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Simple tuning tweaks all combined into one mod. Hopefully the last tuning mod you'll ever need.

Everything is configurable in modconfig. Disabling things you don't need may improve performance, so if you only need one or two of these, you can set the rest to "Vanilla" (or the corresponding vanilla setting).

Included in the mod:

  • Hunger Resistance - Delay hunger depletion
  • Attack Power - Damage with hands and weapons (not darts, cause walrus)
  • Item Stacks - Size of stacks of items
  • Chop/Mine Speed - For trees, rocks, etc
  • Grow/Dry Speed - For berries, grass, twigs, meat, etc
  • Fuel efficiency - Items add more fuel to fuelable things
  • Durability
    • Tools/Weapons
    • Armors/Clothes
    • Amulets/Staffs
    • Traps - Normal and Tooth

    [*]Perish time

    • Lights (torch, lantern, etc)
    • Foods

    [*]Depletion (turn off to disable component)

    • Health
    • Hunger
    • Sanity


    • Breaking with hammer gives 100% loot
    • Evil flower's don't decrease sanity when picked


  • Compatible with DS and RotG. Made for DS, so RotG elements may be missing
  • Should be compatible with all other mods (let me know if not)

For anyone interested, feel free to copy/modify/use my mods however you wish, including in your own mods. Please include appropriate attribution with links so everyone can benefit from them.

Legally equivalent to CC Non-commercial Attribution licence.

In case of conflict with terms of the website, the websites terms take precedence over this message.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • Added link to download page
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@Prince143 Yes, most likely. The Health, Hunger, and Sanity options are set through components, so they will definitely work. The Hunger Resistance and Damage (with hands) will work if the character mod uses the corresponding tuning value. Everything else should be functional as normal, because it doesn't relate to the player directly.

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