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  1. Spartan 115 The AWOL Supersoldier

    (this is just a copy and paste of the forum thread and the workshop thread)
    This Spartan was discharged due to mental issues, So he went AWOL and ended up in the don't starve universe... somehow
    This is my very first mod so there will be many MANY issues with it, use at your own risk. I only promise to try and fix/balance this character as best I can
    ##tl;dr stats and such##
    Health: 300
    Hunger: 150
    Sanity: 100
    Damage: deals 2.5X damage
    Hunger goes down faster
    Sanity goes down faster at night
    Sanity goes up near monsters
    Comes with custom lines and sounds.
    Emits light.
    Immune to freezing.
    Immune to wetness
    Immune to overheating
    ##Spartan 115's Strengths and Weaknesses##
    AKA the LONG description
    If you know your Halo lore you know that Spartans were typically Borderline crazy...well, 115 is pretty much there with only 100 sanity not only that but it goes down faster at night then normal there is a silver lining though, on top of the normal means of sanity regaining being in combat puts him in a calmer state
    Spartans also had the double edged sword of a faster metabolism, on one side he is more fit so he has more strength then the average characters, alot more then normal, the downside with the metabolism? Spartans gotta eat cause he gonna get hungry faster
    And while he may not have a working shield his Mjolrir armor gives him inate tankiness in the form of 300 health
    overall Spartan-115 is more for combat lovers and thos who want a little bit of a challenge on keeping sane and keeping full
    Known issues:
    - There might be a few sprites missing, in particuler a torso sprite wasn't labeled so I kind of left it blank...if any of the sprite pieces vanish let me know what you were doing so I can look into it
    - (DST) Sound lines might be Global
    - (DST) Light might only appear for 115 (If it doesn't then hey thats fine in my eyes)
    - (DST) Upon being revived 115 loses his light, Disconnect and reconnect to fix it currently
    ##Things that will be changed##
    - Stats!
    ##Things planned to be added##
    I think thats it? pretty sure thats it, if not I'll be sure to add it, anyway hope you all enjoy it and hopefully, fingrs crossed, I can get this finished to a high standard soon.
    If you have any feedback or issues with the mod lemmi know in the comments.




  2. Satori, The Mind Reader

    A character mod based on Satori Komeiji from Touhou Project.
    Satori is a mind reading youkai. Her ability made her hated by humans and other youkai who fear their secrets being exposed, but made her loved by the animals who normally can't be understood. After knowing that her little sister is lost somewhere in the island she decided to look for her to bring her back home.
    Character Abilities
    -Hunger: 150
    -Health: 100
    -Sanity: 250
    -Wendy's attack modifier
    -Can read the thoughts of the creatures around her.
    -Can tame pets by giving them food. Every pet has their specific taming item(s).
    -The animals don't fear her but she is not liked by humanoid creatures such as pigmen.
    -Has a high base sanity but loses it for hurting the animals who trust her.
    -Has a sanity bonus while she is in caves.
    Tameable Pets
    -Rabbit: Gives a sanity boost. Can be picked up.

    -Beefalo: Assists Satori in combat and protects her from any danger. Drops manure from time to time.

    -Koalefant: Defensive pet. Prevents freezing in winter. Drops manure from time to time.

    -Tallbird: Attack pet. Can be fed monster meat but doesn't like new pets.

    Mod's Features
    -Custom art, portraits and icons (including minimap and morgue ones).
    -Custom character strings.
    -Modified behaviour on several npcs.
    -Custom strings on several npcs (thoughts).
    -Custom battle AI for pets. They stop attacking their target if Satori runs away.
    -Hunger system for pets. You need to feed them or they'll leave her.
    -Custom sanity penalties.
    -Modified intro.
    -Custom music.
    Art: Shia
    Coding: Terri
    Satori's strings: Wally
    -Compatible with RoG but she doesn't have any special feature from the DLC yet.
    -The mod is tested without any other mod activated. If you have a mod that changes behaviours/creatures prefabs it might not work well.
    To do
    -Add more "thoughts" to npcs.
    -Add more tameable pets.
    -Add Koishi (Satori's little sister) as an unlockable character.
    -Rewrite/modify the game's ending.




  3. Black Rock Shooter [DST]

    Black☆Rock Shooter!
    [23/08/2015] we've just implemented the Insane Black Rock Shooter as of today! It was a highly ambitious project and it was totally worth the while!
    v2.2.9 Update
    - Added configuration to turn ON/OFF custom sound and animation for critical impact.
    Here are the stats;
    EDITED: 23/08/2015
    Character trait
    - Starts with Black Blade
    - Able to craft her own special set of weapons
    - Sanity drains faster during night time
    - Transforms into Insane Black Rock Shooter when Sanity is low
    - Insane Black Rock Shooter makes everyone else go crazy
    Basic Information
    Black☆Rock Shooter
    - Has a 10% speed boost
    - 10% more sanity loss than other characters during night time
    - Transform into Insane Black☆Rock Shooter when sanity drops below 40.
    (NEW) Insane Black☆Rock Shooter
    - Becomes a 'Monster' when transformed
    - Has a 30% speed boost
    - 20% more sanity loss than other characrters during night time
    - Other players around Insane Black☆Rock Shooter loses more sanity the closer they are to her.
    - Deals 25% more damage
    - Reverts back to normal upon reaching 80 sanity.
    Black Blade
    - Craftable from the science machine in the fight tab with; 1 crow feather, 1 cut stone, 1 flint
    - Melee weapon dealing 32 damage
    - 15% chance to critical strike dealing 2x damage
    - Limited durability, 100 uses.
    Rock Cannon
    - Craftable from the science machine in the fight tab with; 8 rocks, 1 electrical doodad, 3 gunpowder
    - Ranged weapon dealing 30 damage and 25 damage AOE. (55 total damage to the main target).
    - Requires 'Energy Bullet' as a source of ammo
    - Can be reloaded to a maximum of 10 times
    - Unlimited durability
    - When out of ammo, Rock Cannon becomes melee, dealing 20 damage
    Energy Bullet
    - Craftable from the science machine in the refine tab with; 2 Spirit Particles, 1 Charcoal
    - Crafting Energy Bullet yields 2 bullets
    Spirit Particles
    - Is a material that can be found from mobs and through harvesting resources.
    (NEW) Insane Blade Claw
    - Craftable from the Shadow Manipulator with; 1 giant soul, 1 purple gem, 3 flint
    - Melee weapon dealing 38 damage
    - 30% chance to critical strike dealing 2x damage
    - Limited durability, 200 uses.
    (NEW) Insane Cannon Lance
    - Craftable from the Shadow Manipulator in the magic tab with; 1 giant soul, 1 purple gem, 3 nightmare fuel
    - Ranged weapon dealing 60 damage
    - Applies Electrical damage. (1.5x damage when raining)
    - Requires 'Energy Bullet' as a source of ammo
    - Can be reloaded to a maximum of 10 times
    - Unlimited durability
    - When out of ammo, Insane Cannon Lance becomes melee, dealing 20 damage
    (NEW) Giant Soul
    - A new item added from killing Giants
    - Used to craft higher tier weapons
    Extra information
    - Rock Cannon/Cannon Lance has 0 bullets upon crafting
    - Rock Cannon does no AOE on bosses. (only 30 damage)
    - Killing giants now has a chance to drop 1 to 4 Spirit Particles
    Future Updates
    - Custom speech and sound will be added
    - further configurations will be added if needed
    Thanks to all who posted comments on what they've thought about our mod! If there are any more bugs to report to comments about our mod, please feel free to post to us!
    Thank you all, and Enjoy!
    Get it on Steam!




  4. Caleb-The Haunted Child

    Caleb, the haunted child
    This is my first complex mod, here are his general stats:
    100 Sanity (goes down quite fast at night)
    150 health
    150 Hunger
    If you find yourself going insane you will let out the creature haunting poor caleb. his stats are as follows:
    75 Hunger (goes down really fast)
    150 health
    100 sanity
    Night Vision
    A lot of damage
    The hunger rate will make your time as a super strong shadow creature fairly short unless you find a way to get a bunch of food. not to worry though, killing 2-3 shadow creatures will bring you back up (2 hits with an axe)




  5. Wulfe

    *Hounds are neutral to her until provoked!
    *Pigmen and bunnymen are her natural enemies!
    *She's a bit stronger than most, is fast on her feet, and freezes more slowly in winter
    *Starts with 120 max hunger, 150 max sanity, and 150 max health
    *Will not lose sanity around monsters
    Wulfe is just about finished! I just need to figure out how to make it so hounds can be tamed with meat, like pigmen.
    ***IMPORTANT: There is a hounded.lua file in her folder you must move to a certain location, the README tells you what to do. If you don't she may get attacked by certain hounds.
    ***UPDATE: Those who had problems with her crashing on the character selection screen shouldn't have any issues with this version. Except I've heard that custom characters have been crashing when you examine walls lately..?




  6. Weston the Wandering Cactus

    UPDATED YET AGAIN, AGAIN! Re-download Weston if you downloaded him before 1/6/2015! (I gave him his own custom voice sounds!)

    Adds Weston to the list of playable characters.
    Weston is just a fun little character mod I thought of a while back, and wanted to see in the game. He was very close to being finished for the longest time, but I had to cease work on him due to certain circumstances (college work overload, Don't Starve deciding it doesn't want to run anymore, etc.). Since the quarter is finally over and Don't Starve is working again, I decided to finish him up and release him!
    Weston's stats are as follows:
    Hunger: 150
    Health: 150
    Sanity: 200
    Here are Weston's perks:
    + Weston is COMPLETELY immune to overheating! Enjoy those summers without sweltering!
    + Weston is covered in sharp spines! This means that if you take damage as Weston, your attacker receives 15 damage back for hitting you! Your punches are also MUCH stronger than normal (but weapons and tools do normal damage, with the exception of one...)
    - Weston may like the heat, but he does NOT like fire. He takes a whopping 3x normal damage from fire, so stay away from it at all times!
    - Weston does not like the cold. Summers may be awesome, but winters will be brutal, because Weston freezes a lot faster than other characters. Watch out during the spring, as well--Don't let Weston get too wet, or he may start freezing.
    - The flower on top of Weston's head attracts insects (Mostly bees and butterflies).
    Cool stuff in this mod:
    + A whole new character to play as (obviously).
    + TONS of custom dialogue lines written just for Weston (For regular game AND RoG!)
    + High-Quality character art! (400 Resolution!)
    + A custom minimap icon!
    Tips while playing as Weston:
    <> STOCKPILE!: Weston is a unique character in the sense that he is 100% immue to overheating. Use this to your advantage. You will have a terrible time in winter, but you get THREE WHOLE SEASONS to gather supplies! Use your time wisely.
    <> HUNT BUTTERFLIES!: That wasn't a joke. Weston has a unique quirk that no other character has at their disposal--being able to attract insects. Butterflies will come right to you when you're near, and you can swat them down for easy health and hunger points.
    <> AVOID KILLER BEES!: This may seem like something that's obvious, but killer bees are a very real threat to Weston, ESPECIALLY in the spring. The killer bees have a MUCH larger detection range now that they're attracted to your flower. They'll come to pollinate... But will stay to sting you silly.
    Known Bugs:
    Supposedly, certain computers display black boxes as the player model instead of Weston's model, but I don't have any idea which computers this pertains to. These appear to be isolated incidents, and most of the time, the character should work normally.
    If you DO have this issue, I recommend downloading the version that sacrifices some of the art quality for performance, which can be found on this page, along with this mod:
    Using Weston with the Reign of Giants DLC:
    Weston was made with the Reign of Giants DLC in mind, thus he is perfectly compatible with it. Not only that, but he will work 100% with the regular game as well!
    Author's Comments:
    Thank you all so much for supporting me and my mods. This is probably the last Don't Starve mod that I will be doing for a while, as there is a ton of other things going on right now in my life that need to be taken care of. This probably won't be my last Don't Starve mod, but it will be a while before I do another, most likely.
    Once again, I'd like to thank Mr. Tiddles for help with coding, as well as basically the entire Don't Starve modding community. I couldn't have done this without their help.
    Thank you all, and have fun not starving!
    -Spookers the Spoo (AKA: Thunder Volts)
    - Download the file and unzip it.
    - Go to Local Disk (C:)/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/mods
    - If you are using the stand-alone version of Don't Starve instead of the Steam version, go to Local Disk (C:)/Program Files (x86)/DontStarve/mods
    - Take the folder from the file you just unzipped and place it in the "mods" folder.
    - Open the game, choose Weston from the mods list, activate, apply, and start a new game
    - Enjoy
    Copyright 2014 Spookers the Spoo/Thunder Volts.  This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named Thunder Volts (




  7. Dana

    This is the character - based on myself - that I created while writing my modding tutorial.
    It's not especially fancy, and the art isn't the most spectacular I've ever done.
    It was something of an exercise in sticking more closely to the Don't Starve style, but because I was doing it rather quickly... I feel the quality suffered.
    I don't expect this to get much use, but I might as well upload it. =)




  8. Grim from The Grim Adventures

    From The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy comes Grim!
    Reign of Giants compatible! for base game. for Reign of Giants.
    Play as the grim reaper from one of my favourite shows when I was a kid.
    Mod contains the scythe of the reaper as a custom weapon.
    *Custom maxwell intro
    *Has high health but lower sanity.
    *Lower sanity drain in the darkness and near monsters.
    *Starts with his scythe.
    -scythe spawns shadow tentacles on random occasions after hitting
    Still some work to be done:
    - (Better hands)
    - Custom weapon (or container)
    - Better facial expressions
    - Reign of Giants compatibility
    - Maybe better textures for the scythe
    - Add sanity gain after killing a creature (or something else?)
    Made with help from wodbetter by Fidooop and tweaking help by dryicefox.
    Inspired by an old mod made by cEnaa9.




  9. Puppy princess Musha [DS+DST]

    Single LINK (DS)
    Together LINK (DST)




  10. Wignatz

    Wignatz the mouse, a sneaky new character drawn from the classic Krazy Kat comic strip who specializes in deception and hit-and-run
    A custom crafting menu with weapons, wearables, structures, and items for subterfuge
    Loathsome new creatures
    Events that only happen in certain seasons, lunar phases, weather or time of day
    A “very special” crockpot recipe
    The ability to befriend splumonkeys, who share Wignatz’ zest for throwing stuff at people they don’t like

    Wignatz is modeled after the Ignatz character from George Herriman’s strange, lyrical comic strip Krazy Kat. Puny and weak in combat, Wignatz must hurl his deadly brick from a safe distance and use his speed to dodge blows. He can craft devious items to distract, confuse, and hide from adversaries.
    Drawing inspiration from Krazy Kat, Wignatz is themed around the desert and the American Southwest. If he makes his home near a desert, Wignatz is rewarded by easy access to the ingredients he needs for his unique recipes, and new creatures and encounters. Events that only happen under special time and weather conditions reward him for venturing from the safety of his campfire.
    No spoilers, just a few tidbits to point you in the right direction and tempt your curiosity:
    A fetish will show you the way to go.
    Wignatz has just one new crockpot recipe (hint: he’s a mouse, and the key ingredient is milk), but it’s very unusual. The results depend not only on the ingredients, but timing. And sometimes they’re valuable for other things besides eating.
    Pay attention to ambient sounds. If you hear something unfamiliar, it’s usually a sign that there’s something special going on.
    When you encounter something unfamiliar, examine it. Sometimes you’ll receive a clue.
    Play with items. See what happens when you use, drop, or ignite them, let perishables spoil, etc.

    Credits and acknowledgements
    I borrowed code from “auto catch” by seronis for Wignatz’s brick. Images for Wignatz and some items were adapted from old Krazy Kat strips (strips before 1923 are in the public domain). Audio samples were taken mostly from and used under various versions of the Creative Commons License, or by permission of the author. Particulars are in credits.txt.




  11. Custom Character: Link

    Link, based visually on The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.
    Link comes equipped with a number of "Hero's" items. All of the Hero's items are unbreakable, and uncraftable. So don't lose 'em. Link is impervious to sanity loss, owing to his adventuring experience. He's seen things like you wouldn't believe. Link, as a seasoned adventurer, is stronger, faster, and tougher than average, with a strong stomach, but has a faster metabolism, and a smaller stomach, due to how consistently hard he pushes himself.
    Link is perhaps best at surviving through hunting and eating what he can kill.
    Keep an eye on that hunger gauge.
    Up-to-date Mediafire Link can always be found in the first post of the thread.




  12. Strom the Tree

    Art by Papukaijah (Mr. Parrot Man) (only on Steam)
    Code by Mobbstar
    "I'm just a tree."
    Strom is a happy walking talking tree man. He really is just a tree.
    Did I mention that he has a pet? Yes that's right, Lampy the friendly firefly fellow follows Strom wherever he goes, unless he tells it to stay.
    Lampy's light is especially good since Strom has trouble with chopping trees. Genocide isn't all that sane, you know? Also avoid fire as you'd spread it. Strom is just a tree after all.
    Please report bugs, crashes, issues, suggestions, and that Mr. Parrot Man and I are super awesome.




  13. Wren the Stormcaller

    [A Moderately Friendly Update] version.
    Health - 200
    Hunger - 100
    Sanity - 150

    Hits like a wet noodle, but moves around a bit faster to compensate!
    Has an affinity for the rain, gaining sanity when it falls. If sanity gets too low, rain will start falling in an attempt to recuperate.
    Frogs will fall from the sky if sanity is critically low.

    [*]Gets hungry quickly, and is picky about the foods she eats and the state they're in.
    Some foods, such as monster-variety meat, she just won't eat.
    If the food is stale or spoiled, it suffers a penalty.

    [*]Has a phobia of bugs. Bees, killer bees, and mosquitoes now give off an insanity aura.

    New in version 1.1:
    Nightvision has been removed.
    Upon request, a new craftable lightning staff! You can now strike your foes with lightning! -15 sanity and -10% durability per attack.
    Doubles as a torch! Has a passive -1% durability loss per tick when equipped.
    Will be found under the Magic tab, craftable with a Prestihatitator. Requires Nightmare Fuel x4, Living Logs x2, and Gold x3.

    [*]When Wren's insane and is hit by an enemy, lightning will strike back at them. This will hit 1 enemy and have a 1-minute cooldown.

    ** Bugs or crashes? **
    State what you were doing at the time of the crash. Be as descriptive as possible!
    See if you can find the error in your log.txt in Documents/Klei/DoNotStarve/
    If you cannot identify the error, please post your log.txt over at the official thread: either attach your log.txt directly to your post or use spoiler tags!

    Special Thanks:

    Feel free to leave suggestions!




  14. Castle Crashers, Barbarian

    This is my first custom character.
    The Barbarian minion from one of my favorite games, Castle Crashers.
    200 HP
    150 Hunger
    150 Sanity
    (v1.5 Balance Update):
    130 HP
    100 Hunger
    70 Sanity
    * Starts with a Barbarian's axe (basically, it's just indestructible)
    * Slower movement speed (based on low agility stats in Castle Crashers game)
    FickleTurnip - Artwork
    MountainMan - Code and Compilation
    This character was possible thanks to the guides here on Klei Entertainment's forums. Dleowolf's custom character guide, and Malacath's custom item guide.
    Let me know if you encounter any bugs, crashing, or just have some thoughts about what you'd like to see in the future.
    Hopefully, other Castle Crashers' characters coming soon.




  15. Wladislaus the Undying

    Behold Wladislaus the Undying !
    He is a mighty vampire who has been tricked by Maxwell.
    His stats are :
    125 Health
    200 Sanity
    150 Hunger
    Now, to the special abilities :
    He is more comfortable at night than at dight, so he will gain sanity when it's dark, and lose some in daylight.
    He gets hot very quickly because of his fragile skin.
    He needs blood to fill his hunger, so he is carnivore, and can eat monster meat.
    He can tame bats to help him fight or chop trees.
    When his life drops below 35, he transforms into a big bat, dropping his inventory.
    Being in bat form, he is granted nightvision, and is immune to sanity/wetness/hunger/health, but bloodlust comes in. The bloodlust will drain in time, and can only be filled by killing things, or eating meat on the ground, or living insects.
    If the bloodlust meter is filled , he will fall asleep and wake up as a vampire the next morning.The more things you will have killed while in bat form, the more stats you will have when you wake up.
    If you fail and the bloodlust meter drops down to 0, it's game over for you!
    When in batform, pigs will also attack on sight (and spiders will remain calm).
    Install :
    Download the "" file.
    Extract it to your "[...]/Steam/SteamApps/common/dont_starve/mods/" folder
    Workshop link :
    I hope you enjoy it, please tell me if you think it is not balanced and which stats i should change.
    I may add some more to the character in time, but I'm not sure how/when yet. Here is what could be available in the future :
    Bugs to be fixed yet:
    -Character gets kinda off the ground when resurrected and gets quickly unplayable when moving. It is not fixed per say but it is playable, with running speed issues. To remove those, go in/exit a cave.
    -Screen edges like heat, ice or blood don't disappear because of entering bat form.
    Thanks to everyone who has helped me to get this character done and to the many resources available on the forums here !




  16. Kaji character mod

    Fear core:
    -Equip it and “attack” enemies with it to scare them away for 5 seconds. Angered neutral enemies will become passive again after running away. (including boss monsters)
    -“feeds” off of their fear to regain 7 health.
    -costs 15 sanity, and has a 20 second cooldown.
    -cannot be removed from inventory, but remains in your inventory if you die and respawn.
    -cannot be used on smaller innocent creatures like rabbits and birds because kajis such a softie.
    Panic roar:
    -activates automatically when health goes below 30
    -scares off all monsters on screen for 8 seconds, also un-agros’ them. (hound packs will run away and won’t come back)
    -disables all non-mobile enemies for 8 seconds (tentacles and eye plants)
    -invincibility while roaring
    -cannot be activated again until you return to good health (must be above 110 hp and 75 sanity)
    Chubby and higher metabolism:
    -Gets hungry 15% faster because of his infrequent use of his core. Or something like that. Don’t quote me on that one.
    -This makes him chubby, and he has a natural insulation value of + 45. (slightly less than the lowest tier winter clothing)
    Good with maps:
    -Is a cartographer, and has a larger map view radius. (note: this feature still has some bugs. The extra map revealed is hidden once saving and re-opening. If it bothers you, you can disable map vision in the mod config menu.)
    Terrified of water:
    -quickly loses sanity near ponds and oceans.
    -cannot use, or equip, fishing poles.
    -And a few other fun easter eggs.
    Compatible with regular Don’t starve and RoG! (but not DST)
    The character Kaji belongs to Venoshade, and this mod was made with their permission.




  17. [DST] Wolfram, The Aristocrat

    2800 views and 400 Downloads! Cool, really cool!
    Wolfram The Aristocrat!
    This mod was created by Devil_saint, Ms Muzzles and Chromiumboy.
    Wolfram & Wolfgang art made by /FEZ\
    And ported by me!
    Health: 200
    Hunger: 200
    Sanity: 200
    Powerful if he's calm.
    He does a great damage only if you keep his sanity up!
    Beware don't lose much sanity. If you have low sanity.
    Go find something to get up!
    Detest all magic stuff.
    He cannot learn and use any magic stuff! Excepting the
    Life Giving Amulet and attune the Meat Effigy. and he will
    feel uncomfortable having nightmare fuel on his pockets
    Give it to another!
    Detest spoiled foodstuff.
    He doesn't like stale and spoiled food, he will have the
    Wickerbottom perk
    Struggles with luggage
    He will be a bit slower with a backpack, he doesn't like
    wear backpacks. Also he's a bit faster than average.
    The caves arrive.
    Update the speech.
    The ruins arrive.
    Update the speech.
    Change Log...
    V1 Mod Created
    V2 Bugfixes
    V3 A terrible bug in workshop.
    v3.1 Quotes redone!




  18. Doctor Who, the 10th for DS

    Don't Starve and Reign of Giants compatible.




  19. Tom Hanks

    This mod adds Tom Hanks to the game. Tom heard that Wilson was around here, so he's gone looking for him. Tom is very likeable, so rabbits and gobblers don't run from him. His Abraham Lincoln blood line also makes him a bit better at things like combat and running. However, Tom has type 2 diabetes so he can't eat too sugary foods.




  20. Wit The Servo Scout




  21. Writhe, Maxwell's last friend

    My second ever mod character, brought back to be released! Also the inspiration for my now abandoned Wurbert character.
    Here's a video of an earlier version by the brilliant Jon from Jardev!
    Writhe is one of the shadow creatures, but he was mentally challenged, and could never fit in. So the others bullied him, trying to kill him off. Maxwell pitied Writhe, and defended him best he could. As he grew weaker, his last option was to send Writhe out into the open world, as far away from the other shadows as possible. Writhe sees Maxwell as his farther figure.
    -Health =120
    -Hunger = 180, and can only eat meat and nightmare fuel.
    -Sanity = 1, and constantly drains.
    - Short vision
    -Can't equip any hand-slot items due to him having blades for arms. Instead he has the armguards listed below.
    +Walks 1.2 times normal speed.
    +Teleports a short distance when attacked.
    +Attacks deal more damage over time. Instead of attacking once, he jumps into the air and wildly slashes at enemies. While he does more damage, this can not be interrupted and leaves him vulnerable. He also does lots of damage unarmed.
    Can examine shadow creatures!
    Eating nightmare fuel will give back:
    1 sanity
    34 health
    6 hunger
    Daddy's Spare coat: The dapper coat Maxwell wears in adventure mode! While wearing it, Writhe will stop losing and gain sanity during the day, and the sanity loss during night is slowed by a lot.
    Sack of Helpful goods: A sack that spawns next to him when a new game starts. Gives 3 charcoal, 2 meat, and the Divine-O-Pones in adventure.
    Divine-O-Phones: Headphones he only gets in adventure mode. Not only do they tell you where the things are, you can also make them play music by right-clicking on them while they're equipped.
    Rather Plain Armguards: Works as a mining pick and axe. Mines at 20% speed and chops at 30%. Very slow!
    Swiss Arm-y Guards: Works as a mining pick, axe, and shovel. Mines at 30% speed and chops at 40% normal. Gives an extra 12 damage to your attacks. Still very slow. Requires science machine.
    Kingly Armguards: Works as a mining pick, axe, hammer, and shovel. Mines at 50%, chops at 60%, hammers at 40%, and gives an extra 18 damage to your attacks. Requires Alchemy Engine
    Handy Man's Maces: Works as a mining pick, axe, shovel, and hammer. Mines at 70%, chops at 80%, and hammers at 60%. Gives and extra 24 damage, and also functions as a divining rod. Requires a repaired Pseudo Science Station to craft. So you need to go to the ruins!
    Flamey-Wamey Thingadoo: A long-lasting torch. Breaks after running out of fuel. You can also shoot fireballs at enemies to ignite them, but this uses a lot of fuel.
    Mole-Whacker Mollet: Acts as a very weak hammer. Can also be used to whack moleworms. and pick them up to make the rain hat. Only available with Reign of Giants.
    Sticky Snatchers: Act as a bugnet. Simple as that.
    Known issues: If you quit and rejoin a save while wearing the Divine-O-Phones, you have to take them off and put them back on for the music to work.




  22. Kasey - The Sewist

    Adds KASEY The Sewist character
    Steam link here:
    Please rate. Thanks
    Compatible with:
    Don't Starve
    DS: Reign of Giants DLC
    Coming Soon:
    Don't Starve Together (wip)
    KASEY starts with a SourBag (copy of the Krampus Sack) and 2 Sewing Kits. She can craft additional bags (for multiplayer or if you lose you first bag).
    SOURBAG (Krampus Sack)
    Recipe: Survival tab: 1 Sewing Kit, 3 Wool, and 1 Rope.
    Stats are all the default:
    150 health
    150 hunger
    200 sanity
    I made this mod as a gift for my girlfriend Kasey, with assistance from my friend Nicole for art. Don't Starve is one of the few games my gf has gotten into and she was elated to have herself as a character.
    In real life she makes awesome one of a kind handmade bags made from reused and recycled materials. You can find them here:
    They make amazing gifts for lady-folk like moms and special ladies
    Note: I still need to test some more in multiplayer, and I want to add custom dialog for everything.
    Art: Nicole Bilodeau:
    Other stuff: dashing_fellow
    Special thanks:
    Ipsquiggle - for providing the initial Sample Mod
    Grifuz - for the Clementine mod that i used as an additional guide
    Dleowolf - for providing the Extended Sample Character template
    Sabeku - for the the thorough video tutorial of Dleowolf's mod




  23. Don't Starve, Sips! [Test Branch] Latest Update: 18/07/2013

    Hello! Rob here with a mod that adds Youtuber, Chris "Sips" Lovasz into Don't starve!
    Heres the Forum Post!-Released!-Rock&p=203532#post203532
    Updated as of 18/07/2013 (UK format)
    There are TWO versions of the mod now, The original "Sips" is the "" and the variant is the mediafire link at the bottom
    Current Team

    SpaceSips Download My Appologies about this, this one is too big for the Mod uploader! :S




  24. Nabaru DST MOD character

    my own character for don't starve
    finally! for now is just a character more but i will continue edit him he is compatible in DST
    The sweet rose
    “my love and soul for my dear!”
    *is obsessed for wilson
    *he loves the cold and rain (WIP)

    *he have special seeds (WIP)
    HEALTH 150
    HUNGER 200
    SANITY 200
    hey i have a ask/rp blog about this character and more!




  25. [DST] Glace - The Freezer

    [steam Workshop]
    Glace was born with a cold heart. His whole body is emitting an aura that slowly freezes
    everything around him.
    But his cold heart does not mean he has a cold heart (pun intended).
    In fact, he really likes to be among friends, but often, he gets rejected with his aura being the
    Health: 100
    Hunger: 65
    Sanity: 220
    --Has a cold heart--
    His body is like a fridge. Items in his inventory get cooled like in an icebox.
    He furthermore emits an aura which cools everything around him down.
    Butterflies really don't like this because they freeze when they get too close to him.
    He himself does not overheat, which is fine in summer, but...
    --Hates winter--
    He really really hates it. It's his least favorite time of the year.
    His body temperature will not rise beyond a certain point, so the thermic stone and campfires can only do so much and long travel will be certain death, because the cold hurts him really bad. He takes 2.5 times the damage and temperature changes double in speed for him. So prepare yourself.
    --Has a strong mind--
    Living alone most of the time helped him develope an immunity against the sickness called solitude.
    But he really hates dark places. When it gets dark, his strong mind means nothing! His sanity will drain 2.5 times as fast in those situations. If you don't do something you easily loose ~50 sanity per night.
    To counter this fear, he has only one solution...
    --Likes to be among friends--
    Despite his cold heart, he really is most comfortable among his friends. Even the night will mean nothing if he can feel the warmth of another persons heart. This feeling will quickly heal his mental scars.
    --Does not eat much--
    His metabolism is different from most species.
    This brings forth the problem that he often collects too much food which will later perish all at once or he forgets it entirely. This can be deadly during winter.
    --Is a fast runner--
    Glace is not much more than a twig when it comes to his weight.
    And if that was not enough, the ground freezes around him before he comes into contact with it.
    You could say that he slides through his life.
    He is 42 % faster than Wilson.
    [From the author]
    I tried to make it not too unbalanced, but not to the point where this character wouldn't be fun to play with.
    I used the Extended Character Template from Dleowolf for which i am quite grateful.
    If you find any misspelling or weird wording please let me know. English is not my first language but i try to improve whenever i can.
    And finally: Have fun playing!