting meat.
  • Abhors caves and open sea.
  • Only wants to wear her parka, falls apart without it.

Spawns with a fishing rod and an axe, with the parka nearby.

Requires Shipwrecked. Can be used in RoG worlds when SW compatibility is chosen at world generation.

AXES ---- Does more damage with axes, luxury axes, and obsidian axes.
MURDER ---- Tiny sanity gain on successful strike, scaling sanity gain when mob is killed.
ENVIRONMENT ---- Aggressive sanity drain when at sea or in caves.
VULNERABLE ---- Without parka, character is more fragile physically and mentally.
FISHING ---- Fishing rods have more durability, successful casts result in small sanity gain.
HUNGER ---- Hunger drains faster than average.
MEAT ---- All hunger and health gains from meat and meat dishes are halved.
WEATHER ---- Small sanity gain during rain/snow.
KRAMPUS ---- Higher naughtiness threshold.
TRAVEL ---- Wormholes and electric isosceles don't drain sanity on use.
GATHERING ---- Certain items can be picked quickly.
RECIPES ---- Starts with some recipes known, like fishing rod, luxury axe, and shovel.

CHEST SLOT ---- Only parka can be equipped.

____PARKA (item)
INVENTORY -- 14 slots.
ARMOR -- Provides some defense with no durability concerns.
ELEMENTS -- Some protection against cold, moisture, burning, and wind.
AURAS -- Dulls sanity loss around disturbing things and darkness. 
EFFICIENT -- Slows hunger drain, though rate will still be faster than average.
STRESS -- Immediate sanity loss upon unequip, in addition to losing the above features.
BIG & HEAVY -- Can't be carried in inventory.
MENTAL NOTE -- Mini-map icon in case you misplace it.

____SEAM RIPPER (item)
SALVAGE -- Convert useless chest slot items into useful materials.
CRAFTY -- Also works on head slot items.
RECIPE -- Requires 1 red gem, 1 hammer, and 1 sewing kit to make. Recipe found in Dress tab, available at start.

____MAXECHETE (item)
CHOP -- Cuts down trees faster than a traditional axe.
CUT -- Also functions as a machete.
TOOL -- Can't be used for combat.
RECIPE -- Requires 2 twigs, 4 flint, and 1 swordfish to make. Recipe found at the bottom of Tools tab, available at start.

____HUNGER HAT (item)
SLURPER PELT -- Adds a use for the pelts since the character can't equip the Hunger Belt.
HUNGER AND HAPPY -- Functions identically to the Hunger Belt.
LIGHT -- Gives off the equivalent of a light bulb when worn, keeping Charlie away.
FURRY -- Provides a tiny amount of insulation.
RECIPE -- Requires 3 slurper pelts, 2 light bulbs, and 2 nightmare fuel to make. Recipe found at the bottom of the Magic tab when using the Shadow Manipulator.

____SCALE HELM (item)
SCALES -- Adds a use for dragonfly scales since the character can't equip Scalemail.
ON FIRE AND HAPPY -- Functions identically to Scalemail.
RECIPE -- Requires 1 scale, 1 football helmet, and 2 pigskins. Recipe found at the bottom of the combat tab when using the Alchemy Engine.

CONFIGURATION OPTIONS_____________________________________________
Meat penalty -- Adjust up/down or turn off.
Terrain sanity loss -- Adjust up/down or turn off.
Kill sanity gain -- Adjust up/down.
Axe damage boost -- Adjust up/down.
Movement speed -- Adjust up.

Lock chest slot to parka -- Turn on/off.
Sanity loss on unequip -- Turn on/off.
Parka combat defense -- Adjust up/down or turn off.
Parka against sanity drain -- Adjust up/down or turn off.
Parka weatherproofness -- Adjust down or turn off.

Abyssal toggle -- turns on abyssal skin. Cosmetic only.

KNOWN ISSUES________________________________________________________

BACKPACKS -- Attempting to pick up any sort of backpack will cause the character to unequip and drop her parka. I don't know how to fix this but believe it has something to do with them both being containers. It doesn't affect playability, it's just sort of annoying to take the sanity hit on unequip and pick up the parka off the ground. I have added a configuration toggle to turn off sanity loss on unequip if you can't remember to not pick up backpacks.

SEAM RIPPER -- Doesn't work on thatchpack and sea sack. I'm okay with this since they're flammable and thus easy to get rid of.

ADVENTURE MODE -- During the final world in Adventure Mode, you will be locked out of the resources contained in the backpack at spawn since backpacks can only be opened when equipped. You can get around this by simply toggling off the chest lock in the config options if you feel you really need what the backpack contains.

-- Substantial playtest.
-- Editing pass over speech file to unify tone and narrative, check for describe discrepancies.
-- Compile a list of crafting materials whose main use is for chest slot items. Create alternate uses for these, likely specialised axes and hats to fill weapon and amulet/armor progression gaps.
-- Redo character select portrait.
-- Second pass on maxechete texture, need to adjust handle width.
-- Configuration for starting inventory.
-- True abyssal character variant.
-- Lackey or talking item.
-- Remove sanity loss from using Telelocator Staff.


How much sanity is gained on kill is dependent more on the monster than the modifier, so even when tweaked high, the difference won't be particularly evident for weak monsters

If the character is too difficult/not difficult enough, remember there are config options. You can render meat and meat dishes practically worthless with the highest setting. Want to be a glass cannon berserker on the edge? Tune down parka comfort and defense, ramp up terrain penalty, axe skill and sanity gain on kill. Live as an ocean nomad? Turn off terrain penalty and tune down meat penalty. Don't suffer unless you want to.

This mod is compatible with extra slots for backpacks and amulets. I've not tested extensively since it defeats the spirit of the character but found only a minor issue with inventory overflow. Items will not automatically insert themselves into the backpack on pick up, the backpack must manually be opened and items inserted by hand. I feel this is more a realistic feature than a bug if you do intend to go this route.

This mod is also compatible with display food values. When you hover over meat items, they will show the correct character-specific food value.

What's New in Version 1.0.6   See changelog


Character: Speech file tweaks.

Configuration Options:
Parka weatherproofness: Adjust down or turn off completely.
Abyssal toggle: Changes character skin. Only cosmetic.


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The parka already sounds really powerful, why are you making hats that nullify the single downside of being unable to unequip the parka?

Edited by JellyUltra

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5 hours ago, JellyUltra said:

The parka already sounds really powerful, why are you making hats that nullify the single downside of being unable to unequip the parka?

I don't like crafting materials that have no use, especially if it's something like a boss drop where it becomes difficult to rationalise the effort.

If you feel the parka is overpowered, simply tweak it to be less so in the configuration options. I'm going to add options to adjust its resistance against the elements as well but it's low on my list right now.

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Were there any specific tutorials you followed? I want to create a custom character as well, however I only have the most of basics down. I want to be able to add mutiple custom strings/events, I don't know where to start. I want someone who knows there way around modding the game to be able to help/answer any questions I may have.

Edited by EndlessInsomnia

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