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About This File

Adds functionality to auto-repeat actions on stacks of items.

Currently includes these actions for auto-repeating:

  • Eating
  • Healing
  • Cooking
  • Adding fuel
  • Fertilizing
  • Giving items to birds

Each action's auto-repeat can be individually set in the mod configuration.

When using the default configuration,

To start repeating, use an item stack with any of your activated actions.

To stop repeating, press any key on the keyboard (move around, etc).

Actions are built to stop repeating automatically when they no longer have a logical use. Ex, when health is full, healing doesn't repeat, but can be performed by the player.

When using Hold To Repeat (see mod config to activate),

To start repeating, use an item stack with any of your activated actions and keep the mouse button held.

To stop repeating, release the mouse button.


  • Compatible with DS and RotG
  • Should be compatible with all other mods (let me know if not)

For anyone interested, feel free to copy/modify/use my mods however you wish, including in your own mods. Please include appropriate attribution with links so everyone can benefit from them.

Legally equivalent to CC Non-commercial Attribution licence.

In case of conflict with terms of the website, the websites terms take precedence over this message.

Mod icon licence

Derived from "Refresh Arrow"

By:Timothy Miller

CC (Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)


What's New in Version 1.4   See changelog


  • Added option to repeat-give items to birds
  • Fixed minor bug when using a single repeatable item

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