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Highlights nearby containers that contain necessary items. Helps to manage storages of two and more chests without burden to search items manually or remember them.

DS/RoG/SW version of this mod in Steam workshop

DST version of this mod in Steam workshop


When ingredients are hovered in crafting menu or an item is held by cursor this mod automatically highlights nearby containers that have items of the same type. Doesn't require special controls.



Should be compatible with everything:
Don't Starve
Reign Of Giants
Don't Starve Together

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • Fix of handling icons in Shipwrecked
  • Better DST support (consistent work with native highlight)
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boy... this is so simple and useful at the same time.

no more struggling with searching for materials!

this + your other mod of "planning" make a reaaally powerful team! thank you a lot for you dedication ;) (this download section is dead... and i wish i could make mods, i have tons of ideas... the problem: i know ape-crap about .lua programming)


now... to wait for someone who actualize/re-make the "no picking flowers","flingomatic range-checker" and "no traps-pícking" ones

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Hi modding, here is the DST client compatible version:

Feel free to add singleplayer DS support to it and upload it on steam or also update your mod here.
After you incooperated the improvements, I will delete the mod ;)
Also take look at modinfo changes.
Would be nice, if in modinfo "author" would be "modding,Serpens" , since half of the code is from me in this version.

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