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Warning this mod uses language (bad words) in their dialogues, if you do not approve of this don't download and the saying goes "Get out of here stalker!".

If not " I said come in don't stand there!".

This mod was mainly made for dst since some the mechanics was made for dst by putting some challenge into cooperation.

This mod contains sixteen playable stalkers that come from different factions: Loners, Duty, Freedom, clearsky, bandits, military, mercenary, ecologist and Monolith.Most of which contain a suit that is repairable by gold nuggets. Read on about each factions advantages and disadvantages and decide which faction you feel comfortable to play as.


Zone experience:

-90% negative sanity drain


-You're commonly targeted by the military and bandits and lose sanity being next to them



Military Trained:

-75% negative sanity drain

-75% night sanity drain


-Your rival Freedom drains your sanity at a good rate being next to each other due to different ideology and your war with them.


-Your code is to protect the world from the mutants that threaten the outside world, making you uneasy in cooperating with pigmen, bunnymen, and the pig king as they drain your sanity (even if you befriend them!)



Zone Trained:

-80% negative sanity drain

Light Exoskeleton:

-10% faster movement than all the other factions

-10% faster hunger rate


-You fight for free access to the zone and conflict with the military and duty because of this. You lose sanity being next to military and duty.



Decayed mind:

-0% negative sanity drain

-100 max sanity making nights your main concern

-Ignore food spoilage and monster meat penalty

Spider Allies:

-Your mind is partially connected to the Noosphere thus being able to connect with spiders to fight with you

-You are also neutral to merms unless you provoke them

Bad reputation:

-Due to your stories told by stalkers about being hostile to all factions and your ruthlessness, all nearby players will lose a lot of sanity being near you. This makes cooperation difficult without driving them mad.

-Your tagged as a monster, making catcoons, pigmen, and bunnymen target you for your reputation.



Military Trained:

-75% negative sanity drain

-75% night sanity drain


-You've attacked stalkers that tried to enter the zone, you're peers low morale gives you a bad reputation amongst stalker and thus most stalkers lose sanity being near you. On the bright side your previous dealing with duty has earned you neutrality towards them, after all most of their equipment comes from you.



Zone experience:

-90% negative sanity drain


-You're commonly targeted by the military and bandits and lose sanity being next to them


-Your unique suit was well designed and does the following: reduces building costs by 50%, 65% damage protection, medium rain protection and insulation that changes in the summers like the seva suits, 50% fire protection, and small sanity recovery.




-You rob everyone in the zone regardless of faction. You'll lose sanity to all factions besides your own.

Bandit jacket:

-Your jacket inherits 25% damage protection and a small amount of winter insulation.




-You're a thinker not a fighter, -20% damage and larger sanity pool.

-No radiation damage, you've had your fair share of artifact handling and research to find out how to by pass the radiation.

Ssp suit:

-Just like a seva suit but with nightvision and 50% building cost reduction

Good reputation:

-You're neutral to most stalkers making it easy to cooperate with them.

-You can recruit most neutral stalkers besides clearsky companions.

-Monolith and bandit faction are your only enemies



Military training:

-75% negative and night sanity drain, your exmilitary after all.


-Military and duty consider you a threat to their operations and drain your sanity being next to you


-Gain sanity from killing, the larger the opponent the larger the sanity is restored

-Lose sanity from getting hit, miss hitting your target, and running away from battle

stalker and stalker1 = don't starve together version

stalkerds = don't starve version (reign of giants or shipwrecked required!)

stalkerloneredition and stalkerloneredition1 = don't starve together loner edition (repaired)

NOTE: Your suits can be destroyed and isn't replaceable thus keep your suits repaired at all times!

Do you have no friends loner? Then download the stalker loner edition today you AI buddies will follow you indefinitely and help out with combat, get out of sticky situations and follow you down in to the caves. The weapons and ammo is now available to purchase in the shop tab while standing next to the alchemy machine just know guns aren't cheap, same goes for the ammo.

Later update: unknown

Refer to the discussion threads for more info about the mod.

With all perks laid out will you cooperate with your rivals? Even though you'll be driving each other insane! Or will your ideologies and differences get the best of you?

You can configure this mod at the beginning to disable any of the factions you don't want available in your game and keep the ones you do want.

Will this mod be made for don't starve? Go check out the port it should work for the most part.

The Meaning of S.T.A.L.K.E.R:

Exoskeleton character guide:


Weapons guide:

AI guide:


SEVA and SSP guide:


Artifacts guide:


Character expansion 3 guide:


Character expansion 4 guide:


Sunrise suit guide:



Download stalker and stalker1 (same goes for loneredition(1-2)) and extract both of them. Place the anim file (from stalker2) into the stalker folder (from stalker) and your set.

Special thanks to a modder who I'm not sure wants to be credited for the repairable armour, sw1tchbl4de once again for the artwork, Mindmaster for ai experimentation, youtuber ZoranAustralia(For Užičko Kolo video) for the bandit voice, and GSC game world for the character and their music that was used for their voices.

What's New in Version 2.8   See changelog


  • DST:
  • Beril suit, sunrise suit, and mercenary suit addon
  • WARNING: Mod has exceded 50mb and needs to be split into two
  • Loneredition updated and splited
  • DS:
  • No update due to low rating on steam(Hey it takes 2 days just to do the conversions)

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This mod is great, oh my.

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