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The purpose of these mods is to provide some proposals for change in mechanics to the developers, help with balance, take up some part of balancing to allow the Klei developers to focus more on other things, while at the same time letting other players out there test the mechanics of these mods to see how well they like them, as well as get feedback to further improve them. Any mods within this file will stay for so long as a certain mechanic is not in place. Whether any of these mechanics are applied to the game depends entirely on the Klei forum, and of course, the Klei DST developers themselves. You can play-test any mechanics from these mods to give feedback on how well you like its contents to help with the process.

The mods within this file are created for Don't Starve Together only, therefore most of them may not be compatible with the single player version. You should take in mind that some of these mods were created while A New Reign sequence of updates was still in beta, so be careful with the installation if you cannot access this content in any shape or form.

The content of this mod was created using a DS software tool called Sublime and on Windows 8.1 operating system. Any issues in regards to other platforms and operating systems I may not be able to help with.


Mod contents



Marble Shrubs

* Changed the crafting recipe of marble beans.

* Increase in the marble and marble bean yield from the shrubs.



* Bernie only follows and wakes up when a Willow player is insane.

* Bernie can't be crafted.

* Bernie doesn't turn into beard hair, wool and silk upon certain conditions.

* Bernie damages insanity nightmares that bite him.

* Willow's lighter has infinite durability.

* Willow's lighter can't be crafted.

* Willow's lighter won't give off light or will be possible to light things with if held by non-Willow players.

* Willow is immune to fire damage.

* Willow is immune to heat damage (temperature for Willow capped at 60).

* Willow takes x2 the damage from freezing.

* Willow doesn't freeze when insane anymore.


Leafy Meat

* Leafy meat can be cooked in crock pot and has meat value of 1 and a veggie value of 1.



* WX-78's water damage and damage rate increases depending on the wetness level.

* Initial wetness damage rate for WX-78 has been tweaked slightly.


The Lazy Forager

* The Lazy Forager can be re-fueled by nightmare fuel (the source variable for amount of fuel it gives is currently unknown to me, so I am currently unable to change how much the fuel repairs for the given item).


Desirable features that are not in the current build of this mod file



Marble Shrubs

* Tweak the time it takes for the marble shrubs to grow.



* Bernie exits the game as does Willow and respawns with them too.

* Bernie doesn't change who he follows if a different Willow who's insane gets closer to him (this may already work due to the existing in-game mechanics, however I am not 100% sure).

* Willow's lighter will exit and enter the game with Willow.

* Bernie can't be eaten by lureplants or stolen by Krampus, Splu Monkeys or any other item-taking mob.

* Willow's lighter can't be eaten by lureplants or stolen by Krampus, Splu Monkeys or any other item-taking mob.

* Willow loses temperature at x2 rate.

* Willow lights fires if not within 3 tile radius of burnable structures or near more than 10 flammable items/structures/objects. In the case that she is, she will start to freeze instead. All of this if she is low on sanity.


The Lazy Forager

* The Lazy Forager gains +37.5% durability upon being repaired via nightmare fuel.




The methods in which some of these modifications have been created involve creating copies of existing files and then editing them. To my knowledge, these mods are compatible with each other, but may not be compatible with other mods out that that use the respective edited files within these mods. Enable with other mods out there with caution, if you so choose to do. The reason a large part of the code is done this way is to keep it easier to create this type of content and to allow developers to make changes more easily, if they decide to include any of the content provided within these mods.


If you encounter any bugs, errors, exploits or overlooks as a result of these mod mechanics, or if any information given here is in any way inaccurate, please let me know.


Special thanks goes to @Arkathorn and @Desblat for their help in guidance of mod coding.

If you want to contribute to the way the you can post your own mechanic changes seperately. Additionally, any changes that aren't already mentioned here, which you think would do well for the game (in relation to what the mods here already cover, e.g. Willow) are welcome. Also, any constructive feedback is welcome.


You can discuss this mod and anything related to it in the comments of this mod file page, or in this topic.

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