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  1. Boba Fett and Jango Fett [DS][DST]

    Introducing Boba Fett and Jango Fett!
    -- Completed custom dialogue for Boba. Jango is still in the works. 
    **Jango Fett**
    -- Durasteel Armor - Has 10% damage absorption. 
    -- Sometimes loses his head - He suffers from low sanity but gains sanity upon killing stuff. 
    Health: 175
    Hunger: 160
    Sanity: 100
    -- Has a bounty list - Because what's a bounty hunter to do without one?
    - Craft a Bloodied Data Chip, equip it, and activate it (right-click it) to receive new bounty missions! 
    - Each mission has a damage multiplier reward (which will not exceed 1.7x) and a sanity refill. 
    - [DS] If an ROG/Vanilla world is linked to a SW world, the bounties will be randomly chosen between mobs from both worlds.
    Craftable Items!!
    Under the new "Hunt" tab, four items can be crafted:
    "Jet"-Pack - For jetting on land and such. It functions as a backpack and also lets you walk faster.
    Crafting: 1x Gears, 4x Twigs, 4x Cut Grass
    Wrist Dart - Throw sleep darts from your wrist gauntlets! It has 15 shots and puts targets to sleep.
    Crafting: 1x Gears, 2x Stinger, Jet Feather x2      
    WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistol - Customized just for him! This pistol has 20 shots. Each does 45 damage. 
    Crafting: 2x Flint, 1x Gears, 2x Electrical Doodad  
    Infrared Scanner Chip - Jango's low sanity can be a pain at night, so use this to hunt in the dark! It lasts 4 days and is not refuelable. 
    Crafting: 1x Electrical Doodad, 2x Blue Gem           [Starting Item]     (Takes up head armor slot!)
    Bloodied Data Chip - Equip, then right-click to receive new bounty missions!  
    Crafting: 1x Electrical Doodad, 1x Rabbit, 1x Rocks, 1x Gold Nugget (Takes up head armor slot!) 
    **Boba Fett**
    -- Duraplast Armor - Has 15% damage absorption. 
    -- Unaltered - He inherits the same stats from Jango Fett and therefore suffers from low sanity but gains sanity upon killing stuff. 
    Health: 175
    Hunger: 160
    Sanity: 100
    -- Has a bounty list - Because what's a bounty hunter to do without one?
    - Craft a Bloodied Data Chip, equip it, and activate it (right-click it) to receive new bounty missions! 
    - Each mission has a damage multiplier reward (which will not exceed 1.7x) and a sanity refill. 
    - [DS] If an ROG/Vanilla world is linked to a SW world, the bounties will be randomly chosen between mobs from both worlds.
    Craftable Items!!
    Under the new "Hunter" tab, four items can be crafted:
    "Jet"-Pack - For jetting on land and such. It functions as a backpack and also lets you walk faster.
    Crafting: 1x Gears, 4x Twigs, 4x Cut Grass
    Mounted Flamethrower - Throw fireballs from your wrist gauntlets! It has 15 shots and does 5 damage + fire damage.
    Crafting: 1x Gears, 1x Red Gem, Crimson Feather x2  
    SACROS K-11 Disintegrator - "No disintegrations." This pistol has 20 shots. Each does 45 damage. 
    Crafting: 2x Flint, 1x Gears, 1x Electrical Doodad  
    Infrared Scanner Chip - Boba's low sanity can be a pain at night, so use this to hunt in the dark! It lasts 4 days and is not refuelable. 
    Crafting: 1x Electrical Doodad, 2x Blue Gem           [Starting Item]     (Takes up head armor slot!)
    Bloodied Data Chip - Equip, then right-click to receive new bounty missions!  
    Crafting: 1x Electrical Doodad, 1x Rabbit, 1x Rocks, 1x Gold Nugget (Takes up head armor slot!) 
    *Please report any bugs/crashes and I'll try to fix them promptly.
    Hope you all enjoy these and have fun!




  2. Jak II for DST

    Based on the character Jak from the Jak and Daxter series. Skins compatible. Made with the Extended Sample Character template.
    I made this mod for myself, so it’s catered to my taste and play-style. I play primarily on a co-op server with 2+ people and [settings/mods] which make the game harder than the default. I imagine this character could be pretty OP on DST default settings; on mine, I think he feels a bit weak, which is what I prefer. I like a struggle!
    This is my first mod ever and it’s probably a mess It’ll be in development indefinitely while I learn more about coding and try to make it better. He's in need of lots of play testing, and I still have some graphical errors to iron out on the sprite.
    I would consider this an advanced character. Managing his needs to keep him sane and fed can be very difficult. He has a large health pool to soak up damage he may take from getting caught in a low sanity/hunger loop. Stay dapper and remember to feed him!
    He has 300 health, 275 hunger and 100 sanity.
    Stronger and faster than most characters. Gains sanity and health back from kills, loses hunger. Dark Eco Form - at 50 sanity, goes into a dark eco form in which he is much faster and stronger. Emits a glow while in his dark eco form that protects him from enveloping shadows. This is the only way I was able to implement night-vision without everyone on the server gaining night-vision, or else disabling Charlie :\ Monster meat seems to agree with Jak's new physiology - while in dark eco form, he can eat it with no penalty, even raw. Cons
    Constant sanity drain Hunger drains very fast in his dark eco form Unable to sleep to manage sanity Increased night time sanity drain
      This mod features custom dialogue written by the brilliant Darke_Eco_Freak from Ao3!
    This mod is compatible with Don’t Starve Together ONLY!
    Things to fix in the future:
    - Some kind of animation/sound/text to accompany the transformation
    - Fix up the sprite, there’s some errors like his profile view not matching the asymmetrical hair, the hair itself is clipped by his scarf in the back, some weird face/limb placement, and his butt juts out from his body a bit. Helmets sit high on him as well. I don’t personally find any of this too distracting but it’s something I want to fix at some point.
    - Make Dark Jak look uhh fiestier. He's a pretty lazy pallet swamp atm. Contemplating making him unable to wear helmets too.




  3. Character mod Sanoja

    This is my first mod ever!
    The character is my own. Her name is Sanoja and she's an elfin little troublemaker but in the inside she's a true softie.  
    I used the Extended Sample Character by  Dleowolf ( as a base.
    I just hope that you people like my mod and if something doesn't work or is bugging, please inform me about that. Enjoy
    How to download:
    Unzip the zip file and move the file Sanoja into your mods folder. That's pretty much it.




  4. The Korrigan Twins [DST]

    Steam Adress :
    All Artwork by Mahdwolfe.
    This mod can be found on DS version here. (Upcoming link)
    Be charmed by this less-negative characters, because we like to play and have fun
    They are the Korrigan Twins, Ada&Hadabra! Choose your gender and play!
    They are good scavenger :
    They know how to quickly gather resources and run much faster than normal.
    They possess a great knowledge in Nature.
    Thus, they can craft their own potions, which allow them to be more powerful than they seem. There are 13 potions to craft in totality, each one tweaking different parametres and mechanics of the game. A configurable option is at the player discretion, leaving them with the choice of the light potion color.
    The Korrigan loves mushroom;
    They've learn to build their own mushroom farm to supply their need of mushrooms when it comes to craft the potions. Some of them prefer them big, really big! You can build a bigger farm with bigger mushrooms! A configurable option is at the player discretion, leaving them with the choice of the spawning method.
    (***The Mushroom Farm can be used as a standalone mod, along with the great Mandrake Tree.***)
    Also, the twins can craft their own hunting knife under the tools tab.
    Indeed, the hunting knife is not claimed to be a giant killing machine, but rather to hunt little creatures such like birds and rabbits. A great way to harvest the feathers they need for their potions.
    This mod comes with custom sounds for the characters.
    Yes! A funny goblin talking voice will make your travel really unique. And uh... they also have a unique talking yellow color.
    Perks :
    *Craft their own potions & hunting knife
    *Fast Runner
    ***Mushroom Farm mod included in the character
    HUNGER : 200
    SANITY : 200
    HEALTH : 150
    Hunger Potion
    Refresh Potion
    Thermal Potion
    Health Potion
    Sanity Potion
    Armor Potion
    Light Potion
    Speed Potion
    Water Potion
    Violence Potion
    Beefalo Potion
    Arachnid Potion
    Invisibility Potion
    *** Players choosing this mod are aware of the risk it may causes. Please, report any crash/bugs that may occur, we will find a way to fix the issue. Do not try to catch the mushroom tree spores! Just let them light the night!
    Again, have fun. Rate and share the character if you like it! ***
    Upcoming update :
    *Custom Speeches
    Mod made by D4rkh0bb1T and Mahdwolfe


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  5. Wanda, Nature's Frenemy

    Public beta is now available on Steam,
    While Wanda is entirely playable in her current form, I still consider her a Work In Progress due to more features to come. The texture art has been completed, anim seems to be working correctly now, I wanted to release it as a beta to start public playtesting. Next we need custom sound (currently it's just the violin from the unimplemented character, Wallace). Speech script is half done but not yet uploaded (this beta is still Wilson), however everything below has been coded. There are more features to come in the Further Development section. So, while it is not yet complete, please give as much constructive feedback on balancing, etc.
    Wanda the Druidess - "Nature is my Frenemy"
    Back Story
    Cursed by Porvata, Polish god of the Woods, for carving her name into a sacred tree. Wanda has a love-hate relationship with nature.
    Health 160
    Hunger 125, x0.83 hunger rate
    Sanity 130, -1/min dapperness generally, but Sanityaura +10/min when near flowers
    Starting Inventory
    Lureplant Fleshy Bulb
    4 Leafy Meats
    Floral Shirt
    Nature Scientist
    Starting recipes:
    - Shovel
    - Pitchfork
    - Basic Farm
    - Nightmare Fuel
    - Papyrus
    - Bandage
    - Honey Refining
    - Manure
    At Science Machine, can prototype:
    - Pumpkin Light
    - Improved Farm
    - Bucket O Poop
    - Bush Hat
    At Prestihatitator,
    - Magic Trowel (can transplant up to 3 cacti)
    At Shadow Manipulator,
    - Lureplant Summoning Scroll
    Lureplant Farming
    Eyeplants are not agro at Wanda
    Can harvest their lure without it retracting its eyeplants and going back to "just planted" stage
    Can hang leafy meat on drying racks to make leafy jerky
    Ovo-lacto Pescetarian
    Seafood is the only meat that her vegetative metabolism is able to manage. Anyways, she has a hard time appeasing Porvata as it is, let alone having to deal with Krampus were she to kill too many innocents. So, what she can eat is:
    Vegetables, fruit, leafy meat, ice, birchnuts, seeds, eggs, electric milk, butter, honey, fish, eels and froglegs (but not any other kind of meat)
    Crockpot recipes that contains the above as primary ingrediants
    Raw birchnuts (-1 health, +6 hunger, -5 sanity)
    Flowery Hair
    Grows at a similar rate to Wilson's beard, delays overheating like a Summer Frest, when cut at half length provides 6 fresh flower petals and +30 sanity; at full length, provides 12 fresh flower petals and 1 cactus flower and +60 sanity
    Currently working on fully customising all of the speech script (some of it is still Wilson's)
    I was thinking her sounds instrument could be like Da Vinci's viola organistraor a Polish Suka,
    Compatible with Russian language pack
    Eventually I will need images for the magic books and Magic Trowel (purple shovel) and a few other things in the Further Development, as well as sprites / anim / sound for the custom treeguards if I ever go on to do that too




  6. Haruz Character [DST]

    Version 1.04
    (For Don't Starve Together (Beta)

    Cowardly Dog!

    "The only thing that I don't scared Sollyz"

    *eat meat level up (max30)

    *Haruz Lantern (Can Refuel with log, grass)

    *Regen Health

    lv1 >> lv30

    health 100 >>220

    hunger 150 >>300

    sanity 90 >>150

    regen 1:11s>>1:5s


    Thank you [Abatrozz] for helping!

    and Bass Lantern Original by [Nik]

    patch 1.1

    - new picture

    - balance

    --regen 1:1 >> 1:5


    steam workshop :
    Visit me :




  7. Deadpool Custom Character

    Custom character from Marvel
    Comes with one of his katanas (Can cut down trees)
    Health = 150
    Hunger = 120
    Sanity = 15
    Hunger Rate = 1.5 times Wilson's
    Health Regen = 5hp every 3 seconds
    Damage Multiplier = 1.2
    Starting Inventory: Katana, Taco, Chimichanga
    Can make a Tortilla, Taco, Chimichanga
    Taco; 1 Shell, 1 Cooked Meat (10 Health, 10 Sanity, 75 Hunger)
    Chimichanga; 1 Shell, 2 Cooked Meat, 1 Red Mushroom Cap (10 Health, 15 Sanity, 87 Hunger)





  8. Wilson Stats (Together)

    U can now change wilson stats in configurations! 


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  9. S Claudiu's Mod

    'Tis a mod for my friend. reason i had done this mod (or at least the art for the mod) is cuz my friend @PiturcaClaudiuStef was struggling to find an artist for his mod, thus, i took the opportunity to take up said task. took me at least around a week or less to finish the model for the character, his big portrait and just stuff art related tbh.
    kudos to @Arkathorn for coding the mod! please go follow the guy as a favour for me and Pit, yes? :3
    Health: 200
    Hunger: 150
    Sanity: 175
    Compatible w/: SW and ROG only
    Pros'n cons:
    *Loves rain and brings his own lighter
    *Does not eat meat
    *Brings his favourite book
    (Walks slightly faster than most characters)
    Custom voice: Flute
    Please like, follow and comment on this if you will! Much will be appreciated! :3
    P.S. I don't do requests, sadly. this was my first, and most probably, my last request i'll ever do tbh. And also, special thanks to Deeyadee once more for shading the big portrait file, so as always, please go 'watch' her in Deviant Art! You won't regret it!
    (up for ART commissions, with pay tho) Deeyadee:
    P.P.S. He doesn't have custom dialogue, so i may or may not update it so that he'd have one. Honestly, as i said, all i really was involved with was just the art. Also, please download my other mods if you like this one, please and thank you! :3




  10. TaDa 2.0.1 (Playground Model)

    I'm not 100% done with this model, there are a lot of small things I need to do, I'd love feedback if you play as him of things I need to do. Thanks!
    So I decided to make a mod of my favorite OC, I have a lot of things to finish but I promise to update him soon. HE DOES"T CRASH!!
    Hunger: 300
    Health: 200
    Sanity: 150
    He doesn't sleep and his sanity is very fragile but not to worry! He doesn't eat often!
    I haven't finished making his perks yet but I'll update when I do!!




  11. Frisk The Fallen Child

    Your favorite kid from Undertale!
    Thanks to mobbstar I was able to add a pie to the new update. I added a twig too as a placeholder until I make the stick weapon.
    This is pretty much the basics I still have to add a couple things so it isn't 100% complete.
    To do:
    clean/fix up the art work on custom dialogue add weapons Also on steam:
    If you want to use Frisk in Don't Starve/Reign of Giants a new download option is available!




  12. Kasey - The Sewist

    Adds KASEY The Sewist character
    Steam link here:
    Please rate. Thanks
    Compatible with:
    Don't Starve
    DS: Reign of Giants DLC
    Coming Soon:
    Don't Starve Together (wip)
    KASEY starts with a SourBag (copy of the Krampus Sack) and 2 Sewing Kits. She can craft additional bags (for multiplayer or if you lose you first bag).
    SOURBAG (Krampus Sack)
    Recipe: Survival tab: 1 Sewing Kit, 3 Wool, and 1 Rope.
    Stats are all the default:
    150 health
    150 hunger
    200 sanity
    I made this mod as a gift for my girlfriend Kasey, with assistance from my friend Nicole for art. Don't Starve is one of the few games my gf has gotten into and she was elated to have herself as a character.
    In real life she makes awesome one of a kind handmade bags made from reused and recycled materials. You can find them here:
    They make amazing gifts for lady-folk like moms and special ladies
    Note: I still need to test some more in multiplayer, and I want to add custom dialog for everything.
    Art: Nicole Bilodeau:
    Other stuff: dashing_fellow
    Special thanks:
    Ipsquiggle - for providing the initial Sample Mod
    Grifuz - for the Clementine mod that i used as an additional guide
    Dleowolf - for providing the Extended Sample Character template
    Sabeku - for the the thorough video tutorial of Dleowolf's mod




  13. William J. Danninghar:

    Does not work with Reign of Giants DLC
    Steam workshop version working again. Get it at
    Check out the Deviantart account I made of William for weekly updates on his backstory and concept arts of his upcoming/current/past inventions or appearances!
    There's also a picture of him when he was in his early 30s or so, so check it out to see William with a small beard - AND A FULL, LUSHIOUS HEAD OF HAIR!
    Click the link to check out plans for future updates and feel free to vote for the stats you want to see one of the future items have!
    Take a look at this Mod Spotlight by a swell chap named Jon, of Jardev!

    New update (Alchemy 4 Dummies) now out, adding many new crafting recipes! Robots are now much harder to craft but they've been made much stronger as well!
    I'll be doing a comic-kind-of-thing bout William's past. I'll also be adding more to his speech that'll hint to his background.
    New HD textures for Wil, and has a new, much higher quality piano voice (played horribly by yours truly )!
    See STATS for info about the Wrenches, Potions, robot, and William himself!
    Fixed the Blueprints dissappearing without summoning a robot when the player doesn't have enough gears!
    I love making mods for Don't Starve. Mostly just testing out all the possible perks, stats, etc. So, here's one of my personal favorites!
    William J. Danninghar was an inventor - much like Wilson. But his interests were more into robots and mechanical stuff. He now finds himself in a strange, unfamiliar place full of creatures beyond his wildest imaginings.
    -Slower than most characters by just a small bit.
    -Is weaker than most characters.
    +Starts off with 5 gears and a cane
    Average hunger
    -Low health
    +Very high sanity
    +Already knows the Science machine recipes (like Wickerbottom)
    +Very slow passive health regen.
    +Has a 0.1x armour bonus
    +Enters Nightmare Form when sanity is below 45.
    Nightmare Form stats (that differ from normal William's)
    +150 health
    + Deals more damage
    +Replaces science bonus with magic bonus (Prestihatilator recipes become available)
    +Gets a cool new voice
    -Hunger depletes significantly faster.
    You need to craft mechanical what-not (a new item) and a shell for the specific robot to creat your robot. These pieces are found in the Refine tab!
    You can use a hammer or wrench to tell your companion to leave you alone and then feed them a carrot (seeds for reapers) or gears to heal them and make them follow you again!
    Mechanical Butler:
    Controlled by a rabbit
    +High health
    +Helps mind and chop trees.
    +Can heal with carrots
    +The controlling rabbit will run out of the robot when it dies
    +emits smoke
    +Acts as a container.
    -slowish movement speed
    +Becomes Nightmare Butler when player's sanity is below 100.
    Mechanical Reaper:
    Controlled by a crow
    +Teleports away from combat if attacked
    +Can heal with gears
    +The controlling crow will fly out of the robot when it dies
    +Very fast attack speed
    -Modertate-low health
    -Low-med damage
    Mechanical Brute:
    Controlled by a rabbit
    +Very high health
    +High damage
    +Can heal with gears
    +The controlling rabbit will run out of the robot when it dies
    -Very slow attack speed
    -Slow movement speed
    +Becomes Nightmare Brute when player's sanity is below 100.
    Craftable Wrenches! And special back-pack (which doesn't actually store things, it's armour)
    Pointy Wrench:
    Craftabe under science. Requires Alchemy Engine.
    Deals 51 damage.
    Has 150 uses.
    Can be used as mining pick.
    Nightmare Wrench:
    Craftable under Magic. Requires Prestihatilator.
    Deals 65 damage.
    150 uses.
    Can be used as mining pick.
    Drains sanity when equipped.
    Regain 2.5 sanity on hit.
    Mechanic's back-up:
    Blocks 75 damage
    1050 durability
    Can be activated to turn it into a shield via extending plates to block 100 damage (treeguards still do 1 damage)
    Has neat effects
    Concentrated Nightmare Fuel:
    Craftable under Magic. Requires Alchemy Engine.
    Instantly sets sanity to 0, activating William's Nightmare Form.
    Bottle of Happiness:
    Craftable under Magic. Requires Alchemy Engine.
    Regains a large amount of sanity.
    Elemental Mixererer is required for the De-life-inator (gun) and the Heart of Phlogiston (sword) It can be found in Refine!
    The flintlock mechanism can be found in refine.
    Flintlock pistol
    requires flintlock mechanism.
    High damage.
    Long range
    10 uses
    Requires Elemental mixererer
    Summons a stationary Terror Claw to fight the target if in-range
    50 uses
    Med range
    Med damage
    Heart of Phlogiston:
    Requires Elemental Mixererer
    Slow attack speed
    ignites targets
    Deals 72 damage and 77 to burnable targets
    HotHead's Braincase:
    High protection
    Has a chance to ignite attackers
    Pyromaniac's Evening Wear:
    High protection
    Wearer is almost immune to fire
    Very, very, very high insulation
    Works like the meat effigy, but takes less health from William. The normal meat effigy will leave William at full health when built, this will leave him with much more.
    When resurrected, player starts off with less sanity and hunger than the Meat effigy.
    His speech is currently a slightly modified Wickerbottom speech. This will be changed further in time.




  14. Squall Leonheart (Laugh) Character Mod

    Here's my 2nd character mod. This time its from Final Fantasy 8 : Squall (I believe all of you known him >..>)
    As you can see in the image theres 3 weapon pre-spawn together with the character.
    Introduction :
    Character Perks :
    PROS : Larger Health, Run Faster, Hit Harder and Faster
    CONS : Larger Food Consumption a day, Lower Sanity
    Weapon on the floor :
    1. Gunblade :
    - melee attack, 300 uses, 50 damage, -1 hunger per swing, aoe attack.
    2. Flameberg (Orange yellow weapon in image :
    - fire ranged attack, 25 uses, 100 damage, -1 sanity per shot.
    - medium yellow light glow when on floor and equiped
    3. Thundora (Purple weapon in image) :
    - thunder ranged attack 5 uses, 500 damage, -20 sanity per strike, large aoe attack.
    - small purple light glow when on floor and equiped
    Other detail please find it in game ~_~... this mod still in development so there will be more item and changes added to it. Comment and advice are most welcome.
    Installation :
    1. extract the .rar into your mods folder. (dont_starve/mods)
    2. open modsetting and add in :
    3. play
    ---====SPECIAL THANKS====---
    All the mod maker in this forum, without your mod and scripting as reference i couldn't possible to make mod. so once again a BIG BOW from me. And thanks KLEI for this great game.
    Thanks for reading and using this mod.




  15. Ika Musume - Don't Starve Together Version

    Adds the titular character Ika Musume from Shinryaku! Ika Musume into Don't Starve Together.
    +100% Custom-Drawn Art, including sprites, portraits, map-icons, and...well that's about it.
    +100% complete custom quotes for pretty much everything you can inspect.
    +Custom De Geso~ upon spouting a line!
    +Of course, the character herself.
    *Squid: Ika possesses numberous distinctions being part of the glorious world order of Squids. For starters, she takes on straights akin to the firefly squid, allowing her to glow in the dark. Years of living in the sea taught her to be less picky, so she will gobble any food regardless of spoilage and need to eat less often. However, not all is coral and shrimp. Her squishy exterior, while regenerative, is quite fragile. She also lacks muscle in her arms, meaning she deals less damage.
    *Inkvasion: In her pursuit of total land dominance, Ika has a few benefits. She's quick on her feet and determined to make the best of her situations, giving her passive sanity regen. She even has her trusty Umbrella, the Squid Unit Mark 3: Excellcior, to aid her!
    *Spineless: While Ika may act all tough, she's actually scared of pretty much anything bigger than her. While accustomed to the dark, any monster will scare the daylights out of her!
    75 Health
    135 Hunger
    100 Sanity
    0.675x Night Sanity drain.
    2x Monster Sanity Drain
    1.15x Speed
    0.9x Damage Multiplier
    Glows in the dark
    Regenerates health "rather quickly"
    Ignores spoilage.
    0.95 hunger drain.
    A whopping 3x fire damage weakness!




  16. Raine The lost Wander

    Hello, everybody, This is my first mod for don't starve, I made it mostly for my self and too see if I could do it from an art standpoint.
    Raine is both RoG and SW compatible 
    As a bonus in SW her sword doubles as a machete. 


    Runs slightly faster and hits harder than most characters 
    has a cool sword.
    Has a neat backpack
    Gets Hungry Faster (Like a lot faster)
    hates the cold.
    You can also check out the mod on the steam workshop
    and the don't starve together version on the workshop




  17. G's Mod

    My very first mod. I had been working on this for a month or 2 now. Playing around with this character will let you see how **** my personality can be. And yes, I did the fohkin' ****e art for this mod.
    A very nice and exquisite quote: "Punk-a-loid..."
    Health: 180 
    Hunger: 150 (Hunger Rate: 1.3)
    Sanity: 200
    Compatible w/: Vanilla/Reign of Giants/Shipwrecked
    Pros'n cons:
    *Able to sketch on papyrus to regain sanity
    *Can withstand winter, but despises summer
    *Not easily scared, though has nyctophobia (Nyctophobia = terrified of the dark)
    (Hits hard and has quite the endurance)
    (Slightly slower than other characters)
    (Starts off with a pencil and 10 papyrus to show the function of the pencil)
    (Is a feline, meaning he's related to catcoons and tigersharks)
    Custom voice: Alto Saxophone
    Please like, follow and comment on this if you will! Much will be appreciated! :3
    If there is any text that's Wilson's text or if he says "It's a... thing.", do tell me, I'd be more then happy to change it c:
    P.S. Special thanks to Deeyadee for shading my 'bigportraits' file and Dragon Wolf Leo for programming my pencil! Please, go 'watch' Deeyadee in DeviantArt and download Leo's mods! You won't regret it!
    Links here, please check'em out as a favour for me, yes? :
    (up for ART commissions, with pay tho) Deeyadee:
    (up for MOD commissions, also with pay) Dragon Wolf Leo:
     Also, please download my other mods if you like this one, please and thank you! :3




  18. Sophie

    Its not mine Just for my Girlfriend  because the genius modder deleted it 


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  19. Grim from The Grim Adventures

    From The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy comes Grim!
    Reign of Giants compatible! for base game. for Reign of Giants.
    Play as the grim reaper from one of my favourite shows when I was a kid.
    Mod contains the scythe of the reaper as a custom weapon.
    *Custom maxwell intro
    *Has high health but lower sanity.
    *Lower sanity drain in the darkness and near monsters.
    *Starts with his scythe.
    -scythe spawns shadow tentacles on random occasions after hitting
    Still some work to be done:
    - (Better hands)
    - Custom weapon (or container)
    - Better facial expressions
    - Reign of Giants compatibility
    - Maybe better textures for the scythe
    - Add sanity gain after killing a creature (or something else?)
    Made with help from wodbetter by Fidooop and tweaking help by dryicefox.
    Inspired by an old mod made by cEnaa9.




  20. Rincewind

    The hapless wizzard Rincewind and The Luggage from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series (The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic). Rincewind is a runner not a fighter. Luckily The Luggage is violent enough for both.
    The storyline of Rincewind ending up in Don't Starve continues from the Science of the Discworld books I, II and III.
    Rincewind's Stats:
    Health: 200
    Hunger: 150
    Sanity: 100
    The Luggage and the all important hat that says Wizzard on it (that's how you know he's a wizard see?).
    Warnings and Notes:
    This mod makes some things quite easy... but other things quite difficult.
    Might conflict with mods that alter the behaviour of inventory, bees, or containers
    The Luggage is not just a reskin of Chester - Chester still exists
    It is possible for Luggage and Chester to coexist... somehow.
    To install:
    Unzip archive
    Copy directory "rnw" to your mods folder
    Created by hrekin and Catten




  21. Miku Character (wendy reskin) HF character pack compatible. (WIP)

    This is a character file which can be added to the game using characterpack by Heavenfall.
    This beautiful skin was created by Lexicroft.
    You will need to download that mod and install it in order for this to work. Once you have done so download this character and unzip the file. Edit modsettings to say: ModManager:AddMod("HF_unlockmiku")
    It is a work in progress. You can download, install, and play the character however she still has Wendy's portraits for character selection and saving. Some of her quotes and her title need updated as well, but she is playable.




  22. Ikaros skin mod

    A character skin mods from anime/manga title : "Sora No Otoshimono". This mods use Wendy skin as base and will available as a whole new character it will not affect Wendy character so i guess its safe =_=?




  23. V.I.T.R.I.O.L [DST]

    Steam Adress :
    All Artwork by Mahwolfe.
    !!!Last Update - December 22nd 2015 - Including !!!
    --->A new Recipe Tab! Craft your own secret stone!
    --->The Stone has a bigger Red Light! Use it on the ground as a Night Light.
    --->INVISIBILITY - No one can arm the philosopher.
    --->The Stone consumed itself.
    Here, meet with V.I.T.R.I.O.L, the philosopher.
    The man who's pure in the heart and speaks his prayers by Night.
    That is my very first mod, custom speeches and so on. (Wilson base)
    Thanx to my girlfriend for helping me in the Artwork.
    Thanx to Thibooms and Lumina for their quick answers on Klei forum.
    I hope he is not OP, but you'll find it by yourself. hehe
    Flaws :
    - He hates spoiled food.
    - He has low sanity.
    - You'll get addict to the stone
    Perks :
    - High base fighting skills.
    - Low sanity fighting&speed boost.
    - Starts with his Philosopher Stone. (Last Update : Craft it at the beginning)
    The Philosopher Stone :
    - It is your personal Amulet
    - Emits a red light.
    - Makes the wearer faster.
    - VERY fast sanity drain.
    Tell me if you like. Post suggestions.
    This mod was made by D4rkh0bb1T and Mahdwolfe.
    Upcoming :
    *A new blessed "item" which let the player regen some sanity.
    *Suggestions are welcome!




  24. Felix the Cat

    Felix the Cat Character Mod!

    Featuring Felix the Cat, a funny animal cartoon character created in the silent film era. The anthropomorphic black cat with his black body, white eyes, and giant grin, coupled with the surrealism of the situations in which his cartoons place him, combine to make Felix one of the most recognized cartoon characters in film history. Felix was the first character from animation to attain a level of popularity sufficient to draw movie audiences.
    Felix is a scaredy-cat so he runs fast and has lower sanity but a faster sanity regeneration, he also is affected more by night and scary monsters due to this!
    In my next update I'm hoping to have custom sounds and dialogue for him. I am also working on adding a magic bag for him so check back!
    This is my first mod so there are still many bugs with Felix. Notably, there are many facial expressions that I couldn't figure out what they were for. They will have a big red number on them when they pop up in the game. If you see any of them please, PM me with the number and what was happening to Felix at that time so I can fix it. Also, if you notice anything else that glitches or is broken, let me know!




  25. -The Tomahawk Men-

    Edgar & Cie for Don't Starve Together. 
    Skins compatible version. 
    • Edgar, the Poet 
    - Start with something to lay Poetry 
    - Have some knowledge 
    - Cannot sleep 

    • Ligeia, the Oblivion Bride 
    - Winter and darkness is my shroud 
    - Lost my appetite for eternity 
    - Femme Fatale 

    • Morgue, Person of the Forest 
    - Very strong but slow 
    - Swift harvester 
    - Friend of nature 

    • Pluto, the Black Catcoon 
    - Can see in darkness 
    - Hate water 
    - Does cat things 

    • The Raven 
    - Unbearable for others 
    - Give something when eating special dishes 
    - Friendly to other birds 
    Edgar was my first MOD, some users asked or suggested obvious things... 
    Instead of a major update on Edgar MOD, it was easier to start to something new. 
    Thanks to users to play, modders for pieces of code and Yanizmad for each character sound et testing.
    Thanks to Klei for this crazy game. 
    Have fun.