Endless Bosses 1.1

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About This File

Are you an unsuspecting newbie who stumbled upon this mod while perusing the mod files? Turn back now! This mod will obliterate you within minutes. This is a challenge mod for a series that I'm doing on YT, and I've only uploaded this to the site so that people can play along if they want to. I did include some config options though, so check those out if you want to give yourself some leeway. 

What does the mod do? Immediately upon spawn, and every so often based on a timer (around 15 minutes by default), the game will randomly choose one of several bosses to spawn (all of the giants, including the Spiderqueen and varg -- excluding Treeguards, Ancient Guardian, and Quacken because they'd just be a blessing). 

No problem? You'll just run away? No you won't because 3 points will be detracted from your health for every second that you're too far from the boss. You must deal with the boss that's been spawned or you're a goner. 

You'll just feast off the endless stacks of giant meat? Nope again. The only thing you're allowed to eat is raw farm food. No crockpot foods. No meat or berries. Not even carrots or sweet potatoes because you can find those in the wild and that'd just be too easy. The only allowable foods are raw/cooked eggplant, corn, pumpkin, watermelon, pomegranate, durian, and dragonfruit. 

Better gather up every seed you can find and stock up for winter because it'll be a long 16 days without food. Just don't let bearger near your fridge. 

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


- You now win the Tigershark fight when he runs away.

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On 1/19/2017 at 5:18 PM, RelaxedEnd said:

ive survived 94 days in sw but then tiger shark got me.

Bait hit twice move back.

Your welcome

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just an idea

you could add a new unique bosses

shadow sane boss:

if your sanity is below 15 the game(or the mod) will spawn this boss instead of giant


damage;140(ranged) 80(melee)

attack speed :SLOW

it only has 2 attack

1,charged up a dark energy laser beam and will fire at the player and it hit scan..but will have aim delay like with the gauss attack of cyber demon from doom 2016.

2.and the melee which just like the tree guard.

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