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You get bored to restart always on the same huge map? Try this custom map, you will live a new experience on an island without bridge !

Story :

Wilson still groggy from his trip through the Wooden Thing discovers an arid land surrounded by ocean. He looks around him and no bridge is visible, that is stuck on an inhospitable island without apparent means to escape.

But our hero does not disassemble and goes in search of information within this tiny piece of land. And research are not in vain since discovered two black pillars embedded in a stone wall that seem to be equipped with a mechanism allowing complex may point a way out.

Unfortunately, this brief glimmer of hope quickly fades when Wilson discovers the corpse of an old survivor lying before an inscription "SOS". Near skeletal remains of a makeshift camp near the throne where the drama dusk settled slowly.

Features :

Begin your adventure on a island and discover how escape of it.

Install Instructions :

1. Create a new party on the forth slot.

2. Exctract the files to this folder :

C:Program FilesSteamuserdatarandom number (13424563 for ex.)219740remote

3. Launch the game.

Compatibility :

Doorway to Adventure

How to use :

Launch the party from the forth game slot.

Changelog :

V1.0 : first version.

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