Bellatrix The Realistic Vampire (Reworked Sunlight Damage)

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As you may have guessed this is a character mod and my first mod



Bellatrix is a Vampire Character and i plan to follow the Cliché exactly with burning in sunlight to blood lust


Character Information

When introduced to the character you start at dusk that way you will not burn strait away


Bellatrix does burn in sunlight but can see when there is little light

​so naturally she has night vision but not all the time on a new moon she looses her night vision ability


she can move faster during the night

all stats get a boost at night even more so on a new moon


gains hunger by Attacking Living Enemy's or eating meat (monster meat included)

(so for example no hunger will be rewarded for attacking a beehive)


bats will protect her and attack whatever she's attacking, they tend not to follow you

around so there not a follower


you will not freeze for you are already dead



Items List

Grim Cloak

Nightmare Blood -- refills your hunger and health at a high sanity cost


Things i need to do!

Fine tune Intro

fine tune stat changes

Add Vampire Hunting Pig-men that seek you out randomly

and in caves it would be bunny-men

Add Vampire like weapons that you craft and use

(thanks to


i could not figure out steam so there is no longer a steam link

for some reason my mod did not appear in the mods page if someone subscribe to it.

(i will figure it out at sometime)

What's New in Version   See changelog


  • reworked the sunlight burning system now you will get the graphic of actually being on fire
  • coming soon - vampire hunting pigs/rabbits
  • coming Eventually - DST Compatibility

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