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"I've saved a friend from death, but at what cost? I can no longer be with him without endangering his life."

This mod adds Nedelya as a playable character for Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked, and Don't Starve Together. She has custom dialogue and a custom voice.

Version 1.3 for Don't Starve Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked.

Version 1.4 for Don't Starve Together.


- Hunger: 150

- Health: 200

- Sanity: 200



- Normal/Cold: 0.75

- Warm: 1.25

- Hot: 2

Conductor Blade

- Normal: 0.8x spear damage (x0.75 normal damage multiplier)

- Warm: 2x spear damage (x1.25 warm damage multiplier)

- Hot: 3x spear damage (x2 hot damage multiplier)

- Cold: 4x spear damage (x0.75 normal damage multiplier)

Nedelya is a wolf inflicted with a condition called "fireblood". She has an increased temperature (50 degrees higher), and can overheat in spring, summer, and autumn. This also prevents her from freezing in the winter.

Heat and cold sources affect Nedelya 50% more, and also insulation slows down Nedelya's temperature rate 50% longer. Additionally, she can cool down by expelling the fires from her body. This is done by either attacking with her fist or Conductor Blade, setting the target on fire. Also, being attacked while not wearing armor will work.

Rain is also helpful. Rain lowers Nedelya's temperature, and also gives summer insulation. She also doesn't lose sanity from wetness.

In Shipwrecked, the temperature rate has been slowed when sailing the seas. Boosting on waves will also decrease Nedelya's temperature. Wind will also lower her temperature.

Nedelya's damage multiplier changes with heat. She is strongest when she is hot.

The Conductor Blade is Nedelya's special weapon, which also gets stronger when hotter. When warm or hot, the blade provides light. It also sets the target on fire, which immediately cools Nedelya down. It also gets stronger when cold, which freezes its target.

This time I've given the character an actual story of how she ended up in the world of Don't Starve.



- If starting in spring, summer, or autumn, it's a good idea to craft a straw hat and pretty parasol as soon as possible.

- Players have extra summer insulation at dusk and night, and also extra insulation in caves. This is a normal Don't Starve mechanic.

- More tips on dealing with overheating: http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Overheating

What's New in Version DS1.3.3/DST1.4   See changelog


Don't Starve

  • Fixed crash when entering volcano.
  • Adapted to damage multiplier change in SW.
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