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WARNING: This mod has a flashing cloak, if you have had a history of seizures DO NOT download this mod. You have been warned.

This character is based on the indie game: "Dust: An Elysian Tail". This mod was done in my spare time so give me the errors (via screenshot) and ill see what I can do.

Meet Dust the hero from falana after the events of his story (little spoilers), he wants to go back home to falana. As dust you must survive the don't starve universe if you ever wants to return home. Most of Dust's quotes will have some reference to his experiences at falana and discover that food isn't preserved. During the beginning of the game he's incredibly vulnerable and won't last long in fights, so avoid conflict until proper armor is available. Dust comes with custom sound from Abadis forest and Sorrowing Meadows sound track from the game itself.


Health: 100

Hunger: 100

Sanity: 100



Dust has never feared any foe big or small, and the same applies here. No sanity loss being next to most enemies.

Dust is comfortable with the darkness, sanity drain at 75%


Dust's secret makes him an assassin class that rely's on hit and run. 33% extra damage on most weapons.

Most Assassins were never meant to tank damage and rely on speed and the element of surprise. Explains the low health.

Robes of the mithrarin:

Dust's robes keep him from freezing in the winter.

Unfortunately his robes are flammable, 50% extra damage from fire.


Dust's Satget- Provides a small sanity recovery rate and covers most of dust's face just like ingame.

The Blade of Ahrah- The legendary Blade has joined Dust in his journey, Ahrah was created by the moonbloods to be unbreakable but without augments falls behind the dark sword's damage.


The Blade of Ahrah augmented- Upgrade ahrah to match the power of the dark sword. By adding a large amount of gold to ahrah dust's speed is decreased by 10%.

The robes of the mithrarin- Craft Dust's final tier armor that goes underneath his clothes just like in game. It provides a large amount of insulation that makes it a poor choice to use in the summer.

The ring of sight- provides an unlimited fuel source like a lantern.

The teleportation stone- similar to the teleport staff this stone doesn't cause lightning that leaves a burn on your world, not cause rain, doesn't drain sanity, and teleports directly to save points. 

The pendant of wisdom- A fragile defensive necklace that heals the wearer 2 health per 120 seconds, this pendant can also be combined with the robes to double its durability and raise its protection, making dust tankable.

The battlemaster's pendant- A useful necklace that increases dust's damage output to 2x the damage instead of 1.33x and can be combined with the robes.

Flameless/Cirelian light: Acts as a portable lantern giving light when dropped, makes nights more pleasant than staring at a campfire. Theres no difference between the two besides your preference of looks and materials to make them.

Save point: Directs teleportation stones to it and resurrects dust when haunted/activated.

Dust's house: cut content no further information needed.

Magma mantle: Designed to withstand high temperatures and be fire resistant, this armor will reduce dust's flammability to 50% and keeps you cool in the summers.

Blue mushroom: Heals poison in shipwrecked, works as a non perishable food item for other game types.

Dustdst.rar is DST version

Dustds.rar is DS/DSROG version

Also checkout Mindmaster's mod:


All rights reserved to Dean Dodrill on this character, rights reserved to HyperDuck SoundWorks for dust's speech, credit to Deo Dragon Wolf leo for the template,  credit to sw1tchbl4de for the artwork and credit to cheerio for the hat template.

Sw1tchbl4de's DA:


What's New in Version 3.15   See changelog


  • Reduced brightness of dust by 50%, cyan isn't the best color to work with.
  • New blue mushroom food type for single player
  • Magma mantle now craft-able thus completely removing loot drop
  • The blade of ahrah and dust's satget will stay with him upon death
  • The blade of ahrah, dust's satget, dust's foods and dust's lanterns are now floatable and won't sink in shipwrecked
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