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Glace was born with a cold heart. His whole body is emitting an aura that slowly freezes

everything around him.

But his cold heart does not mean he has a cold heart (pun intended).

In fact, he really likes to be among friends, but often, he gets rejected with his aura being the



Health: 100

Hunger: 65

Sanity: 220


--Has a cold heart--

His body is like a fridge. Items in his inventory get cooled like in an icebox.

He furthermore emits an aura which cools everything around him down.

Butterflies really don't like this because they freeze when they get too close to him.

He himself does not overheat, which is fine in summer, but...

--Hates winter--

He really really hates it. It's his least favorite time of the year.

His body temperature will not rise beyond a certain point, so the thermic stone and campfires can only do so much and long travel will be certain death, because the cold hurts him really bad. He takes 2.5 times the damage and temperature changes double in speed for him. So prepare yourself.

--Has a strong mind--

Living alone most of the time helped him develope an immunity against the sickness called solitude.

But he really hates dark places. When it gets dark, his strong mind means nothing! His sanity will drain 2.5 times as fast in those situations. If you don't do something you easily loose ~50 sanity per night.

To counter this fear, he has only one solution...

--Likes to be among friends--

Despite his cold heart, he really is most comfortable among his friends. Even the night will mean nothing if he can feel the warmth of another persons heart. This feeling will quickly heal his mental scars.

--Does not eat much--

His metabolism is different from most species.

This brings forth the problem that he often collects too much food which will later perish all at once or he forgets it entirely. This can be deadly during winter.

--Is a fast runner--

Glace is not much more than a twig when it comes to his weight.

And if that was not enough, the ground freezes around him before he comes into contact with it.

You could say that he slides through his life.

He is 42 % faster than Wilson.

[From the author]

I tried to make it not too unbalanced, but not to the point where this character wouldn't be fun to play with.

I used the Extended Character Template from Dleowolf for which i am quite grateful.

If you find any misspelling or weird wording please let me know. English is not my first language but i try to improve whenever i can.

And finally: Have fun playing!

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- Bugfixes

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