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Various tweaks to the game. Works only for RoG DLC.

Pumpkin Lantern lasts for 3.5 days, can't be attacked, or destroyed, has 50% chance to drop fireflies after rotting.

Added durability to the cane. It lasts 30 days and can be fixed with Walrus Tusk (restores 20 days).

Stingers are burnable now and have small fuel value, can be burn in fire pits and such.

Ice Staff recipe changed to: 2 x nightmare fuel, spear, blue gem.

Friendly Nightmare Chess Pieces from ruins no longer attack Chester.

Guardian Horn food type changed to generic.

Slurtle Slime is now mole bait, if mole get it it will explode, the same rule like with gunpowder.

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If Ice staff is going to have 2 nightmare fuel in the recipe, it should also insta-freeze the target with one shot, as Firestaff burns the enemy with one shot and for quite a while! So far the only thing I'm very happy about in this mod is that friendly Nightmare Chess Pieces from ruins won't attack Chester... What about Glommer, though? And I'd suggest that such things as this are added to Vanilla DS as well (well, for the content which is in Vanilla, of course).

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