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Player Pooper 1.2 adds an animation as well as a poop sound!

This was my first mod ever, and it was mostly to learn the basics of lua and the mod API. But it turned out well, so I figured, why the hell not share it?

As the title indicates, it's a mod allowing the player to poop.

The primary purpose is of course for the funsies, but it can also be used as a way to get manure without finding pigs or beefalos.

How to poop: simply eat something to get you to full hunger.

Version History:

Version 1.0 - First version, the player could poop at full hunger, but unlimited times, enabling a flower exploit for huge amounts of poop.

Version 1.1 - The flower exploit was fixed, by adding a delay between every poop time, similar to pigs.

Version 1.2 - Updating the mod to the new Powers mod-API, and adding an animation to pooping, as well as a sound! (which btw is only the "armorbroke" animation and sound, but it's better than nothing :grin:)

Version 1.3 - Some people had issue with the armorbroke event, so I created a custom state for the armorbroke animation instead. Also updated to the current mod API.

How to install (yay! install this!)

Step 1. Download the playerpoop1.3.zip file

Step 2. Extract the playerpoop1.3.zip file

Step 3. Place the extracted folder playerpoop into the /dont_starve/mods directory

Step 4. Enable the Player Pooper mod from the mod menu. (the mod menu is in the in-game menu, below "exit")

Step 5. Enjoy the weird satisfaction that comes from watching your character poop!

...and also, credit goes to the Dapper Den, as always, for inspiration and help!

What's New in Version 1.3   See changelog


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