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Courage the Cowardly Dog!

Abandoned when he was a pup, raised my Murielle and Eustace Bagge on a small country house in a town called NoWhere. His adventures have made him tough, however he goes insane rather quickly, being that he is afraid of everything!


Health: 300



To Do List!

1. Add other qualities to Courage dealing with sanity gain and drain

2. Add Murielle follower and Eustace events

3.upgrade artwork

A big thanks the folks at Klei, the forum guru's and of course John R, Dilworth for creating courage in the first place! Thanks everyone!

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


  • 4/7/15:
  • 1. Created, essentially to have one of my project available for download
  • 2. He turned out a lot more pink then I had expected
  • 3. Created todo list, more accessories and sanity event assets (not published yet)

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