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Adds Whimsy to the list of playable characters.


Whismy is a happy sunflower that loves making people smile--which is quite a contrast from the dark, uninviting world of Don't Starve Together. She was born (read:grown) here naturally, and knows nothing else--this world is normal to her. To her new friends, the the sight of her is a great refresher from the horrid world that is constantly trying to kill them... Well, most of her friends, anyway; Maxwell's still not sold on the idea of a disgustingly ecstatic sunflower that just won't shut up. At least she's technically one less mouth to feed.

Whimsy is a very, VERY odd character that I've been wanting to create for a very long time (she was thought of and designed around the same time as Weston was when he was being developed for RoG). She is effectively a full support type of character, while at the same time being almost parasitic. She is nearly completely reliant on other players to survive, meaning that you will almost ALWAYS have to play with another player to get anything done. In return, Whimsy almost completely negates the sanity loss of other characters, which holds some characters back.


Whimsy's stats are as follows:

Hunger: 150

Health: 75

Sanity: 200


Here are Whimsy's perks:


+ Whimsy is naturally cheerful in the sunlight, and she's almost always in a good mood. Because of this, Whimsy regenerates sanity very quickly in the daytime. In the dark, not only does she not lose any sanity from night drain, but she regains sanity at almost the same rate!

+ Not only does Whimsy regenerate sanity for herself, but when she is near other players, they also regain sanity from her cheerfulness. This is useful for characters that have sanity penalties. Her cheerful nature even triumphs over the sanity drain from darkness (Does not stop Charlie from attacking your friends, however)!

+ Whimsy uses photosynthesis to regenerate her hunger in the daytime, which raises quite quickly. In addition to this, she also slowly regains her health in the sunlight.

+ Whimsy is light and quick. She is quite a bit faster than most characters.

+ Much like Weston the Wandering Cactus , Whimsy attracts insects that naturally seek out flowers. However, when certain insects see Weston's spikes, they'll usually flee after getting too close. Since Whimsy has no spikes, insects will freely light on her and pollinate her.

+ Being a flower, Whimsy is not very threatening. Therefore, certain small prey animals that would normally be scared away by the player's presence are not scared by her, meaning that she can approach them freely. Therefore, she is the perfect character to capture small prey with traps. In addition, certain mobs will either ignore you completely (until you attack them), or watch you curiously from a distance.


- Whimsy is a delicate, frail flower. She has a low health pool because of this (75 hp).

- Whimsy, like Weston, also suffers from a 3 x damage vulnerability from fire. Combine that with a very low health pool, and this can mean a very quick death.

- Along with being frail, Whimsy is also EXTREMELY weak. In fact, she does NO DAMAGE when attacking. The only thing she seems to be able to kill is butterflies, it seems...

- Whimsy does not have any hands--just leaves. Because of this, Whimsy is COMPLETELY unable to hold any kind of tool, such as axes, pickaxes, unbrellas, torches, etc. If she tried to pick up one of these tools, it will immediately slip out of her leaves, meaning she cannot even take them with her (unless she takes it out of a chest, or other storage unit).

- Along with not having hands, Whimsy has many delicate petals that adorn her head. Because of this, she cannot wear hats of ANY KIND, as they would damage her petals. In fact, much like tools, she cannot even pick them up! The same rules that apply to tools apply to hats, basically. Don't worry, Whimsy CAN wear torso items like backpacks, armor, etc.

- Whimsy has no mouth, or any kind of openings in her face, really. Because of this, WHIMSY CANNOT EAT FOOD. Whimsy is totally reliant on photosynthesis for her energy, which is only available during the day while not in a cave. When Whimsy is not in the daylight, she loses hunger points, but much more slowly than most characters.

- Insects aren't the only thing drawn to her... Catcoons will leap up at your head and swat at you, which can deal a surprising amount of damage. Even if they're only playing, getting hit by a sneak-attack from a Catcoon can mean death if you are at low health.

- Whimsy LOSES 5 sanity from picking flowers, instead of gaining 5 sanity like most characters. This does not apply to things such as ferns, succulents, and cactus flowers. Basically, your average garden-variety flowers (excuse the pun).

- Unfortunately, due to the nature of Whimsy's appearance (and how much I had to change the default character model), Whimsy is COMPLETELY UNABLE TO WEAR CLOTHING SKINS. It was necessary to add this, otherwise she would look REALLY broken in them. However, I will soon be creating custom skins for her, which will add some variety to her. In the meantime, I apologize for the lack of customization.


Cool stuff in this mod:

+ A whole new character to play as (obviously).

+ TONS of custom dialogue lines written just for Whimsy!

+ High-Quality character art!

+ Custom minimap icons, select screen portraits, and save slot portraits!

+ Entirely new speech sounds!


Tips and Tricks for using Whimsy Effectively:

Here are some things to know about Whimsy that will help you while playing:

- Whimsy cannot hold tools, which means she is completely reliant on other characters for things like wood, stone, and other resources that normally require tools to obtain. This means she will need other characters to get these things for her. She cannot even hold torches or lanterns, so she has to rely on other characters to produce a mobile light source for her.

- Whimsy does not eat food, but she does still have inventory space. When playing as Whimsy, you can be used effectively as extra storage space for other players, sort of like Chester. When Wolfgang or Wickerbottom can't hold any more items, consider giving them to the walking sanity factory behind them for future use. Since she's too weak to work or fight, she may as well make herself useful SOMEHOW.

- In PvP, you are obviously at a disadvantage strength-wise. However, you are much faster than most characters, effectively running at around cane-equipped speed. Use your speed to get away from attackers. However, if THAT doesn't work, maybe consider bribing your enemies with the sanity bonus you give? Make them see that it's more beneficial to them to have you alive than dead, and try to make an alliance.

- Since Whimsy relies heavily on the daylight, she is at a HUGE disadvantage when in caves. This makes it much harder to stay in caves for extended periods of time, as sunlight is the ONLY way to restore her hunger. Consider giving her a Belt of Hunger if you plan on staying in the caves for a while. While she cannot stay in caves for long, she DOES provide a large sanity aura capable of negating the darkness, which is very advantageous for certain characters.


Thank you all so much, and have fun!

- T.V.

Steam Workshop Download Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=948428940

What's New in Version 1.2.7   See changelog


Big, BIG updates, fixes, and balance changes to Whimsy in this update:

- Whimsy's sanity aura is now 75% stronger than before.
- Standing directly next to her will restore sanity VERY quickly, while standing in her general area will restore a moderate amount. This boost is enough to cancel out certain boss sanity drains, which will make her more useful to her teammates in these fights.
- Whimsy's self sanity restore remains the same.

- Whimsy is now 100% immune to Charlie's attacks.

- Whimsy now regenerates sanity in complete darkness, around the same as her normal regeneration rate.

- Lots of mobs will now ignore Whimsy completely, including Tallbirds, Merms, Tentacles, and other hazardous mobs.
- Hounds and Walruses will not attack you, but will still be curious about your presence, and will follow you around.
- Boss monsters are not fooled by your camoflage, and will still attack you as they would any player.
- Depth Worms will still attack you, as they rely on movement to track prey.


- Fixed an issue with Whimsy's speed bonus resetting if she is resurrected
- Fixed Whimsy's immunity to Charlie disappearing after she is ressurected
- Removed a bug preventing Whimsy from holding tools or wearing hats (Just kidding, that's still in.)

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its really...underpowered...i mean she cant even hold a thing. but can you like make her have a secret power? like beaver and get her spit flowers and such. i really like the art tho.

Edited by TallyHog

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20 hours ago, TallyHog said:

its really...underpowered...i mean she cant even hold a thing. but can you like make her have a secret power? like beaver and get her spit flowers and such. i really like the art tho.

is it compatible to DSAlone?

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As mentioned in the mod description, this character is not meant to be played like other characters, and is supposed to take on a full-support role.  This means getting rid of certain things that would make her be able to take on a lone-wolf play-style, such as self-defense and gathering certain necessary survival items by herself, which would encourage sticking with at least 1 other player.

Also, this mod is only compatible for Don't Starve Together, and not Don't Starve, or any of its DLCs.  Even if it were, she would not be viable, as there is nobody to help her.  She is designed to be used on a team.

Edited by Spookers the Spoo

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hmmmph, how about taming pigs and let them fight for you .-.

i dont think theres an answer for the alone ver. :(

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