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  1. Better Maxwell

    I always found it annoying that the playable Maxwell barely looked anything like the NPC. And so I made a simple reskin changing his mouth, chin, and his dapper attire! Even gave him the spiked shoulders!
    It doesn't change any stats; just his in-game appearance.
    Get it from the Steam Workshop if you want to!




  2. Meet the Vegetarian [WIP]

    Always check the changelog.txt.
    This is not the full release, things will change. This is WIP mod, so make sure to follow the mod to get a notification when an update is released.
    This mod adds a personal variation of the unimplemented/altered character - Winnie.
    175 HP
    120 Hunger
    100 Sanity
    Rabbits, penguins don't run away from her, and restore a bit of sanity when near her. But killing them drains sanity by 15.
    She is a vegetarian. But she can eat leafy meat.
    Custom speech lines.
    Compatible with the base game

    Credit for animation and sound goes to Klei Entertainment.
    Steam Link:
    I am open to suggestions regarding anything, even some speech lines, those still need to be addressed.
    If any issue should arise, please pm me or leave a comment and I'll get back to you.
    Revisit strings
    More killing penalties

    Pro Tip: Penguins won't hide their eggs when playing as Winnie.




  3. The Engineer [Character Mod]

    Dell Conagher, The Engineer from TF2, has stumbled into the world of Don't Starve!

    Get the mod at:

    RoG and normal game compatible.

    Should be compatible with other mods.

    *Spawns with a wrench (This is a weapon that deals identical damage to a tentacle spike, has no durability)
    *Spawns with four gears, because he's an engineer.
    *Lower health and hunger, for balance.
    I plan to add a a lot more to this! Please message me ideas you want to see or anything like that.
    Current ideas:
    *Engineer hard hat - Works like a football helmet
    *Sentry - Deals damage to enemy threats.
    Things that still need to be done:
    *Some tweaks to the art files
    *Pretty much all of the voice lines.
    *New things!
    Thanks for checking out this mod. Tell me any bugs you may encounter, and I will get around to fixing them.




  4. AV-31 Character Mod

    AV-31 is a soulless robot. Created by the same scientist who created the WX-78.
    Start with GEARSx3 and Old Robot's Helmet




  5. Distinguished Duo

    This file is simply for my friend to download and work on.




  6. Dana

    This is the character - based on myself - that I created while writing my modding tutorial.
    It's not especially fancy, and the art isn't the most spectacular I've ever done.
    It was something of an exercise in sticking more closely to the Don't Starve style, but because I was doing it rather quickly... I feel the quality suffered.
    I don't expect this to get much use, but I might as well upload it. =)




  7. Wisspher The Reckless One

    Wisspher! The Misplaced One!
    "No one can beat such a powerful being like me..."
    Health and Hunger : 200 Sanity : 100
    *Decayed Mind, He doesn't feel dapper.
    *A high strength requires a stable conditions.
    *Cannot wear any armor except his helmet.
    *A very picky eater, has problems to sleep.
    *Has some forbidden stuff.
    Code, Concept, In game Texture done by myself!
    Art done by Mf99k! such a great artist!
    Code help and support by FelixTheJudge! an amazing coder and modder!
    What does content this mod (more than an character)
    *Custom Speech!
    *All characters has unique examinations on Wisspher and his items
    *Basic Version
    *Decayed Mind, He doesn't feel dapper.
    -His sanity is just 100
    -Monsters aren't so scary for him, insanity aura is 0.4
    -Dapper items gives less sanity, dapperness is 0.8
    *A high strength requires a stable conditions.
    -His combat multiplier and hunger scales with sanity
    when your sanity is low, you will be more weak and the
    hunger loss will be less.
    When your sanity is high, you deal more than Wigfrid 
    and Wolfgang at min mightyness but your hunger rate
    will be high too, not much, calm down, he isn't going 
    to starve!
    -Has natural armor like Wigfrid, same resistance.
    -Is more slower than an average character.
    *Cannot wear any armor except his helmet.
    -A real drawback is he refuses wear any armor except
    it's own helmet.
    *A very picky eater, has problems to sleep.
    -This perks are similar to Wickerbottom but worst.
    Any spoiled foodstuff will recover nothing
    -Cannot sleep.
    *Has some forbidden stuff.
    -Talking about forbidden!
    He has a some own items for use, he is the only one
    who can craft them, but anyone can use it! Don't worry!
    -He refuses eat Green Mushrooms and Glommer's Goop.
    This is because if you just eat 2 of them
    he will be easily insane and that is a no no no!
    Combat Sword.
    Yeah, let's kill all of them! No one will be alive 
    after craft this magnificent weapon!
    Has 100 uses, Deals 40.8 of damage ,Doesn't requires research stations!
    Crafted with 1 Rope, 4 Flints and 2 Twigs
    Marble Sword.
    This is a fancy one, since marble is not renewable on
    servers without caves, they have good durability and 
    high damage
    Has 250 uses, Deals 55 of damage, Requires research station level 1!
    Crafted with 1 Rope, 6 Marbles and 3 Twigs
    Otherworldly Sword.
    Yo! You know you can make great stuff with moon rocks!?
    Thats pretty neat! You can craft a sword made with moon rocks!
    Has a great durability but a mediocre damage, but, can cast a meteor!
    A gentle meteor who doesn't destroys your entire base!
    Has 400 uses, Deals 34 of damage, Requires a magic station level 1!
    25% chances of spawn a small meteor who deals 25.5 of damage!
    Crafted with 1 Living Log, 6 Moon Rock Nuggets and 3 Flints
    Combat Helmet!
    Wisspher's essential equipment!
    This resistant helmet will help you in combat, has high pain reduction!
    Has 2350 hit points, absorbs 0.90 of damage! Doesn't require research station!
    Crafted with 3 Papyrus, 8 Rocks and 2 Gold Nugget
    Nightmare Staff
    A powerful staff!
    A staff with 10 uses, consumes 20 of sanity each use.
    Spawns Shadows explosions!
    Crafted with 10 Nightmare Fuels, 4 Living Logs and 1 Purple Gem
    Stunlock Amulet.
    Since Wisspher cannot hold any armor, why not use the nightmares to fight against your enemies!?
    Amulet with 25 max Nightmare Stunlocker
    Crafted with 6 Nightmare Fuels, 4 Gold Nuggets and 1 Purple Gem
    Configuration Options!
    Basic Mode / Bored Mode!
    This mode is from the people who doesn't want so many items. 
    So, If you don't like a lot of weird items, you'll only be able
    to craft the most essential ones.
    Change Reckless to Misplaced!
    This is so dumb but I'll do, I don't care, previously.
    Wisspher looked more like a Misplaced character. Since
    I changed all of his look, He's more Reckless now!
    But you will be able to change the title from
    "The Reckless One" to "The Misplaced One"
    Last Thing, Colors.
    Yeah, this is dumb too! You'll be able to change it's clothes colors!
    You have 3 flavours, from the normal red, to a misplaced blue or a purple madman!




  8. Wilfre, Shadow Raposa

    Presenting to you the villian of the game Drawn to Life! 
    (You don't need to know that game to understand the mod.) 

    Wilfre found himself inside the universe of Don't Starve. But his arts and crafts are as dark and ominous as the world that tries to defeat him. Utilize your wits, your sense of survivability and your trusty Book of Life to prevent yourself from starving! 
    Use the Book of Life to summon minions!  Explore the worlds you play in to discover more minions!  Very small chance of being mildly affected by nightmare fuel to the point of having a shadow stat and badge and a shadow form including combat buffs and insanity penalty and all that jazz, you'll figure it out.  This mod requires Tomes of Knowledge to function!
    Got any questions? Ask away! 

    Wilfre sprites by the wonderful Ysulyan 
    Shadow Wilfre sprites by HalfAShark 
    Code and concept by Mobbstar 

    The original character "Wilfre" belongs to 5th Cell Games. Cheers, guys!
    Initial content:




  9. Wallander - The Beastly Barber

    [Mod contains course language, player discretion advised]

    A seasoned barber whose life had gone awry, Wallander Thomas Sykes, known by Wilson as "Snickety Tom", joins our morbid cast of characters, who curiously inquire about the nature of this newcomer. Questions arise to be answered with the arrival of this beastly barber and his perilous past.

    Health: 125
    Hunger: 225
    Sanity: 100

    *A particularly skilled "Barber"

    Wallander's past is veiled in mystery. Though his dialogue may demystify some of it. He spawns with an Heirloom Razor Scale, an ornate handle with which he can craft razors for combat. 

    *Balances Humanity and Animosity

    While at High sanity, he gains damage resistance due to his cautious nature and expertise in defensive combat, at Low Sanity, he becomes careless, his damage resistance drops massively, but also gains increased attack power and running speed. At completely zero sanity, he gains nightvision and becomes immune to Charlie's attacks until he regains sanity.

    *Has a voracious Hunger and Predatory Instincts
    Wallander's not afraid to eat what he can to survive, but he'll need to eat a lot due to increased hunger drain. At 15% Hunger or less, Sanity drains much more quickly.

    =Character Details=
    Voiced by a Pizzicato Bass

    Dleowolf for their "Extended Sample Character Mod" 
    Akiru for code that helped with creating the Predatory Instincts perk 
    CorrosiveBlue for the Wonderful fanart of Snickety 
    Griffin for being my main modtester and vet to bounce ideas off of 
    ZupAlex for help with Spriter and various bits of code
    Stephen Songheim for the wonderful broadway musical that inspired this mod to begin with
    Lumina for help with coding the Heirloom scale




  10. Lillithium The Demon Punk Lady

    A Demon Girl Character of Punklike Attitudes, Strength of mind and body, and a bottomless hunger that could swallow the world. 
    She's hooved. She's fast. She's furious. 

    Health: 333 
    Hunger: 74 
    Sanity: 666 

    (work in progress.) Original Artwork by ME, however i did use a mod template




  11. Enoshima Junko

    Enoshima Junko from Danganronpa GONNA DO DESPAIR!
    By: Vicente Light
    Thats's my first character for DST
    I love Danganronpa and Enoshima Junko!
    Despair and Enjoy All!!
    If u want this for DS Single Player, say it!
    i hope u enjoy this:
    150 Hunger
    150 Health
    200 Sanity
    I don't want a OP Character and i want to do this for ''classic players'' who still enjoy Don't Starve!! This is my first mod ever so...i think isn't nice but i'm happy with this!
    Thx for subscribe!





  12. Wren, the Grave Robber.

    This is a work in progress character mod I'm working on for myself and a friend. Not complete yet; currently using someone else's skin as a placeholder until I have time create something better.

    "Wren, the Grave Robber"
    - Faster than average walk speed.
    - Lower than average health.
    - No sanity loss at dusk/night or in caves.
    - Lower base sanity.
    - Can gain sanity from digging graves.
    - Can't sleep.
    - Infinite "Lucky Shovel" that produces random treasures once per day.
    - Special "Ancient Lamp" which can utilise most fuel sources but drains sanity.

    Planned Features:
    - Custom skin.
    - Finish customizing speech files.
    - Shovel will sometimes spawn a hostile ghost instead of treasure.
    - A black market to "Trade" (craft) rare items a the expense of gold.
    - The ability to "Trade" (craft) various amounts of gold from rare items.




  13. Lucifer (WIP) May be very buggy, I made it a while back

    Character I am working on, low sanity, gives off light




  14. Spiderpool [DST]

    "Hey! everyone"
    For DS version here
    Spiderpool for Don't Starve Together.
    He uses strength and speed in combat.He can move and react several times faster than an OC. 

    Start with Stats:
    - Health:200 
    - Hunger:150 
    - Sanity:150
    Spiderpool's stats can be configured in the mod's configuration options. For these who think it's OP.
    *Health Regen
    *Fast (move, harvest, chop)
    *Can see in the dark
    - Start with Spider egg.
       Spider, Pigs, Bunnyman, Catcoons etc. can be befriended. Spider are hostile towards Spiderpool because it is monsters. Spiderpool don't drain his Sanity when he's close spider. Running on a sticky webbing will not alarm the Spiders inside the Den and will not slow Webber down. He is also able to craft Spider Dens.
    Reduced damage. 
    Added mod configuration state.
    . Added Custom Sound and speech.
    .Reduced drop silk.
    .fixed quick harvest (only spiderpool)
    .increase movement speed (This is real)......................................................................................
    Planned stuff:




  15. Squidward_v1.3

    One for the kids!
    (Custom Lantern Stand) when placed on the ground
    Lantern doesn't need fuel good base light with on/off switch
    Log suit a bit better
    Football hat a bit better
    8 day Miner hat life
    Cane damage same as spear
    Spawns with cane




  16. Cthulhu - Don't Starve Together

    Adds Cthulhu from Cthulhu Saves the World to Don't Starve Together and Don't Starve Together Only.
    +100% Custom-Drawn Art(courtesy of Ultima Zix), including sprites, portraits, map-icons, AND his sword.
    +100% complete custom quotes for pretty much everything you can inspect.
    +An exclusive weapon!
    +Unique Sounds
    +Of course, the character himself.
    *Eldritchian Being: Man, does being a cosmic monstrosity have benefits. Cthulhu takes less sanity drain from all sources, such as darkness or monsters, but he suffers sanity loss from sunlight. In fact, he GAINS sanity in the dark! He is quite durable, featuring high regeneration and knowledge beyond human understanding, giving him access to every magic. His amphibious form puts him into godhood among the Merm, who will remain neutral to him, while the Pigmen seek to foolish avoid their end. Cthulhu is slightly resistant to rain and 2x weak to fire, however. He can also see in the dark. He also drives people insane, obviously.
    *Wicked Muscles: Man, does Cthulhu lift! He has 1.4x the strength of wimpy Wilson. In fact, he is so brawny that his own muscles weigh him down! His diet(and hunger to end all life and usher in a world of chaos) exclusively accepts only meat, making farms useless. He also burns with the fires of hatred, which makes his hunger drain fast!
    *Perchant for Violence: Cthulhu's sword is his keen friend, dealing more damage(but having less uses) than a tentacle bat. He also is slightly larger than your average character!
    175 Health
    200 Hunger
    200 Sanity
    Takes no Night Sanity Drain, instead regenerating sanity in darkness.
    Sunlight ticks away at his sanity.
    0.4x Monster Sanity Drain
    0.9x Speed
    1.4x Damage Multiplier
    Night Vision
    Regenerates health "rather quickly"
    Carnivorous Appetite.
    1.75x hunger drain.
    2x fire damage weakness!
    Merm like him!
    Pigs hate him!
    Innate magical knowledge!
    Exclusive sword
    Drain Ally's Sanity




  17. Ryukiin 2.0

    Under construction


    1 comment


  18. Lyph - She who would be Queen

    Hey folks,
    Meet Lyph (yeah I know it's not starting with a W )
    Daughter of a Spider Queen.
    Infatuated with Webber.
    Hates competition.
    For now she plays exactly like Webber.
    However, future plans below.
    Any bugs you find or ideas you might have.
    Feel free to post em.




  19. June the String-Puller (DS)(ROG)(SW)(DST)

    Also available on the Steam Workshop:
    In Single-Player Form: June the String-Puller [DS][ROG][SW]
    And Multi-Player Form: June the String-Puller [DST]
    June is my own OC (from her own universe, not from Don't Starve). As such, please do not reupload this mod and or character without permission.

    Health - 110
    Hunger - 100 
    Sanity - 300
    Damage Multiplier - x0.85
    Attack Interval - 0.3

    Pigmen, Rabbitmen, and Wildboars gain an extra 50% loyalty time when befriended by June. Each gains unique buffs as well! Bunnymen do not aggro on her carrying meat. Starts with 3 meat in her inventory [Don't Starve Only] Can craft a Meat Effigy at the cost of 3 Meat and 3 Monster Meat without the need for prototyping! [Don't Starve Together Only] Can revive off of viable companion mobs. Will not have a max health penalty, but will respawn with only 15 health and kill the companion you haunted (viable companion mobs include Pigmen, Rabbitmen, Rock Lobsters, Chester and Glommer. This can be further modified in configuration)  [Don't Starve Together Only] June is a pretty corrupt person, and the more loyal or numerous her following becomes, the more her corruption shows towards others. As such, if June has 3+ followers or at least 1 extremely loyal follower, she will emit an aura, draining other players' sanity. This can also scale up the more followers and or extremely loyal followers you have.  
    Gameplay Style:
    June is a moderately weak character whose only shining point stat-wise is her immensely high sanity max of 300. Outside of this, her true strength lies when she finds a companion.  For instance, feeding a Pigman or Rabbitman will increase their loyalty gained by the food item by 50%. This, combined with her starting inventory of 3 meat, gives you enough food from the start to keep one pig loyal for up to 4.5 days. Even smaller meals can give more loyalty, so you don't have to just feed them meat.  Another perk of hers is that Rabbitmen will never aggro on her when she has meat in her inventory, which makes having a following comprised of both Pig and Rabbitmen more viable for her.  Her final (and most influential) perk is her ability to revive off of viable companion mobs (includes Pigmen, Rabbitmen, Rock Lobsters, Chester, and Glommer). For doing this however, the companion dies and she spawns in with only 15 health, but does not gain a max-health penalty and possibly even the killed companion's food of choice, allowing you to start the follower cycle all over again. June's followers gain buffs that scale up based on how loyal they are, separated into 4 stages. At stage 1, June's followers become sick of her demands and slack, degrading June's sanity in the process. At stage 2, they are at their default stats. At stage 3, they gain a small buff. At stage 4, they gain a strong buff, passive regeneration, and even passively raise June's sanity over time. (Followers will let you know what stage they're at through comments) It is best recommended to have a small following, so that when food becomes scarce, June doesn't suffer a huge amount of lost sanity.
    Backstory (for those that want one): 
    June is an anthromorph, a creature composed of both human and animal DNA. Created to live for hundreds of years and look as beautiful as if she was still young. Before her kind was given proper human rights, she was produced as a dime-a-dozen servant/slave whose sole purpose was to please her owner’s demands. However, June was a special case. Unlike other anthromorphs of her time, she was extremely intelligent and didn’t take satisfaction in pleasing her owner, so much so that when her owner got drunk one night, she fooled him into his bedroom with her, and killed him in cold blood. 

    Of course, because of how anthromorphs were “stupid creatures who follow their master’s will,” the courts ruled out murder in favor of suicide and June got off scot free. From then on she used her mind and body to trick unknowing people into doing exactly what she wanted. Now, trapped in the world of Don’t Starve, she finds her skills of manipulation being put to the test, as she now must use them to make her way through using this world’s smartest creatures… believe me… that isn’t saying much.
    If you've downloaded June off of this page and not the Steam Workshop and suffer from a game-crashing bug, please make sure to check and see if your version is up to date before reporting. Currently June's version is:
    1.3.4 for Don't Starve Together (see changelog for more information) 1.1.3 for Don't Starve (see changelog for more information)  
    Known Bugs:
    [Don't Starve Only] When saving a game and re-loading it, any companions you currently have will have their loyalty reset to 100% (50% in the case of June's loyalty increasing perk) if their current loyalty to June at the time of saving exceeded the maximum default loyalty. [Don't Starve Together Only] If you enable Widgette by Dragon Wolf Leo and have one player play as June with another as Widgette, the one playing as Widgette will crash (I believe this has something to do with both having lightning in their modmain... but I don't believe I can fix this since it could be June or it could be Widgette... I can't really tell from the code)
    Special thanks to: 
    Dragon Wolf Leo, creator of the Extended Character Template 
    Electroferret for help with coding and enthusiasm




  20. Nabaru DST MOD character

    my own character for don't starve
    finally! for now is just a character more but i will continue edit him he is compatible in DST
    The sweet rose
    “my love and soul for my dear!”
    *is obsessed for wilson
    *he loves the cold and rain (WIP)

    *he have special seeds (WIP)
    HEALTH 150
    HUNGER 200
    SANITY 200
    hey i have a ask/rp blog about this character and more!




  21. Randy the Bunny

    :3c This is the 1st time I made a mod. This only works for Don't Starve Together.
    Made Randy as Don't Starve Rabbit as possible. He lost his Beanie and his bunnie flops while he was running away from hounds. Gonna make it a comic too!
    Health = 100
    Sanity = 100
    Hunger = 100
    *Is fast, strong, and omnivore.
    *Has low hp, sanity and fast depletion of hunger.
    *Has free carrots and fishing rod.
    *Is really fast and a bit strong. Can eat meat too!
    *Will gain health and sanity every carrots eaten.
    *Will lose little Sanity if a Gobbler is killed.
    *Custom Speeches and all.
    *Maybe change the Sanity to 90 or something?
    *The art... Yes... Maybe... Never... Dunno. If I get pumped up and all.
    Art by: Me. Of Course!
    And stuff... Hope you enjoy!




  22. Clementine [The Walking Dead]

    Clementine from Telltale's The Walking Dead Game arrives to the Don't Starve universe!
    If you like our mod please rate it!
    This mod is also not complete yet! Why? More episodes of The Walking Dead Game are coming and more quotes and maybe a new weapon will be added to her. Nothing is assured.
    Health: 115
    Sanity: 200
    Hunger: 150
    *Clementine starts with three items:
    ·Her Hat: it's very useful, restores some sanity and also keeps you a
    tiny little bit warm and dry
    ·Lantern: so she can travel at night or pick up resources.
    ·Backpack: gives a quick start with Bigger inventory
    *She tolerates stale food
    Living in the Walker apocalypse makes you less picky with food .
    *Not afraid of monsters
    Her sanity won't be as damaged when facing monsters.
    *Does not hits very hard
    She's brave, smart and maybe even sassy, but even Clem has her flaws.
    *Less Health
    You start with 115 health, less than the average, you can only survive 2 hits from a boss, tread carefully.
    Please enjoy and Have fun! We worked really hard on this so please, leave a comment and a like!
    Art by Nicolascagesempai
    Coding by Grifuz (me)





    this mods adds good epic new content to don't starv together gmaeplay experience.
    To install the mod, extract the "watermelown" folder to your steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods directory. It is a client mod, so a server does not need it installed for you to use it. You can enable it under "Mods" from the main menu.
    More characters will be watermelowned at different times. Stay tuned for updates.
    To find the secret, go lefty-downy.
    Thanks for playing. You smell unpleasant; a bath would be advised.




  24. Oliva Mann from TF2

    Now you can play as the daughter of Grey Mann from TF2!
    There are still some text lines to do
    Also this is my first mod so it may be a tad bit crappy
    60 health
    250 sanity
    100 hunger
    She is fast but weak
    Starts with 2 gears
    Made using the extended character template by Dleowolf
    And of course Team Fortress 2 and Olivia are owned by Valve




  25. Wayrra the Arctic Fox DS, ROG

    Wayrra the Arctic Fox - Don't Starve and Don't Starve ROG
    Wayrra is a member of north fox tribe from far away lands. One feral day she get's dragged to Maxwell's world, during tribal event - Festival of Ancient Spirits, together with Wakkari the Red Fox of southern tribe.
    Did you want DSTogether version?
    HP: 140,
    Hunger: 150,
    Sanity: 210
    *Freeze slower during winter
    *Can eat monster meat and spoiled meat
    *Can build create Sanity Orb, which increases sanity for fixed period of time
    *Eats only meat
    *Beefalo's hates her
    *Has her own weapon - Orb Staff
    *Tiny sanity from killing spiders
    v 1.0.4
    *Wayrra is running faster (same as Wakkari)
    *Staff is eating less sanity
    *Sanity orb now needs 1 fuel instead of 3 to be crafted
    LINKS you might like:
    Wayrra the Arctic Fox DS,ROG: http://forums.kleien...the-arctic-fox/
    Wakkari the Red Fox DS,ROG: http://forums.kleien...ri-the-red-fox/
    Wayrra the Arctic Fox DST: http://forums.kleien...arctic-fox-dst/
    Wakkari the Red Fox DST: http://forums.kleien...he-red-fox-dst/