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This mod makes all recipes cost nothing, including tech requirements.

I also added a godmode submod. By default the P key toggles it on and off. You can change this value at the top of modmain.lua

What this modifies:

All recipes.

This also makes custom mod recipes free too.

How to install:

Extract the "free as in beer" and/or "godmode" folder to your mods folder.

Start the game and go to "mods" in the main menu.

Select it in the list and click "enable".


-Made godmode compatible with my mediguns mod. It's not perfect but... meh... it's compatible and that's good enough.

-You will now turn green when godmode is toggled on.

-Godmode now toggles on/off with the P key.

Known issues:

-The recipe subtabs still show what would seem like item consumption even though no item consumption occurs.

Thanks to Simplex!

WARNING: This may make your game INCREDIBLY boring and make you lose interest in it! Possibly forever! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! I'm personally not into that kind of thing but to each their own.

If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them. Keep in mind I'm not necessarily in favor of cheats but I do recognize their right to exist.


What's New in Version 06/16/14 05:14 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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How can you find the mod folder?

The mods folder is in the install directory.

If you have the Steam version then you can find the install directory by going to your Steam library tab then right clicking Don't Starve in the list and clicking properties. Then go the local files tab and clicking the "browse local files..." button.

If you don't and you're on Windows, then you'll probably have to hunt around your program files directory.

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Great for testing stuff and i made a test world where i can build stuff where no mobs spawn and its day.



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Could this be made compatible with Don't Starve Together? Tried, and currently it doesn't let me start up a game in DST with either of the two enabled. 

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