FutaraDragon Light Edge Rod Mod V1.7 "Like light like Wilson"

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FutaraDragon Light Edge Rod Mod

"Like light like Wilson"

Before Mod Review and Download

Thankyou WrathOf for ModLib and Code Starter knowledge

Thankyou Handsome Matt for TexTool That can Customize Picture

Thankyou milson - "Potions Mod" for know about Add new Item Texture

Thankyou tehMugwump - "Infinite Tools Mod" for know about Custom Tuning and Components

Thankyou tehMugwump - "Chester the Enlightened Mod" for know about Mod Script

Thankyou Heavenfall - "Summons Mod" for know about Custom Action Right Click

Thankyou leon8111 - "xTraCraftables Mod" for know about Custom New Tab

Thankyou somebody I'm forgot sorry =A=


-- FutaraDragon "Light Edge Rod" Mod V1.7

-- Create by FutaraDragon

-------------------------- AboutMod -------------------------

-- This Mod Add new weapon name "Light Edge Rod"

-- The Rod get power by the light!!


-- Rod Ability

-- Can Restore power by the light when day time and near fire like heater

-- And Lost power when night time


-- Rod Level

-- Rod Lv 1 (Rod MP 0-4%)

-- Rod Lv 2 (Rod MP 5-39%)

-- Rod Lv 3 (Rod MP 40-100%)

-- Rod Lv 4 (Rod MP 100%+)


-- Rod Attack Type

-- Type Projectile

-- Range 1-18

-- Damage 5-30

-- DamageExp 5-25

-- KnockBack 0.1-0.4


-- Rod Special Effect

-- When Equip Rod and Rod MP is 200%.

-- The Rod will summon light orb for help automaticly

------------------------- ChangeLog -------------------------

-- 28/07/2013 v1.7 Update

-- Update Version For Support Hunger Update

-- 03/07/2013 v1.6 FixBug

-- FixBug Light Explotion Damage Ally

-- FixBug Picture Tab don't show

-- 02/07/2013 v1.5 Update

-- Update Mod To the power update

-- 20/06/2012 v1.4 FixBug

-- FixBug Direction wrong

-- FixBug Wrong Ally Damage

-- Fixbug Charge Faster

-- 19/06/2012 v1.3 FixBug

-- FixBug Light Edge Orb Wrong Light

-- FixBug Light Edge Orb Wrong Position

-- 19/06/2012 v1.2 FixBug

-- FixBug Light Edge Ball FX Wrong

-- 19/06/2012 v1.1 FixBug and Change

-- FixBug Light Edge Rod When MP 200% the light remove

-- FixBug Light Edge Rod Item Picture Change when not equip

-- FixBug Light Edge Orb remove when load game

-- Change Light Edge Rod Item Request

-- 19/06/2012 v1.0 Release Mod

-- Mod Release

----------------------- FutureUpdate ------------------------

-- No Future Update for this mod

------------------------ Installation -------------------------

This Mod can play with standalone (Rock Support)

And This Mod Support Other FutaraDragon Mod

Copy folder "FDLightEdgeRod" folder to dont_starvemods

Open the "modsettings.lua" file and write add ModManager:AddMod("FDLightEdgeRod")

Save file and let's fun


What I'm doing https://www.facebook.com/FutaraDragonSoftware

My FaceBook Here https://www.facebook.com/FutaraDragon

DiscussHere if found bug or talk about this mod >>

What's New in Version 08/14/13 05:25 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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