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"I'm a squirrel! Just a normal, fluffy squirrel. But...why do I have these memories of being something else?"

Version 1.1 Don't Starve Vanilla, Reign of Giants, and Shipwrecked

Version 1.2 Don't Starve Together

This mod adds Ron as a playable character for Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together.


  • Hunger: 150
  • Health: 250
  • Health Absorption: 50%
  • Sanity: 100


The mod adds a jinxing mechanic to the game, in which completing various tasks, such as mining a boulder or picking a berry bush, can trigger a hostile creature spawn, or even an ambush event. Most jinx effects will result in the player taking damage easier. However, Ron has increased health and defense to balance this out.

The jinx can also affect nearby players and entities that are not protected with luck-giving items. The jinx itself can be hindered if the victim is protected by luck.

The jinx also changes and adds new behaviors to the game. The most common effect is hostile mobs having a preference to the victim over other entities, along with having an increased targeting range. Spawners are also affected. For instance, spider dens have a tendency to spawn a tougher variant of the spider, the spider warrior. Also, meteors will target the victim, accompanied with aggressive frogs.

Ron can also build a doll of himself, called the Jinxed Doll, that retains his jinxing effects. Its usage includes being an alternative target for hostile mobs, or allowing characters other than Ron to experience the jinx's effects.


Clovers are the main way of combating Ron's jinx. Ron has an increased chance to find clovers over other characters, making him efficient at clover hunting.

A number of luck giving items have been added to the game, most, if not all, requiring clovers as crafting ingredients. These items have the ability to prevent the jinx.


Jinxed Doll

  • Ron-specific recipe
  • Recipe: Beefalo Wool x4, Catcoon Tail, Wet Goop x4
  • Gives bad luck when held in inventory.
  • Prefered target to hostile mobs.


  • Found randomly picking flowers, cave ferns, and tumble weeds, and chopping trees.
  • Clover amulet increases chance of finding.
  • Increased chance to be found by Ron.
  • Increased chance to be picked in rain or spring.
  • Increased chance to be picked every seventh day.
  • Prevents jinx when held in inventory.


  • Found randomly picking berry bushes and tumble weeds, and chopping trees.
  • Clovers increase chance of finding.
  • Increased chance to be found by Ron.
  • Increased chance to be picked in summer.

Potted Clover

  • Requires Science Machine
  • Recipe: Cut Stone, Clover
  • Protects an area from jinx.

Marble Clover (Don't Starve)

  • Requires Alchemy Engine
  • Recipe: Marble, Clover
  • Protects an area from jinx. Fireproof.

Obsidian Clover (Don't Starve Shipwrecked)

  • Requires Alchemy Engine
  • Recipe: Obsidian x3, Clover
  • Protects an area from jinx and volcanic meteors.

Moonrock Clover (Don't Starve Together)

  • Requires Alchemy Engine
  • Recipe: Moon Rock x3, Clover
  • Protects an area from jinx and meteors.

Clover Amulet

  • Requires Prestihatitor
  • Recipe: Gold Nugget x3, Clover
  • Prevents jinx when worn.
  • Increases chance to find clovers and olives.

Guardian Amulet

  • Requires Prestihatitor
  • Recipe: Gold Nugget x3, Clover x3, Moon Rock
  • Transfers damage of nearby players, followers, and companions to wearer.
  • 40% damage absorption.
  • Wearer becomes a prefered target to hostile mobs.

Peace Amulet

  • Requires Prestihatitor
  • Recipe: Gold Nugget x3, Clover x3, Olives x3
  • 20% damage absorption.
  • Wearer becomes less targeted by hostile mobs.
  • Wearer's damage reduced by 50%.

Leprechaun Hat

  • Requires Prestihatitor
  • Recipe: Gold Nugget, Clover x4, Silk x4
  • Prevents jinx.
  • Gives chance to randomly find gold nuggets.

What's New in Version 1.1/1.2   See changelog


Version 1.1
- DS release

Version 1.2
- Added support for Mods in Menu ( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880465230 ).
- Katia skin for Jinxed Doll is available using Modded Skins API ( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=835602689 ).
- A few more hundreds of speech strings added.

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