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  1. Summer Smiles V2

    This mod adds the character Summer Smiles who is a creation of my friend to the game.
    I NEED help finding bugs.
    Big Thanks to hollow shell on Steam for the new artwork.
    Summer was your average girl. She was a joy to be around anytime, until her sister died that is. After her sister's death she went into a depressive mood and started shunning everyone. Maxwell sensed this and before she could commit suicide at age 15 he made her a deal. "If you kill and eat your parents as a sacrifice I will return your sister to you." He told her. She agreed since she loved her sister more than anything, and then her parents went to sleep she murdered them and devoured their bodies. Well all but a eye from each. These she made into a necklace that she wears to this day. Well Maxwell never intended to bring joy and cuz he is a two bit, no good liar he put the soul of Summer's sister in her. This coupled with the mental anguish of killing her parents and the inherent insanity of cannibalism caused her mind to break. She began referring to herself as we and began a killing spree that lasted until she was 21. Before she could be caught Maxwell pulled her into his world in hopes of allowing her to cause even more lovely havok for him to watch. This is where you come in. Survive with her as long as you can and bring joy to old Maxxyboy as long as you can. And remember, Everything is not as it seems.
    Currently she:
    *Regains Sanity at night
    *Starts with Spear, Razor, and Pitchfork Blueprints
    *Can eat monster meat
    *Starts with 120 health and 60 Sanity
    *Able to withstand fire.
    *Add it where she can seperate from her sister and summon her spirit but it causes her to weaken but increases her sanity and changes quotes (Need help since Im a relatively new person to this)
    *Make her lose Sanity during the day
    *Make her gain Sanity around monster/evil things/ going through wormholes/ etc.
    *Find a way to cause a extreme insanity at 0 Sanity where she gets stronger and faster but has barely any health.
    *Add custom quotes for everything in game
    she has custom quotes so experiment in inspecting things.




  2. Wilbur

    [Only compatible with Don't Starve Together]
    Wilson's paranoid brother.
    He's stronger and has more health, but loses sanity faster at night. He has a smaller stomach but can last longer without food. Wilbur also has a wider attack range.
    Health: 200
    Hunger: 100
    Sanity: 150
    Added a boomerang to his initial inventory.
    A few balancing tweaks.
    Changed damage multiplier from 2x to 1.5x Slightly decreased attack range Changed health from 225 to 200 V1.1
    Minor graphics update.
    Changed forum link.
    Mod now includes a new item, "Magic Beans". These beans restore health, sanity and a slight amount of hunger. Wilbur starts off with a handful of them, however more can be crafted from 3 seeds, 3 gold nuggets, and 3 nitres (Found in Magic tab, requires Prestihatitator).
    Let me know if there are any bugs that need to be fixed or if there are any changes that I should make. Any feedback is much appreciated.




  3. Aaron

    A mod I made of myself for Don't Starve Together




  4. Ratchet DST

    Allows you to play as Ratchet from the Ratchet and Clank series. He has the ability to craft three different wrenches, armor sets and levels up by consuming craftable nanotech drinks from nanotech crates scattered around swamps. Most of the custom items you'll find in the war, and survival tab. Refine tab is to find refined raritanium bars. Agorians now roam around the world.
    Additional Entities update: Agorians have been added into bareplains, and wasteland biomes. They trade raritanium for weapons. Giving spears allows them to give you raritanium crystals, tentaclespikes allows them to give you raritanium bars. Beware they go berserk if you're holding meat, and they are much more stronger than pigs and run extremely fast. They also won't hesitate to eat your dropped meat. The agorians have names of their own and are omnivores. They will refuse food given to them, but if dropped on the ground, they'll eat it.
    They'll attack hounds, spiders and anything hostile for you.
    Agorian Warrior

    Fixes: Butterflies now always drop nanotech. Helmets require more raritanium than armor now. Raritanium mines now have a higher chance of dropping raritanium.
    Next update: More balancing, give agorians hats and make clank talk.
    The Adamantine armor set, and the Magna armor set are for now only available. Adamantine provides insulation in the winter, and Magna provides protection in the summer. The helmets both are heavy and will slow you down, however the helmets give you more insulation. Alpha Combat armor, the armor itself isn't as strong as the adamantine or magna. It does protect the wearer from the rain however. The helmet increases sanity when worn, it's also lighter than the other two helmets.
    Magna Armor Set

    Adamantine Armor Set

    Alpha Combat Armor Set

    Raritanium are scattered throughout several biomes. They have a low chance of dropping raritanium crystals which could be used to create refined raritanium used to craft custom items. Nanotech can be found in swamps. They heal small amounts of health and emit light, even when carried. Nanotech perishes very quickly. Spiders, bees, and butterflies have a chance of dropping nanotech. Tallbirds will always drop nanotech, along with beefalo. Catcoons, pigmen, and beefalo have a chance of dropping raritanium. Moles will always drop raritanium. The nano-pak is craftable. It regenerates health at the cost of hunger. Taking damage with it on will cause it's durability to go down more. It wears down slowly when worn.


    Ratchet can craft wrenches. While they don't have much unique effects. They all increase speed when held. The OmniWrench 8000 does damage like a normal spear. The Omniwrench 12000 does damage like a tentacle spike. The OmniWrench Millennium 12 increases sanity when held, deals frost damage when you are hit, and does the same amount of damage as the omniwrench 12000.

    Clank is a backpack item, he increases your sanity when on the ground, and can stop food from spoiling quickly when stored inside him. Clank is also compatible with extra equip slots mod. Clank is supposed to be a character specific item.

    Hunger: 150-250
    Health: 100-300
    Sanity: 100-200
    Character Perks:
    -Starts out weak but crafting nanodrinks will boost your stats
    -Can level up 20 times
    -Starts with OmniWrench 8000, raritanium crystal and a nanodrink
    -Ratchet gains speed at level 5, 10, 15 and gains his max speed at level 20.
    -When hunger is below 15% Ratchet loses sanity drastically.
    -Starts out slow and weak.
    Bugs: Some people have trouble holding or crafting the wrench.
    -Planned: Possible more armors.
    Steam version:




  5. TheInvisibleMan

    This mod simply adds The Invisible Man as a playable character
    The Invisible Man is literally what he is, a man that's invisible. I thought i would make this as i was looking for a slight challenge in the game while also being slightly op at times. I have been playing this character for a little bit now and have yet to run into bugs but if you do while playing please let me know with a report and i'll hunt down the bug and squish it with my shoe. This is my first mod ever so i hope you enjoy.
    (When downloading, download ROG if you want to use the mod with ROG DLC or download the BASE if you do not plan to use it with ROG)
    The Invisible Man is a frail person and it has taken a toll on him, so this makes all of his stats naturally low.
    Health: 50
    Stomach size: 60
    Sanity: 75
    =>Now the pros and cons of The Invisible Man.
    <>The Invisible Man does not overheat or freeze at all.
    <>ALL mobs/creatures are not able to see the invisible man as he is invisible meaning that you can go up to anything and just run circles around it without fear of dyeing.
    <>The Invisible Man Also has his trusty top hat with him at all times. This top hat is very special as in that it increases his run speed slightly more than the walking cane, it offers protection (not much but it does) and when it rains, you wont get as wet as fast (but it DOES NOT negate all of the rain)
    => Now for the cons since that he is already sounding insanely overpowered i bet:
    <>The Invisible Man maybe hard to detect but once he gets a bit wet ALL mobs are able to see him and will attack him on sight, only when you have 0 moisture do you have invulnerability to monsters/creatures. Just watch out for when it rains (this makes spring a bit harder).
    <>The Invisible Man also does not like to show off where he is too much outside of what we wears and a hat so outside of that he cannot put on armor (backpack does not count as armor).
    <>The final con is that his body is constantly trying to keep him invisible and because of that he has to eat, A LOT of food and on top of that he does have a very small stomach so keep on eye on that hunger (it has killed me a couple times).
    Some side notes:
    => I will say it now i am no artist, i am absolutely horrible when it comes to art so i have tried my best (hence why i chose this character nearly all of it is blank). But i have tried and in doing so you have a decent character with a couple nice features and a minimap icon.
    I said i am bad at art yes i am but you will notice as you play certain things change the colour of The Invisible Man's glasses, this is just to show what he is doing since you cannot see his face when he is afraid or talking.
    => If you want some tips, i suggest hoarding ALL the food you can as i have stated above he is a hungry man. Also it doesn't hurt to keep a couple flowers nearby as he doesn't lose sanity that fast and with such a small sanity pool as is, it isn't hard to keep it topped up.
    => This character has Reign of Giants DLC completely in mind obviously as much of the ideas have come from it. But in saying that i have added an alternative version of the mod for the base game only. (I will say now i have not tested it nearly as much as i have the RoG DLC one but as far as i know it should be alright, but if there are issues let me know so i can fix it for you).
    => I am still working on this, i have much in game text to change, some lines are already changed but at the moment he is just using Wilsons in game text with pre-made sound but in the future i do plan on updating the mod and making it better.
    => Finally thank you guys for reading and thank you again to anyone who downloads this mod. If you do please let me know what i could improve on (i already know the art can be greatly improved, i am working on it). If you think something is overpowered or under powered please tell me and then follow to say how i could fix such issue so i can improve this mod.
    => Thank you, and i hope you all enjoy this mod




  6. Mitsuru Character [DST]

    Version 1.00
    For Don't Starve Together (Beta)
    The Winter Wolfy
    lv1 >> lv30
    health 80 >>220
    hunger 150 >>160
    sanity 90 >>150
    Favorite Nutrition = Mitsuru love to eat veggie and food, especialy carrot, corn, eggplant, and dragon fruit. and he can growth stronger when he eat it.
    Fluffy Fur = Fluffy, Silky, and Shiny fur of Mitsuru not only for beauty. But this fur can help Mitsuru survive in winter when come.
    : When level up, Increase cold resist
    Wolfy Instict = From the bloodline of ancestor. Mitsuru hold the power of Hound as much as he growth up.
    : When level up, Increase power and speed
    steam workshop : https://www.facebook...zSundyz?fref=ts




  7. Coraline

    Coraline is from the Neil Gaiman novella, Coraline; in which she meets a hellish world that is incognito as a desirable landscape. Read the book. Coraline is a black haired girl in the Dave Mckean depictions of Coraline.
    This mod is highly a work in progress. Right now she is only a character mod, but soon she'll be adding more to the game than just her beautiful looks and insanity.
    She is a little girl.
    --It takes her more chops to down a tree
    --It takes long to mine
    --She hits lighter
    --She has less health
    --She's hungrier
    --She's a bit peckish
    She loves to explore and sightsee
    --She walks slower to take in all of the sights
    --Not afraid of frogs or spiders
    She has small hands
    --Carries less things
    --Tends to crops better
    She comes from a Neil Gaiman Book
    --She's a bit insane
    --She has low sanity
    --She has nails, deal with it.
    --Can make Nightmare Fuel
    --Has some other sanity boosts based on environments in Neil Gaiman books




  8. Custom Character: Twilight Sparkle

    This mod adds a new character: Twilight Sparkle.
    With her we would have the recipes of magic unlocked and a start with two nightmare fuel.
    It can also run faster and has more sanity and less health and stomach.
    This is the first mod I do and if you have any advice for me I accept them gladly.
    Sorry for any grammatical errors but I'm not English.
    I created this mod to try to begin to understand how to modding.
    This is only a draft of what will truly be the mod.
    Unfortunately I'm very busy lately so you'll have to wait a bit.
    For those who are saying "you're a ****" I kindly ask you to stop because doing so you proved not to be mature because you don't know that one can have an opinion on certain topics. If you do it only for annoy me then I tell you already that I don't care about what you write.
    I thank all those who have defended me.




  9. White the Wizard

    White the Wizard, my first released mod here. He's intended to eventually play as a magic Wickerbottom, with a few wizard-y items (A custom staff and hat). Mostly intended as a joke that got way out of hand.
    Fix up his animations
    Update the character art, to be less sucky
    Add in his powers and items




  10. [W.I.P.] Wortox, the ****'s Sidekick

    This mod adds Wortox (the unimplemented character) as a playable character. In my mod he is based on Fagoth-Koroviev, Behemoth the Cat and Azazel, the characters from "the Master and Margarita", a novel by M.A. Bulgakov.This mod adds Wortox (the unimplemented character) as a playable character. In my mod he is based on Fagoth-Koroviev, Behemoth the Cat and Azazel, the characters from "the Master and Margarita", a novel by M.A. Bulgakov.
    Данная модификация добавляет Вортокса (Нереализованного персонажа), как играбельного. В моей модификации он основан на Фаготе-Коровьеве, коте Бегемоте и Азазелло, персонажах из "Мастера и Маргариты", романа М.А. Булгакова.