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Adds recipes for the pig and merm heads, mounted on poles.

  • 4 Pig Skin + 4 Twigs = 1 Pig Head (Made in the Prestihatitator)
  • 4 Rot + 4 Twigs = 1 Merm Head (Made in the Prestihatitator)

Also adds a recipe for a Touch Stone:

  • 4 Rocks + 4 Marble + 2 Nightmare Fuel = 1 Touch Stone (Made in the Shadow Manipulator)

Touch Stones need to be activated before they can be used to resurrect ghosts. This is done by replicating the structure that Touch Stones are naturally found in.

The ritual is activated as the full moon rises:

  • The Touch Stone must be on Wooden Flooring.
  • The Touch Stone must have at least four Pig Heads within a one turf radius of it.
  • These Pig Heads must also be on Wooden Flooring.

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


  • *Added support for Don't Starve (As opposed to DST)

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