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A small change for Firepit.edge closer to reality.

Now you can harvest ash by burning things.

Charcoal with out burn trees...

Just make fire pit "Real".


With Fire Pit. Just make fire,for a few time (the time of log burning) it can be harvest.

1.fire burn,produce ash.need more? burn more!

2.By make the fire get smaller,you can receive charcoal



enable this mod in game.(just like most other MOD)[hunger]


What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • Just check it.

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This is exactly the art of modding. Not just mindlessly adding unbalanced weirdass characters or items or abilities. Just tuning the game to be more "real". Great work. (But it might need to be updated though, i also had crashes with it (no other mod used))

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