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A Don't Starve Worldgen Mod.


  • Maps:
    • Archipelago, a wormhole centric island survival map
    • Biosphere, A map where each biome is a circle connected by a bridge
    • HubVille, A map with a crappy winter start in a resource rich hub, followed by an endless summer, Your goal is to grab the teleportato pieces from the dangerous lands outside, and tame the world. Based on "The Game is Afoot"
    • Ring, typically generates a single ring, but can sometimes generate a double, or even a triple ring!
    • Island Survival, try to survive on a tiny island with scarce resources.

    [*]To Do:

    • Add ROG Support


    • Toss in \dont_starve\mods\
    • Activate mod in don't starve together

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


  • Fixed an issue where touchstones would sometimes not spawn on Ring
  • Added a zip alternative to the rar (maybe this will help out people with macs?)

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