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Adds a variety of equipment to the base game.


It basically adds a few things I found was lacking in the base game. I was initially going to release them separately but realized how much of a chore it would be to update and download so I decided to add them all together.

The equipment added is pretty much self-explanatory. I did not go all out and add interesting equipment with effects and such. I simply wanted to try to fill in the gaps which I felt needed to be filled.

Drew the equipment myself and tailored it to fit in with the Don't Starve drawing style.

Visit the Steam Workshop entry for more information: Steam Workshop


- Backpacks are compatible with RPG HUDs backpack and amulet slot option
- Incompatible with mods which modify: Varg
- Compatible with Shipwrecked and/or Reign of Giants
- Incompatible with vanilla


- Equipment that require trinkets can have their recipes switched
- Individual equipment recipes can be enabled/disabled


- This mod is also available on the Steam Workshop: Link

What's New in Version 2.4.4   See changelog


  • A ton. I forgot to update the version here for a year.
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weird... the hound pack dissapears when dropped on the ground... (has not image, i still can pick it, but in invisible unles equipped), also it makes me RIDICULOUSLY FAST!!! not 10% more fast, but like... TWICE FASTER! 

also, things like helmets and armors of you have no image when dropped on the ground, so they are "invisible" unless picked up


is a bug, for sure, but i wanna confirm... anybody else is having it?

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