DST Wildo, The Powerful Weakling! 0.2

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Wildo, The Powerful Weakling.

WOW!! 250 Downloads!

WONDERFUL!! +2500 Views!

thanks duds for use this mod, a new character is coming, totally new and with a

perk who no one see, except for one from DS Original!



This was my first and last (actually) for DS, So... The feautes was.


Hair, His jacket and his mod portait (i guess...)


Natural damage reduction. Just 10% A resistant face!



Weak muscles! 0.75 Exactly

Still doesn't show fear!

0.50 insanity aura.

Energetic! And still don't need eat to much

Faster than average.

His hunger consuming 0.80.

Dislikes nights and later times

Also i would like comments about this mod and improve my next mods :-)

What's New in Version 0.2   See changelog


  • Removed:
  • Likes the prescence of good things
  • Sanity aura is more effective.
  • Reason, Doenst work
  • Fixed somethings also.

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Keep up the good work 


Thank you :)! I'm with another mod, and it will be more better :D

but if i find a bug with the mod i will fix it

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