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Custom character from Marvel

  • Comes with one of his katanas (Can cut down trees)
  • Health = 150
  • Hunger = 120
  • Sanity = 15
  • Hunger Rate = 1.5 times Wilson's
  • Health Regen = 5hp every 3 seconds
  • Damage Multiplier = 1.2
  • Starting Inventory: Katana, Taco, Chimichanga
  • Can make a Tortilla, Taco, Chimichanga
  • Taco; 1 Shell, 1 Cooked Meat (10 Health, 10 Sanity, 75 Hunger)
  • Chimichanga; 1 Shell, 2 Cooked Meat, 1 Red Mushroom Cap (10 Health, 15 Sanity, 87 Hunger)


What's New in Version 1.7.8   See changelog


  • Changed the model, changed his stats, changed chimichanga and taco stats
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the design is a litlle weak, but i liked the mod

I agree lol. Like I said in the description I am no artist, but I might ask here on the forums for an actual artist to make the designs.

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how do you put it in the game plz help

First you open the .zip file with winrar, then you take the folder out of the zip file and place it in the mods folder in your don't starve file the directory is Steam\SteamApp\common\dont_starve\mods. Once the folder is in the mods folder you're good to go.

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