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Have you ever been sad how Webber isn't in DST yet? DO you miss the thrill of being a spider human boy thing? Now, you can say goodbye to the human boy part as play as a 100% DS-brand Spider! Do amazing things such as:

-Walk around

-Attempt to fight things but get destroyed once you accidentally aggro a Beefallo.

-Make the awesome spider walking noise when you walk around.

-Drop spider loot when you die!

So, what are YOU waiting for? Download and play as a spider today!


None! Report it if you find one!

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


  • -More bugfixes!
  • -Ghost respawn finally fixed!
  • -Finally stable! No more crashes!

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This sounds as if only to work with Wilderness mode. I mean, who wants to be a sitting duck and do nothing?

A ghost mode has just been added!  Check it out for yourself :D

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I don't mean to seem rude or anything but have you found out yet?

Apparently not so. :(  I'll be making a regular DS version when I feel comfortable with the DST versions.  Sorry for the wait.

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