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This is my very first modification for the game, I wanted to be able to move rabbit holes inside pins closer together to allow for better map optimization. There wasn't a way to do this without creating a mod for it, so I dug in and created something very generic.


1) Trap a rabbit.

2) Click on the rabbit.

3) Right click the target location.

4) Wait until the delay timer starts. (This is to prevent spamming of rabbit holes.)


Pre 1) Delete current "plantable_rabbit_hole" folder in the mods folder, if installed.

1) Extract files into the mod folder.

2) Enable the mod in game, under the mods screen.

3) Enjoy your game.

What's New in Version 0.05   See changelog


  • v0.05: Now works with the August 20th update.
  • v0.04: Now works with Hungry update! Should work with all future updates as well.
  • v0.03: Now works with Strange New Powers update!
  • v0.02: Made rabbits not stackable, this was not intended in the initial release.

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Just add the command line inside the file "modinfo.lua"

dont_starve_compatible = true
reign_of_giants_compatible = true
dst_compatible = true


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