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About This File

Feats for you to achieve!

This mod adds Feats (you may know them as Achievements!) to Don't Starve. The list of feats can be viewed in the feats screen, by clicking the "Feats" button next to the "Morgue" button when loading a save game.

Feats can also be viewed in-game, via the Accomplishment Shrine.

The mod is currently a work in progress. There are currently a handful of achievements, but I plan on adding a handful of new achievements on a weekly basis.

Challenges completed before installing Feats will not register, and will have to be redone to trigger an achievement.

Feel free to suggest new feats!

Thanks to @Blueberrys for the persistent data module that helped make this mod possible!

What's New in Version 1.4   See changelog


  • It's been ages, forgive me for the vague changelog.
  • - Sort of added an API for other mods to hook to. A tutorial will be included in the next update.
  • - Fixed some bugs.
  • - More feats were added, probably.
  • - Code cleanup.
  • - Fixed the Vegetariasm feat.
  • - Began working towards a cleaner API for rewards upon achieving feats.

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