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Dib the Paranormal Investigator from Invader Zim.

Health 120

Hunger 150

Sanity 250

*Likes ghosts

: He dosen't lose sanity with ghosts.

*Good at human crafting

: He doesn't need science machine.

*Has a big head

: His head is big.

Starts with a gear.

Mod creator: Nez [my-poor-insane.tumblr.com]

Thanks to Ryuushu for helping his code!

Special thanks to Cassie(Hideousblob) who wrote the speech lines for him!

And my Yuzin(Kiwii_kr) to made it all happen.

Good mods to use with:

[NEZ] Zim

Gesture Wheel

I'd love to get feedbacks on comments or asks on tumblr :-)

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