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  1. Whaler

    Warning this mod uses some language and graphic quotes, if you do not approve then don't download.

    You play as the whaler from dishonored (after the events anyway) who's taking a chance to make as much gold as he can before his powers fade away forever. More lore here that's being overlooked and you really just want to just jump to his stats and abilities (jeeze I spent over a month working on this man).

    Supernatural Powers:
    +You have access to 8 different powers that give you the edge over your enemies and frankly your fellow players.
    ~Many powers require the Prestihatitator for the first tier of upgrades and the shadow manipulator for the second tier
    -Your powers run off of sanity, so once you reach below 100 sanity you can't use them anymore

    -You start off with 100 hitpoints and won't last long in combat
    -HUGE DISADVANTAGE: You prefer to be lightweight and fast, thus you reject many armors, weapons, headwear, and statue parts to carry or wield. Limiting your choices severely! (Its recommended to be experienced in order to survive)
    The End:
    -You didn't get here by normal means, and the (dst) world knows that. Once you die the world will get rid of you and return you the character select screen without the whaler being an option. Your mission is a high reward and high risk afterall, you could restart the server and rollback but if you die a lot this disadvantage will get to you. (This disadvantage also makes death meaningful again).

    Health: 100 -> max 140
    Hunger: 150
    Sanity: 300 -> max 360
    Notes: The mod will conflict with anything trying to tell health of mobs as the summoned assassin's aren't in their recorded lists. Strangely the game crashes upon closing it down but there's no error in the report, whether this is concerning is unknown as the game has no problems starting up and loading the character.
    it is recommended to add this mod for maximum use of all items:
    Updates: Unknown at this time.
    Refer to the discussions links below for more info:

    Will this mod be on don...*covers your mouth* Let me make it clear that I'm not going to waste my time on the single player due to the pushback on the stalker mod and quite frankly that game's player base is dwindling more and more. I could say more negative reasons but I'll hold back.

    Also checkout Mindmaster's mod:

    My other work:

    Special thanks once more to mr Saval for the artwork, mindmaster for ai experimentation, Arkane Studios for the character and music, and thanks from the musha mod that inspired some of the code.




  2. Eternally Screaming Wilson

    Make Wilson scream forever! 




  3. Satori, The Mind Reader

    A character mod based on Satori Komeiji from Touhou Project.
    Satori is a mind reading youkai. Her ability made her hated by humans and other youkai who fear their secrets being exposed, but made her loved by the animals who normally can't be understood. After knowing that her little sister is lost somewhere in the island she decided to look for her to bring her back home.
    Character Abilities
    -Hunger: 150
    -Health: 100
    -Sanity: 250
    -Wendy's attack modifier
    -Can read the thoughts of the creatures around her.
    -Can tame pets by giving them food. Every pet has their specific taming item(s).
    -The animals don't fear her but she is not liked by humanoid creatures such as pigmen.
    -Has a high base sanity but loses it for hurting the animals who trust her.
    -Has a sanity bonus while she is in caves.
    Tameable Pets
    -Rabbit: Gives a sanity boost. Can be picked up.

    -Beefalo: Assists Satori in combat and protects her from any danger. Drops manure from time to time.

    -Koalefant: Defensive pet. Prevents freezing in winter. Drops manure from time to time.

    -Tallbird: Attack pet. Can be fed monster meat but doesn't like new pets.

    Mod's Features
    -Custom art, portraits and icons (including minimap and morgue ones).
    -Custom character strings.
    -Modified behaviour on several npcs.
    -Custom strings on several npcs (thoughts).
    -Custom battle AI for pets. They stop attacking their target if Satori runs away.
    -Hunger system for pets. You need to feed them or they'll leave her.
    -Custom sanity penalties.
    -Modified intro.
    -Custom music.
    Art: Shia
    Coding: Terri
    Satori's strings: Wally
    -Compatible with RoG but she doesn't have any special feature from the DLC yet.
    -The mod is tested without any other mod activated. If you have a mod that changes behaviours/creatures prefabs it might not work well.
    To do
    -Add more "thoughts" to npcs.
    -Add more tameable pets.
    -Add Koishi (Satori's little sister) as an unlockable character.
    -Rewrite/modify the game's ending.




  4. Spiderpool

    "Hey! everyone"
    Spiderpool for DS all DLC.
    For the DST version here
    He uses strength and speed in combat.He can move and react several times faster than an OC. 
    - Health:200 
    - Hunger:150
    - Sanity:150
    Spiderpool's stats can be configured in the mod's configuration options. For these who think it's OP.
    *Health Regen
    *Fast (move, harvest)
    *Can see in the dark
    - Start with Spider egg.
    Planned stuff:
    "Captain Amarica's sheild" - (boomerang and armour.)
    "Spiderking hat" - (Control Spiders, increase movement speed, Restores sanity but drains health while equipped.)
    "Spider-Bots" - (can be issued commands in battle and stores item. (It's not creature))
    "Spider's Mask" - (Use nightvision in cave.)
    "Spider-mine"  - (Only monster activate it.)
    "Deadpool's Katanas"
    "Deadpool's grenades"
    "Deadpool's guns"




  5. Moon Shadow Assassin

    move speed:1.2
    1.Wili has 5% chance to kill the enemy when she attack.
    2.Wili can blink to the target when she use close-in weapons attack.
    3.Wili has 35% chance to dodge the attack.
    4.Night viewing
    5.Wili's sanity reduce slow, but she can't recovery when she pick up flowers;
    6.Wili's temperature change rate is two times more than others, but she can bear more damage when it's cold or hot.
    7.Wili can't make friends with pig-man, bunny-man and rocky.
    Exclusive Weapon:Silver Moon Scimitar
    1.The scimitar has 1% chance produce a gem when use it attack.
    2.It will never be damaged.
    Author's words:
    English is not my first language, so if you can not understand Wili's features, just point it out.
    Code part made by Nanaya Master.
    Art part made by INN.
    If you are a Chinese, you can use Chinese version.




  6. Sanic T-Shirt Mod

    I'm so sorry. 
    This mod gives Wilson and the meat effigy a Sanic T-shirt.




  7. Bigby Wolf mod

    This mod adds Bigby Wolf to the game, from the comic series fables and the game The Wolf Among Us. He runs a bit faster than others, and gets angry when scummy monsters attack him. He also has bad relations with pigs.
    WARNING: This mod contains profane language. Use at your own risk. Copyright Cameran Neumann, 2015.




  8. Warfarin, The Tricky Thief!

    Years ago, a moody teenager cobbled together a character mod that did fairly well up until it completely broke. Now, that teenager is back as a responsible adult with a 9-5 job to bring you...
    Warfarin: The Tricky Thief
    45 health
    100 hunger
    100 sanity (Drains half as fast in darkness, but twice as fast as default from monsters)
    Can dash!
    Hitting the Dash Key will sent Warfarin forwards in a quick dash that will dodge attacks, and Warfarin can dash into the ocean to reappear with a huge hit to their stats! Good for escapes, not so good for general exploring.
    Jumping over a wall will make Warfarin climb and vault over it, making the dash go considerably farther.
    Deals 75% default damage.
    Can pickpocket pigmen at dusk.
    Picks up everything instantly: Berry bushes, grass, crock pots, drying racks, etc.
    Can hide in trees, berry bushes, tall grass, and saplings. Doesn't work if the saplings or tall grass has been picked.
    Can hide in neutral treeguards for a mobile cover!
    Enemies will see you if they get too close. The distance depends on how much light is nearby.
    With a dagger equipped, you can ambush enemies while stealthed for massive damage! ambushing an enemy leaves them bleeding for a few seconds.
    Throwing knife:
    Long range
    Low damage
    1-use. Has a chance to survive and fall onto the ground where you can pick it back up.
    Get 2 per craft.
    The explosive throwing knife explodes for an extra 100 damage and ignites the target.
    Attack twice as fast as any other weapon.
    Allows ambushing!
    Flint Dagger:
    Low damage
    Plenty of uses
    Majestic Dagger:
    High damage
    Bit less uses
    Night Dagger:
    Vey High damage
    Few uses
    Ceremonial Dagger:
    High Damage
    Increases ambush range
    Multi-Colored Pestilence:
    Ship-wrecked only
    Not a dagger
    Moderate damage
    Poisons all nearby enemies upon striking.
    Not Very Short Bow:
    Opens up the 'arrow tab'. Plop an arrow in there and you can fire it by attacking!
    Require the bow to use!
    Long range.
    Normal Arrow:
    Very high damage
    15% for arrow to survive and be retrievable.
    Rock Arrow:
    Very low damage
    Shoot walls to aggro all enemies in the area to the wall. Hay walls have a short aggro range, then wood walls, then stone walls, and ruin walls have the largest range.
    Water Arrow:
    Extinguish things!
    No damage, ludicrous damage to the Dragonfly
    Makes you cold when you're holding it.
    Explosive Arrow:
    Moderate damage
    Ignites enemies
    Explodes after 1-2 seconds of impact, dealing Ludicrous damage to everything nearby
    Makes you overheat when holding it.
    Pointy Arrow:
    High damage
    Makes enemies bleed
    Killing birds and rabbits gives twice the karma loss.
    Shooting even enemies or bosses will give 2 bad karma per shot. It's a pretty nasty weapon!
    Smoke Bomb:
    Throw at your feet to make all enemies stop targetting you! Makes you untargetable for 3 seconds.
    Hallowed Mask:
    Moderate armour
    Can be used to surround yourself with blood-sucking insects to steal health for you!
    Hidey Hood:
    Short duration
    Invisible while not performing actions. Can not ambush.




  9. DST Playable Deerclops

    Have you ever wanted to really destroy your friends in DST? Are you too new to the game to do so? Now with this mod, you can show them who's boss! March around as an angry Deerclops hellbent on destruction, and do things like-
    -Destroy trees.
    -Basically freeze and kill every damn thing you walk across.
    -Be annoying to other players as The Kiting Deerclops. (Ridley, this a reference to your comment)
    -Shake the ground as you walk.
    -Generally be a nuisance to every living thing.
    Currently none! Please post in the comments if you find one!




  10. Jack, the Wolfy-Hound

    In this character i used as template the mod: "Monty the Hound".
    Life ---> 400
    Hungry ---> 400
    Sanity ---> 450
    Thanks for playing.




  11. The Females (Beta)

    Note: This is a beta character so it's still in progress.
    A custom characters compatible with or without RoG DLC.
    These characters for both EXTREME easy mode and drop to hell situation, they gave a satisfying results and the most frustrating problems encounter. Like Traveler is stronger than Wolfgang but she's get hungry very quickly and need to fight or hunt for foods.
    The Traveler
    Stats :
    Health - 200
    Hunger - 400
    Sanity - 100
    Started with :
    -Hat Thing
    -5 Meaty Stew
    Don't have a name, just a "Traveler", likes to joke and punning around but really bad about it.
    Loves to eat a lot too.
    -She have huge stomach but easily getting hungry.
    -Smaller sanity but hardly decrease, increase when gets near any negative aura.
    -Since she's strong, chopping and mining is easy for her.
    -She have a night vision but it will fade away if she's getting hungrier.
    Craftable Items:
    -Pack Red (RoG)
    Focus - Hunt for buffet.
    The Miner
    Stats :
    Health - 40
    Hunger - 150
    Sanity - 200
    Started with :
    -Mine hat
    One of Traveler's friend, bad temper and loves both mining and fighting.
    -She have her own armor to craft at war tab, Minermor.
    -Her Minermor won't flinch a damages.
    -She's too OP that could kill everyone in one hit but better watch out your health when in battles.
    -Chopping and Mining is highly easy for her.
    Focus - Safety first.
    Coming Soon - The Farmer
    Not much but at least I shared what I can do though.
    Critique is needed so I may trying to improve myself.
    If bugs found, quickly mention it to me.
    Update: Traveler's new craftable items and voices




  12. [Xeno] Tak DST

    Forgot to post this here after months because I forgot I had a klei account linked to my steam. So here it is.
    Play as the vengeful Tak from Invader Zim. Compatible with [NEZ] Zim. (Unexpected bugs when paired with these old mods such as the NEZ and DST invader Zim mods may appear however. I am unresponsible for what may happen)
    Single player Don't Starve version

    Health 150
    Hunger 175
    Sanity 125
    -Damage Multiplier 1.25x
    -Doesn't go hungry as fast
    -50% fire resistance
    -Can switch to her disguised form by pressing Z
    -Eating meat gives a 50% penalty to all stats. This can be painful.
    -Rain damages Tak
    -Friendly mobs are aggressive towards Tak unless she is disguised
    -Disguise drains sanity when in use and will short circuit if attempting to use over 10% moisture
    Note:  She has some custom dialogue. She is still slightly unfinished but not by too much. Stats are bound to change.
    Special thanks to (Kzisor/Ysovuka) for the key handler, and the tutorial they made for the transformations.
    Fixes and changes:
    -Fixed disguised Tak's eyes when going insane.
    -finished all sprites
    -Reduced both hunger and sanity stats by 25 in exchange for 50% fire resistence (not to be mistaken for summer or heat resistence)
    -Tak's disguise is now unuseable if she is over 10% moisture. This won't effect her if she is already wearing the disguise. Tak will at random comment differently whenever her disguise shorts when attempting to use disguise in over 10%.
    Click here to check out my Gir mod
    -Inserts shameless advertising here-
    Come join a newly created drama free Invader Zim discord server created to bring fans together.




  13. Withers, the Undead Treant

    A character for Don't Starve Together!
    This is my first character! Hope you like it! This character isn't 100% done, the things I do want to make will be covered on my to-do list in the description.
    Hunger - 150
    Health - 200
    Sanity - 100
    *Has stumpy legs (makes him slightly slower)
    *Endures cold, hates the heat (he won't freeze to death during the winter but takes considerable damage went burned)
    *Not a picky eater (not adversed to spoiled food or monster meat)
    *Improve the character art (I think I can make the art a bit cleaner in my opinion
    *more dialogue lines (I inserted a few lines for trees and other things but Wilson's dialogue is the basis for most of it.
    *Character balancing (I wanted to add a feature to upgrade him with living logs but for now I'm putting that aside for now)
    *Port to normal DS
    *I am pretty sure this will not conflict with any other mods but if there are I'll try to see what I can do!
    Link to the Steam Workshop Version Here:




  14. 格雷





  15. Ethan, The Hot Head

    This is a character mod my friend, Stormish, and I have created. The character has his own meter called Anger. When the character performs certain action incorrectly, he'll snap. 

    Credits to: Stormish (He did most of code and some of the art), Me (I did almost all the art, some of the code).
    You can find the Steam Workshop version here:




  16. Mario Alpha

    This mod adds Mario, from Super Mario Bros. to Dont Starve
    Mario is healthy, hungry and has a high sanity, due ti the insane things he saw in his adventures in the mushroom kingdoom
    New Character:Mario
    -Custom Stats
    -Hand-made art (was hard to do)
    -Re-do art for Mario
    -Map icon for Mario
    -Custom Strings (WIP)
    -Add Luigi (WIP)
    -Add Fireball
    -Add Fire Suit




  17. Black Rock Shooter [DST]

    Black☆Rock Shooter!
    [23/08/2015] we've just implemented the Insane Black Rock Shooter as of today! It was a highly ambitious project and it was totally worth the while!
    v2.2.9 Update
    - Added configuration to turn ON/OFF custom sound and animation for critical impact.
    Here are the stats;
    EDITED: 23/08/2015
    Character trait
    - Starts with Black Blade
    - Able to craft her own special set of weapons
    - Sanity drains faster during night time
    - Transforms into Insane Black Rock Shooter when Sanity is low
    - Insane Black Rock Shooter makes everyone else go crazy
    Basic Information
    Black☆Rock Shooter
    - Has a 10% speed boost
    - 10% more sanity loss than other characters during night time
    - Transform into Insane Black☆Rock Shooter when sanity drops below 40.
    (NEW) Insane Black☆Rock Shooter
    - Becomes a 'Monster' when transformed
    - Has a 30% speed boost
    - 20% more sanity loss than other characrters during night time
    - Other players around Insane Black☆Rock Shooter loses more sanity the closer they are to her.
    - Deals 25% more damage
    - Reverts back to normal upon reaching 80 sanity.
    Black Blade
    - Craftable from the science machine in the fight tab with; 1 crow feather, 1 cut stone, 1 flint
    - Melee weapon dealing 32 damage
    - 15% chance to critical strike dealing 2x damage
    - Limited durability, 100 uses.
    Rock Cannon
    - Craftable from the science machine in the fight tab with; 8 rocks, 1 electrical doodad, 3 gunpowder
    - Ranged weapon dealing 30 damage and 25 damage AOE. (55 total damage to the main target).
    - Requires 'Energy Bullet' as a source of ammo
    - Can be reloaded to a maximum of 10 times
    - Unlimited durability
    - When out of ammo, Rock Cannon becomes melee, dealing 20 damage
    Energy Bullet
    - Craftable from the science machine in the refine tab with; 2 Spirit Particles, 1 Charcoal
    - Crafting Energy Bullet yields 2 bullets
    Spirit Particles
    - Is a material that can be found from mobs and through harvesting resources.
    (NEW) Insane Blade Claw
    - Craftable from the Shadow Manipulator with; 1 giant soul, 1 purple gem, 3 flint
    - Melee weapon dealing 38 damage
    - 30% chance to critical strike dealing 2x damage
    - Limited durability, 200 uses.
    (NEW) Insane Cannon Lance
    - Craftable from the Shadow Manipulator in the magic tab with; 1 giant soul, 1 purple gem, 3 nightmare fuel
    - Ranged weapon dealing 60 damage
    - Applies Electrical damage. (1.5x damage when raining)
    - Requires 'Energy Bullet' as a source of ammo
    - Can be reloaded to a maximum of 10 times
    - Unlimited durability
    - When out of ammo, Insane Cannon Lance becomes melee, dealing 20 damage
    (NEW) Giant Soul
    - A new item added from killing Giants
    - Used to craft higher tier weapons
    Extra information
    - Rock Cannon/Cannon Lance has 0 bullets upon crafting
    - Rock Cannon does no AOE on bosses. (only 30 damage)
    - Killing giants now has a chance to drop 1 to 4 Spirit Particles
    Future Updates
    - Custom speech and sound will be added
    - further configurations will be added if needed
    Thanks to all who posted comments on what they've thought about our mod! If there are any more bugs to report to comments about our mod, please feel free to post to us!
    Thank you all, and Enjoy!
    Get it on Steam!




  18. Wreckles The Dark Lover (ROG Only) 1.0

    Wreckles is my first mod ever for Don't Starve. It's a character I developed based on myself and on my tastes. All in game textures and coding were done by RafaCRz (me) and the art was inspired on a beautiful drawing Giz_L (my girlfriend) made of us. So please do not reupload this mod or character without permission.
    Health - 120
    Hunger - 150
    Sanity - 120
    Hunger Rate - Wilson's x 0.9
    Gains sanity during dusk and night time; Loses sanity during daytime; Regenerates health when it's raining according to the amount of rain; Walks and runs slower if temperature gets too hot; Gets wet slower.  
    Special Thanks:
    I've used the character template made by Ipsquiggle and TheDanaAddams' tutorial on how to use it. As well as the TEX tools developed by Handsome Matt. So special thanks to them and also to all of you guys who posts your characters here and some hints on how they do what they do. I'm not a modder or a coder and if weren't for your characters and their perks I wouldn't had been able to code Wreckles'.




  19. [Mod Released] Dolly, the Doughnut Lady

    Finally finished! I'm proud to present my latest mod in the making; Dolly the Doughnut Lady!
    The character itself belongs to me, and wasn't originally made for Don't Starve.
    Health: 130
    Hunger: 230
    Sanity: 200
    Hunger depletes 70% its normal speed.
    Only does 75% of average damage.
    Loses more sanity from rain than average.
    I'm a lot more proud of how this one came out, because technically it's an update.
    Tell me what you think! And enjoy~


    1 comment


  20. War's Zone

    This piece'a crap took nearly forever, and, in all honesty, i'm fuckin' excited for this ****s release. And who is the genius whom coded in literally all of War's functions? Why, that man is @DarkXero! This man had coded in an enormous amount of code and i honestly can't thank him enough. But onto its special abilities now!
    War's pro's:
    *War can not only continuously sail on water, but he creates waves during the process!
    *War is able to literally go out of bounds (going too far may cause a crash, just sayin')
    *War has the ability to trample over things, just like giants!
    *War is able to devour everything and anything
    *War is a living divining rod (press G to toggle that function)
    *War never freezes nor burns
    *War can't overheat nor get cold
    *War has night-vision
    *War doesn't get hurt and his health is literally gibberish
    *War does not starve
    *War does not lose sanity
    *War does not inflict pain when it comes to small weaklings
    *War does not flinch upon being hit by monkey ****
    *War is not effected by spider webs
    *War can literally kill the master on the throne
    *War has a custom intro!
    *War will be struck by lightning upon moving from world-to-world!
    *War is a killing machine
    *Custom Maxwell intros for all 6 chapters!
    *War's ability to become a living divining rod will automatically trigger in adventure mode
    *War has 3 extra inventory slots
    War's con's:
    *War cannot equip any items
    *War will inflict pain upon being hit by Giants
    *Upon throne death, the world gets immensely ****** up
    *War does not speak
    *War can't sleep, similarly to Wickerbottom
    *War can't use items for anything but to eat them
    *Upon throne death, War will be constantly hunt down by them
    *War has seen some ****
    I guess you could say that this fag has 2 purposes. 1. it makes life easier for those whom suck at don't starve. e.g. me. 2. its coding could be used for those whom aren't so skilled at coding when makin' a mod i guess.
    But again, i cannot thank @DarkXero enough. What makes me even more thankful is how all of these functions were done by him and only him. i'm not even exaggerating. i was surprised and baffled how he had the patience to stay by my side with this mod from beginning to end. i genuinely am honored to have been able to work with this man, and i really wish to make this man about as happy as i. so please, give this man some recognition and some praise by following him. please, i beg of you.
    P.S. special thanks to Deeyadee. please go watch her through deviantart for doing War's banner in the bigportrait file:




  21. Character mod Konrad

    Konrad is an author/poet. He seems to be constantly in a bad mood or just grumpy. 
    He runs a little faster and hits a little harder than the other characters and he also has a little more health. He's not too op tho.
    I used the Extended Sample Character ( ) as a base.
    Let me know if something isn't working. Enjoy my mod.
    Unzip the zip file and place the file Konrad into your mods folder.




  22. The Sniper (DST)

    The Sniper from TF2 in Don't Starve Together.

    Has custom sound and speech lines.
    BLU Team skin available in dress tab.
    Dragon Wolf Leo for Extended Sample Character (forgot to add this last time)
    Valve for TF2 and the Sniper
    ZupaleX for initial damage modifier creation
    IronHunter for the modification of the damage modifier as well as getting Jarate to function
    DudeDude for the Starver's Carol midi
    CheeseNuggets and Jack for the Jarate's anim and script
    Nurd for some screenshots
    DarkMatterZero for helping the with the Shahanshah
    <default>'s Soldier mod for the (former) coding for Item skins
    Hank for some bugtesting




  23. Wilsun dah Gentilmon Scuntist!

    This mod changes Wilson into Wilsun, da Gentilmon Scuntist!
    Just look at the screenshots.
    -Changes the in-game appearance of Wilson and his beard
    -Custom Maxwell introduction
    -Custom select screen portrait and everything
    Simple as that!




  24. Playable Warg DST

    Have you ever went hunting? Did you ever find a big furry thing who started summoning hounds to kill you? If you did, you found a Wargimus Houndutimus, also known as a pain in the *** to find while hunting. Did you ever want to play as one? No? Well, too bad! This mod adds a playable Warg and everything that goes with it, such as:
    -Nice range
    -Summon hounds by interacting with some common pieces of nature. (EX: A sapling, flower, etc...)
    -Being a beast who's balanced when by himself, but OP when hounds get involved.
    -Adorable animations (Seriously, just start running and stop and tell me that isn't cute)
    -A beast of somewhat brute force
    Well, what are YOU waiting for? Go and play as a warg today!
    None! Report it if you find one!




  25. Conker the Squirrel

    Conker the Squirrel is ready for another Bad Fur Day!
    Health: 150
    Hunger: 150
    Sanity: 200
    Frying Pan
    The frying pan is a useful multi tool for Conker. 
    *It can be crafted under the Weapons Tab.
    *To craft it you'll need 3 Rocks, 3 Twigs, and 3 Charcoal.
    *The pan will start out with 34 damage and has 200 uses.
    *If you stand close to a fire or leave it by a fire it will heat up!
    *Once it heats up the damage will be boosted to 42.5 damage, provide some heat, and you can cook with it.
    *If you heat it up until it turns orange it'll provide a small amount of light around you.
    *Includes authentic sounds from Conker's Bad Fur Day.
    The chainsaw is a powerful tool and weapon exclusive to Conker.
    *It can be crafted under the Tools tab when you have an Alchemy Engine.
    *To craft it you'll need 5 Hound's Teeth, 1 Electrical Doodad, and 2 Boards.
    *The chainsaw will cause 59.5 damage and has 100 uses.
    *If used to chop down trees it will knock them down with ease 4x faster then a normal axe.
    *Not only is it faster it lasts 4x longer when chopping trees, that's a maximum of 400 uses!
    Conker is scared of this land and the beasts that lurk within.
    *When nearby a creature that drains sanity Conker's sanity will drain 10% faster.
    *If Conker is caught out in the dark his sanity will also drain 10% faster.
    It's going to be a long and treacherous day for Conker, are you up for the challenge?