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HEY HO! It's a new and improved MorePlantables for Reign of Giants DLC! It has been completely rewritten, with a few changed features that I am sure will not make anyone furious. Let's check it out!

It is compatible with both Base and Reign of Giants.


  • Plant seeds on the ground for flowers.
    • My mod makes flowers and butterflies raise sanity like evil flowers and monsters drop it (can be turned off See Configurations)

    [*]*New* Plant butterflies on the ground for 3-6 flowers that appear around you.

    • Make a beautiful field of flowers in no time!

    [*]Plant Nightmare Fuel on the ground for evil flowers.

    • Costs 5 sanity

    [*]Plant Cut Reeds on the ground for Reed Plants.

    • Must be on Marsh Turf!
    • Adds option to dig up reed plants but is off by default, See Configurations to turn on.

    [*]Crop seeds:

    • Plant Durian seeds on the ground for sleeping Mandrakes.
    • Plant Carrot seeds on the ground for rabbit holes.
    • Plant Pomegranate seeds on the ground for berry bushes
      • Pomegranates are berries after all.

    [*]*New* Adds Mushroots, which you get from digging mushrooms up, instead of a second mushroom cap, and it lets you transplant a mushroom to a new location.

    • Digging and replanting the mushroom will cause it to take longer to regrow than just picking it.

    [*]Adds Asporen, which drops from Mushtrees and can be planted into Mushtree saplings.

    • Asporen is a pun of spore and acorn, what do you mean that is the worst pun you have ever heard?
    • Mushtree Saplings become Mushtrees in 5-3 days.
    • The color the Mushtree becomes is determined by the time of day it grows:
    • Day = red, Dusk = green, Night = blue.

    [*]Plant Marble on the ground for Marble Saplings.

    • Must be Checkerboard turf.
    • Marble Saplings become Marble Trees in 7-3 days

    [*]Plant Living Logs for "Completely Average Sapling"!

    • Costs 5 sanity.
    • "Completely Average Sapling" sprouts in 10-4 days
    • When they sprout they have a chance to become a Totally Normal Tree, Treeguard, or a Poison birchnut trees (RoG DLC only obviously).
    • *New* Can feed it Nightmare Fuel which deacreases the amount of time it will take to grow, but each Fuel you give it makes it more likely to turn into a Treeguard or Poison birchnut than a Totally Normal Tree. Also if you deacrease the amount of time to the point it grows instantly it scares 10 sanity from you.

    [*]Plant Tentacle Spots on the ground for Tentacles.

    • Must be on Marsh turf, cost 10 sanity

    [*]Plant Beefalo Wool on the ground for TallBird Nest.

    • Why Beefalo wool? That is what Maxwell said they were made of.
    • Can't be planted in caves.
    • Must be Dirt turf aka no turf or Rocky turf, TallBirds will spawn after 4-2 days.

    [*]Plant Light bulbs for Light Flowers.

    • When planted it has a chance to plant a single, double, or triple bulbed Light Flower, the math:
      • single - 66%
      • double - 24%
      • triple - 10%

      [*]Light Flowers can now be dug but all you will get is a Foliage and the respective amount of bulbs if in bloom. This is for the convenient of removing them without having to burn them.

      [*]Can be set to only be plantable in caves, see Configurations

    [*]Adds Banana Seeds!

    • What do you mean bananas don't have seeds? You don't know how bananas work, nobody does!
    • Obtained by feeding bananas to a caged bird.
    • Banana Seeds can be planted on ground for a Cave Banana Trees or in farm for one Cave Bananas.
    • Cave banana trees Can be set to only be plantable in caves, see Configurations.

Things that have gone away or change from my mod since previous versions:

  • You can plant Light Flowers anywhere regardless of turf while in the cave and overworld.
  • Tall Birds initially spawning from a planted nests is now a variable time instead of static.
  • Planting living logs no longer just spawns a Treeguard right away.
  • Planting Marble no longer just spawns a Marble Tree right away
  • You now plant Mushroots instead of Mushroom Caps for mushrooms and you get Asporens from Mushtrees and can grow Mushtrees with them.
  • My mod no longer alters the behavior of mushrooms in caves, this does mean that they won't grow in caves in Base since it does not rain in them.


The file called modmain.lua can be found in <your don't starve folder>/mods/MorePlantables

Default Configurations:

--CONFIG---------------------------------------------------------------------------local happyflowers = true --Flowers raise sanity like evil flowers drop it (4x slower) set to false to turn offlocal happybutterflys = true -- Butterflys raise sanity like monsters drop it (<=25 per minute) set to false to turn offlocal digreeds = false -- if set to true Reed plants can be dug up with shovel, drops a cut reed if picked and two if not picked.  If let to false the only way to remove reeds is to burn them which I think makes it more interesting but I thought I would add the option anyway.local LightFlowerOnlyInCaves = false --set true to disable planting of Light Flowers outside of caves goTUNING.MorePlantables_CaveBananaTreesOnlyInCaves = false --set true to disable planting of Cave Banana Trees outside of cavesTUNING.MorePlantables_AsporensOnlyInCaves = false --set true to disable planting of Asporens outside of caves-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Individual Feature remove:

A little more complicated than in previous versions but if you don't like a particular plantable feature, it is possible to turn it off. For example if you wanted to turn off planting flowers with seeds and make it so butterflies plant flowers instead of butter you could do this:


In modmain.lua scroll down until you see that explanation, you have two options, just delete everything in between the dashes for a feature or add a "--" to each line, whatever works for you.

Next you have to remove the placer, go to MorePlantables\scripts\prefabs\moreplantables_placer.lua and:


once again you can either "--" or just delete, mind the warning about the end one NOT having a comma.


Any tips or suggestions are welcome and appreciated but go easy on me, A n00b I am.

You can talk to me about the mod, tell me how much you like it, or just say hi, below.

Also ratings do make me happy, especially the 5 star variety. ;)

Old Changlog:

v2.1: add configurable mushroom grow speed

Mushrooms planted and dug up retain spoilage

tallbird nests can be planted on dirt and rocky turf but no longer plantable in caves.

V2.0:All mushrooms stand-up in cave at all times instead of only blue mushrooms.

All mushrooms grow at all times in the cave at the rate of 3-5 days, instead of never growing.

made mushtree planting code better but functionally it's the same.

fixed bug where planted mushrooms needed less time to regrow then picked mushrooms

implemented the unused onsave and onload functions so mushroom grow time is persistent.

V1.9: [Powers update]: made to work for powers update, given all the powers mod menu thingys, Cave Banana seeds have their own prefab file, Cave banana trees can be configured to only be planted in caves.

v1.8: Turf limitation for anything that does not have special requirements as been set to the new system, All mushtrees can be planted with there respective color mushroom cap, created new item banana seeds which can be planted on ground for cave bananas tree or in farm for one cave bananas.

v1.7: added config for light flowers and made it plantable anywhere in cave, added plantable mushtrees, increased plant distance for mushrooms.

v1.6: updated to Cave version, added light flower planting.

v1.5: added butter and berry bush planting, fixed and added most placers, better treeguard animation.

v1.4: added Tentacles and Tallbird nests planting.

v1.3: added mushrooms, marble trees and treeguards planting, added sounds for most planting actions.

v1.2: added mandrake and rabbit hole planting

v1.1: fix bug were reeds planted fully grown

Really Older versions:

Dropbox folder


Planting marble for marble trees was Shop Keeper's idea.

Planting Tentacles was infernalthing's idea

Boring Legal Stuff:

Feel free to use anything from my mods in anyway you like, acknowledgement is not necessary but it is appreciated.

As school and life take up more of my time I may have to give up on updating these mods, if I fail to update them to the current version of Don't Starve for several weeks, assume my mods are abandon and feel free to start your own version using any and all of my assets.

It sure has been a lot of fun!


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

To Install:

Just go to steamsteamappscommon\dont_starve\mods and place the folder located in the .zip archive

Start Don't Starve and go to the "Mods" menu and enable this mod.

What's New in Version 3.3   See changelog


  • Fixed bug with Mushtree sapling grow times.
  • Added option to make mushtree saplings only plantable in cave.

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