Music Mod Guide (DST) 1.0.0

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This is a music mod guide for Don't Starve Together that can also be used for Don't Starve. It is created by me, and contains links to other files needed. This is a current guide and should help more than the extremely outdated one from 2011. 


Search me up on Steam to see my music mods. My Steam name is TheScraps

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Possibly my issue, but a majority of the images that were supposed to show in the tutorial are missing. There are only very few images present in the tutorial.

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@New Weap Solly i believe u use the file names: 


(Not sure how to edit character select music tho sorry.)

I also have a question: How do we make our music mod have the option to edit the volume in the menu of the game? Because I can't adjust the volume, I'm forced to make all my songs by defaults quiet. It's annoying

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Reanimated Skeleton: music_epicfight_stalker

Ancient Fuelweaver: music_epicfight_stalker_b

Beequeen: music_epicfight_4

Dragonfly: music_epicfight_3

Klaus: music_epicfight_5a

Klaus (Revived Form): music_epicfight_5b

Antlion: music_epicfight_antlion

Edited by Drewzy
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