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This mod completely changes how you fight combats in Don't Starve, by replacing them with RPG inspired turn based encounters! So slay monsters, gain experience, and find a way to escape the world in which Maxwell has trapped you!

You're going to need some help though, so be sure to search far and wide for the soul gems of long dead heroes. The spirits of these ancient warriors, trapped within their crystalline prisons, will lend you power and extraordinary skills in combat. Equipping different soul gems will change how you approach a fight. Maxwell's minions have also captured some of your closest friends. Free them, and they will join you in your quest to escape!

This mod has been a real labour of love, undertaken on and off over the period of a whole year. I'd like to really thank some people that help me make this mod a reality:

@Vivalavie and @UltimaZix for lending their lovely art to the mod, which has jazzed up its appearance to no end, and @Mobbstar and @ImDaMisterL for the many hours they spent helping me catch many nasty bugs :-) Thanks guys!

Please note, that this mod currently only works for vanilla Don't Starve; RoG is not supported. It is recommended that this mod is played without any other mods running as the changes to the base mechanics of game are extensive and compatibility can not be assured. A new game must also be started for this mod to take effect.

Additionally, this mod is in beta! There may still be some bugs lurking around. If you can send me a detailed report on any bugs encountered, that would be awesome. But for now, enjoy!


A quick explanation of the mod's configuration options

- Difficulty: Changes the difficulty of the mod by altering the strength of monsters and their ability to make intelligent decisions in combat.

- Regenerating health: the player regenerates health over time (100 HP per game day)

- Hardcore mode: when on, if you are defeated in battle, the game is lost and the save file deleted. When off, if defeated, the game is reloaded from the last save point.

- Random encounters: the time of day that random encounters can occur.

- Encounter frequency: how often random encounters occur.

What's New in Version Beta 1.40   See changelog


  • Fixed the infamous sliding character bug
  • Fixed a bug which could unequipped your weapon after using the ability "Magic Missile"
  • Fixed a bug that could leave ghosts and Abigail glowing red after a combat
  • Fixed a bug which stopped the removal of adventure portals
  • Changed how the mod finds a suitable position to fight battles
  • Fixed a bug which caused light sources to misbehave during and after combats
  • Fixed a bug which allows shadow monsters / hands to spawn during combats
  • Fixed a bug which caused WX 78 to spark crazily in combats
  • Fixed a bug which caused ranged attacks to trigger combats when combatants are outside of engagement range
  • Increased the durability of the miner's hat during combats
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