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For Don't Starve Together.

All of my mods in one.

Includes 5 new characters and 16 new craftables!

Mod can be configured according to your own needs.

Sounds made by: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198107465461/

Default is voiced by a guitar, Danka by flute, Barczak by accordion, Mala Mi by harmonica, Tula by pipe, and Animsparrow by... dubstep?





Cracked Skull:

* requires a Prestihatitator, 1 Tooth + 1 Bone Shard + 1 Nightmare fuel to create;

* gives x1.6 move speed, but decreases sanity.


Knight's Helmet:

* Requires Alchemy Engine - 2 Steel Wool + 1 Hammer + 1 Crow Feather to create;

* has 1000 durability, blocks 90% of incoming damage.


Wooden Mace:

* can be created without any Machine, requires 2 Logs + 2 Twigs to create;

* has Spear's damage but only 35 uses;

* can be used as campfire fuel.


Summer Bandana:

* requires a Science Machine and 2 Papyrus to create (so Wickerbottom can create it at the start, making her a top-tier character when joining a server during summer);

* gives medium protection from overheating;

* can be used as campfire fuel.


Staff of Growth:

* Requires 1 Purple Gem, 1 Spear, 1 Lureplant Bulb and Shadow Manipulator to create;

* Has 4 uses;

* Makes plants like grass, twigs, berries regrow and progresses the life cycle of trees and farms.


The Cactus Bat:

* Requires 4 Cactus Meat, 2 Twigs, 4 Stingers and an Alchemy Engine to create;

* Deals 68 damage;

* Spoils in 6 days (spoilage affects its damage);

* Using it takes 2 hp;

* Can be used as hammer.


The Spiky Helm:

* Requires 8 Birchnuts, 2 Log, 1 Rope and a Science Machine to create;

* Blocks 50% of incoming damage;

* Has 330 durability;

* Damages the opponent for 6 hp when hit.


The Mosquito Suit:

* Requires 4 Mosquitoes + 2 Rope and a Science Machine to create;

* Has 400 durability and gives 60% damage reduction;

* If you're damaged then every 5 seconds armor will lose 1% of its durability, drain 2 hunger and restores 2 hp to wearer.


The Frying Pan:

* Craftable with 3 Charcoal + 1 Steel Wool + 2 Twigs using Science Machine;

* Deals 42.5 damage (Battle Spear's damage) and has 320 uses;

* Has a really annoying hitsound.


The Baron's Suit

* Craftable with 2 Hound's Teeth + 12 Silk + 6 Gold Nuggets using an Alchemy Engine;

* Lasts 5 days, recovers sanity very fast and gives tiny insulation in winter.


The Fly Swatter

* Craftable with 2 Twigs + 2 Silk using a Science Machine;

* Has 20 uses, deals 15 damage, and deals 100 damage to flying insects like bees, mosquitoes and Glommer.


The Dark Axe

* Craftable with 1 Axe + 2 Nightmare Fuel using a Shadow Manipulator;

* Chops trees x2.5 faster;

* Has 8% chance to drop a Living Log when chopping down a tree.


The Dark Pickaxe

* Craftable with 1 Pickaxe + 2 Nightmare Fuel using a Shadow Manipulator;

* Mines x2.5 faster.


The Bright Necklace

* Craftable with 6 Lightbulbs + 2 Silk without any research lab;

* Gives a small light aura;

* Spoils in 2 days.


The Golden Helmet

* Craftable with 4 Gold Nuggets + 1 Cut Stone + 4 Red Feathers using Alchemy Engine;

* Reduces damage taken by 70% percent, absorbs up to 450 damage.

* Amplifies damage dealt by 25%.


The Sharp Sword

* Craftable with 2 Gold Nuggets + 1 Red Gem + 3 Flint using Alchemy Engine;

* Deals 51 damage, has 110 uses.

What's New in Version 4.3   See changelog


  • Changelog:
  • - Balance changes - mainly for Animsparrow, but other characters have been altered as well;
  • - Added Sleepiness Meter for Barczak;
  • - Improved behaviour and fighting ability of Catcoons;
  • - Introduced Attila, the Guinea Pig to Mala Mi;
  • - New items for Default - Goosebrella and Winged Pack;
  • - And more.
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In my DST, your mod is crashed.. Please fix. . :grin:


Could you post here your crash screen/log.txt?

Because merely "crashing" doesn't say anything to me. For me, everything is working just fine.


<default> zrobisz takąpaczkę z postaciami do zwykłego don't starve :-)

Nie zrobię. Na steamie jest dodana Danka, reszty nie planuję portować do DS. Dobre tam google translate, heh.

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5 hours ago, JUANESGZO said:

I like your mod but i cant use don´t is compatible with nothing :( 

  Reveal hidden contents



It's compatible with Together. If you're trying to add it to regular Don't Starve, then it won't work.

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12 minutes ago, JUANESGZO said:

Thank you  PanAzej  nice work


you can add compatibility con DS Rog ???

1 player


I have ported 2 characters and items have been ported as well for single player, here are the links:

Items: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=575092269

Danka: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=571759987

Tula: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=615702172

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