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A new character has been added to the game! This five-star chef is obsessed with food and money but, what happens when he's put into a world with little of either?


Hunger - 300

Health - 150

Sanity - 150

Perks and Limitations:

*Has an eating disorder - This makes Chef's hunger go down even faster than usual.

*Has a slight weight issue - This makes Chef run slightly slower than the average Joe.

*Overheats quickly - Chef overheats rather quickly because of his overweight issues.

*Has a big stomach - Has a bigger stomach than most people making him able to hold more food.

*Starts with his own grub - Meaning chef starts the game with some food for not going hungry early on.

*Food items increase health - Food items not only increase Chef's hunger but, also his health.

*Less durable to cold - Chef is more durable to cold as he has more body heat to counter with.

*Has a chef's hat with a powerful gift - This hat gives Chef a powerful gift in helping him not go hungry.

~Can be crafted~

Chef also has a unique beginning intro with Maxwell that isn't very important but, adds to uniqueness.

Future Improvements:

- Add special food items specifically to Chef.

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


  • Sanity has returned to normal.
  • Eating food items increase health with hunger.
  • Even more hungry!
  • Unlock hat at beginning of new game.
  • Cold and heat changes to character.

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