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  1. Soldier 76

    Young punks... Get off my lawn!

    Dragon Wolf Leo for Extended Sample Character
    Blizzard for Overwatch and Soldier: 76




  2. Chocola and Vanilla

    The cat maids from Nekopara in Don't Starve Together.

    Dragon Wolf Leo for Extended Sample Character
    NEKO WORKs for Nekopara and the creation of Chocola and Vanilla
    steam ver:


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  3. Suu

    The slime girl from Monster Musume.

    Dragon Wolf Leo for Extended Sample Character
    Okayado for Monster Musume and Suu
    Weeaboo Garbage and the discussions for suggestions




  4. Popuko DST

    Here she is! Popuko from the new series Pop Bob Team Epic!
    Are you ready to dance the Eisai Haramasukoi with her?


    Health: 175
    Sanity: 60
    Hunger: 150 Hits harder than the average, because she is popuko and f*** you (deals 25% more damage than Wilson) All her dancing training makes her a bit faster! She loves to hit monsters, so she gains a bit of sanity each time she hits something. Beef or chicken? She starts with some beef and some chicken, thats it. Ah, yes, she also starts with a hammer so she can end your life in 30 minutes from now. She has custom voice lines from the anime! Popuko gains sanity each time a player near her gets hit, they deserved it.   1.1.1 - New Perk!
    Now Popuko gains sanity each time a player near her gets hit! (The same amount she gains if she hits something)

    I wanted to explore this for a while, and thanks to klei's forum (specially ShinyMoogle, thanks a lot) Popuko It's better than ever!

    Future plans: Make Pipimi (maybe?)   Any idea to make Popuko better? Tell me! This is my first mod so, I hope you like it!

    If you like this mod, don't forget to give it a thumbs up! It really helps.
    And now 帰りなさい!   You can download it from Steam Workshop Here:




  5. Walenty Pumpkinman

    This is a character mod




  6. MikeyBrikey's Characters

    This adds 4 new characters to the game as of right now. there will be 2 more in the future.




  7. Ralsei

    The fluffy prince from Deltarune in Don't Starve Together.

    Additional notes:
    This mod has many config options, you can use them to adjust the mod your liking.
    A skin has been added, it's in bottom the dress tab
    Toby Fox for Deltarune and Ralsei
    Dragon Wolf Leo for Extended Sample Character
    FuzzyIggyPoyo for mod testing
    Leonardo Coxington for nightvision code from Playable Pets mod
    Waloogi686869 for ideas and general assistance
    ZupaleX for initial damage modifier creation
    IronHunter for the modification of the damage modifier
    DudeDude for the Starver's Carol midi used as a base to make Ralsei's carol
    "Determination" Font used in description created by Haley Wakamatsu
    The people in the steam discussions for pointing out issues and suggesting changes




  8. Eternally Screaming Wilson

    Make Wilson scream forever! 




  9. Sanic T-Shirt Mod

    I'm so sorry. 
    This mod gives Wilson and the meat effigy a Sanic T-shirt.




  10. [Xeno] Tak DST

    Forgot to post this here after months because I forgot I had a klei account linked to my steam. So here it is.
    Play as the vengeful Tak from Invader Zim. Compatible with [NEZ] Zim. (Unexpected bugs when paired with these old mods such as the NEZ and DST invader Zim mods may appear however. I am unresponsible for what may happen)
    Single player Don't Starve version

    Health 150
    Hunger 175
    Sanity 125
    -Damage Multiplier 1.25x
    -Doesn't go hungry as fast
    -50% fire resistance
    -Can switch to her disguised form by pressing Z
    -Eating meat gives a 50% penalty to all stats. This can be painful.
    -Rain damages Tak
    -Friendly mobs are aggressive towards Tak unless she is disguised
    -Disguise drains sanity when in use and will short circuit if attempting to use over 10% moisture
    Note:  She has some custom dialogue. She is still slightly unfinished but not by too much. Stats are bound to change.
    Special thanks to (Kzisor/Ysovuka) for the key handler, and the tutorial they made for the transformations.
    Fixes and changes:
    -Fixed disguised Tak's eyes when going insane.
    -finished all sprites
    -Reduced both hunger and sanity stats by 25 in exchange for 50% fire resistence (not to be mistaken for summer or heat resistence)
    -Tak's disguise is now unuseable if she is over 10% moisture. This won't effect her if she is already wearing the disguise. Tak will at random comment differently whenever her disguise shorts when attempting to use disguise in over 10%.
    Click here to check out my Gir mod
    -Inserts shameless advertising here-
    Come join a newly created drama free Invader Zim discord server created to bring fans together.




  11. 格雷





  12. Ethan, The Hot Head

    This is a character mod my friend, Stormish, and I have created. The character has his own meter called Anger. When the character performs certain action incorrectly, he'll snap. 

    Credits to: Stormish (He did most of code and some of the art), Me (I did almost all the art, some of the code).
    You can find the Steam Workshop version here:




  13. Hatsune Miku

    The personified Vocaloid software in Don't Starve Together.

    The creators of this character
    Dragon Wolf Leo for Extended Sample Character
    Stat change concepts by Mistor Love and Lolabuns




  14. Whaler

    Warning this mod uses some language and graphic quotes, if you do not approve then don't download.

    You play as the whaler from dishonored (after the events anyway) who's taking a chance to make as much gold as he can before his powers fade away forever. More lore here that's being overlooked and you really just want to just jump to his stats and abilities (jeeze I spent over a month working on this man).

    Supernatural Powers:
    +You have access to 8 different powers that give you the edge over your enemies and frankly your fellow players.
    ~Many powers require the Prestihatitator for the first tier of upgrades and the shadow manipulator for the second tier
    -Your powers run off of sanity, so once you reach below 100 sanity you can't use them anymore

    -You start off with 100 hitpoints and won't last long in combat
    -HUGE DISADVANTAGE: You prefer to be lightweight and fast, thus you reject many armors, weapons, headwear, and statue parts to carry or wield. Limiting your choices severely! (Its recommended to be experienced in order to survive)
    The End:
    -You didn't get here by normal means, and the (dst) world knows that. Once you die the world will get rid of you and return you the character select screen without the whaler being an option. Your mission is a high reward and high risk afterall, you could restart the server and rollback but if you die a lot this disadvantage will get to you. (This disadvantage also makes death meaningful again).

    Health: 100 -> max 140
    Hunger: 150
    Sanity: 300 -> max 360
    Notes: The mod will conflict with anything trying to tell health of mobs as the summoned assassin's aren't in their recorded lists. Strangely the game crashes upon closing it down but there's no error in the report, whether this is concerning is unknown as the game has no problems starting up and loading the character.
    it is recommended to add this mod for maximum use of all items:
    Updates: Unknown at this time.
    Refer to the discussions links below for more info:

    Will this mod be on don...*covers your mouth* Let me make it clear that I'm not going to waste my time on the single player due to the pushback on the stalker mod and quite frankly that game's player base is dwindling more and more. I could say more negative reasons but I'll hold back.

    Also checkout Mindmaster's mod:

    My other work:

    Special thanks once more to mr Saval for the artwork, mindmaster for ai experimentation, Arkane Studios for the character and music, and thanks from the musha mod that inspired some of the code.




  15. [SW] The Planes Drifter

    A morbid and neurotic axe swinger who refuses to take off her coat.
    HUNGER:    220
    SANITY:     120
    HEALTH:     150
    Skilled with axes. Enjoys fishing. Loves violence. Has trouble digesting meat. Abhors caves and open sea. Only wants to wear her parka, falls apart without it. Spawns with a fishing rod and an axe, with the parka nearby.
    Requires Shipwrecked. Can be used in RoG worlds when SW compatibility is chosen at world generation.
    AXES ---- Does more damage with axes, luxury axes, and obsidian axes.
    MURDER ---- Tiny sanity gain on successful strike, scaling sanity gain when mob is killed.
    ENVIRONMENT ---- Aggressive sanity drain when at sea or in caves.
    VULNERABLE ---- Without parka, character is more fragile physically and mentally.
    FISHING ---- Fishing rods have more durability, successful casts result in small sanity gain.
    HUNGER ---- Hunger drains faster than average.
    MEAT ---- All hunger and health gains from meat and meat dishes are halved.
    WEATHER ---- Small sanity gain during rain/snow.
    KRAMPUS ---- Higher naughtiness threshold.
    TRAVEL ---- Wormholes and electric isosceles don't drain sanity on use.
    GATHERING ---- Certain items can be picked quickly.
    RECIPES ---- Starts with some recipes known, like fishing rod, luxury axe, and shovel.
    CHEST SLOT ---- Only parka can be equipped.
    ____PARKA (item)
    INVENTORY -- 14 slots.
    ARMOR -- Provides some defense with no durability concerns.
    ELEMENTS -- Some protection against cold, moisture, burning, and wind.
    AURAS -- Dulls sanity loss around disturbing things and darkness. 
    EFFICIENT -- Slows hunger drain, though rate will still be faster than average.
    STRESS -- Immediate sanity loss upon unequip, in addition to losing the above features.
    BIG & HEAVY -- Can't be carried in inventory.
    MENTAL NOTE -- Mini-map icon in case you misplace it.
    ____SEAM RIPPER (item)
    SALVAGE -- Convert useless chest slot items into useful materials.
    CRAFTY -- Also works on head slot items.
    RECIPE -- Requires 1 red gem, 1 hammer, and 1 sewing kit to make. Recipe found in Dress tab, available at start.
    ____MAXECHETE (item)
    CHOP -- Cuts down trees faster than a traditional axe.
    CUT -- Also functions as a machete.
    TOOL -- Can't be used for combat.
    RECIPE -- Requires 2 twigs, 4 flint, and 1 swordfish to make. Recipe found at the bottom of Tools tab, available at start.
    ____HUNGER HAT (item)
    SLURPER PELT -- Adds a use for the pelts since the character can't equip the Hunger Belt.
    HUNGER AND HAPPY -- Functions identically to the Hunger Belt.
    LIGHT -- Gives off the equivalent of a light bulb when worn, keeping Charlie away.
    FURRY -- Provides a tiny amount of insulation.
    RECIPE -- Requires 3 slurper pelts, 2 light bulbs, and 2 nightmare fuel to make. Recipe found at the bottom of the Magic tab when using the Shadow Manipulator.
    ____SCALE HELM (item)
    SCALES -- Adds a use for dragonfly scales since the character can't equip Scalemail.
    ON FIRE AND HAPPY -- Functions identically to Scalemail.
    RECIPE -- Requires 1 scale, 1 football helmet, and 2 pigskins. Recipe found at the bottom of the combat tab when using the Alchemy Engine.
    CONFIGURATION OPTIONS_____________________________________________
    Meat penalty -- Adjust up/down or turn off.
    Terrain sanity loss -- Adjust up/down or turn off.
    Kill sanity gain -- Adjust up/down.
    Axe damage boost -- Adjust up/down.
    Movement speed -- Adjust up.
    Lock chest slot to parka -- Turn on/off.
    Sanity loss on unequip -- Turn on/off.
    Parka combat defense -- Adjust up/down or turn off.
    Parka against sanity drain -- Adjust up/down or turn off.
    Parka weatherproofness -- Adjust down or turn off.
    Abyssal toggle -- turns on abyssal skin. Cosmetic only.

    KNOWN ISSUES________________________________________________________
    BACKPACKS -- Attempting to pick up any sort of backpack will cause the character to unequip and drop her parka. I don't know how to fix this but believe it has something to do with them both being containers. It doesn't affect playability, it's just sort of annoying to take the sanity hit on unequip and pick up the parka off the ground. I have added a configuration toggle to turn off sanity loss on unequip if you can't remember to not pick up backpacks.
    SEAM RIPPER -- Doesn't work on thatchpack and sea sack. I'm okay with this since they're flammable and thus easy to get rid of.
    ADVENTURE MODE -- During the final world in Adventure Mode, you will be locked out of the resources contained in the backpack at spawn since backpacks can only be opened when equipped. You can get around this by simply toggling off the chest lock in the config options if you feel you really need what the backpack contains.
    -- Substantial playtest.
    -- Editing pass over speech file to unify tone and narrative, check for describe discrepancies.
    -- Compile a list of crafting materials whose main use is for chest slot items. Create alternate uses for these, likely specialised axes and hats to fill weapon and amulet/armor progression gaps.
    -- Redo character select portrait.
    -- Second pass on maxechete texture, need to adjust handle width.
    -- Configuration for starting inventory.
    -- True abyssal character variant.
    -- Lackey or talking item.
    -- Remove sanity loss from using Telelocator Staff.

    How much sanity is gained on kill is dependent more on the monster than the modifier, so even when tweaked high, the difference won't be particularly evident for weak monsters
    If the character is too difficult/not difficult enough, remember there are config options. You can render meat and meat dishes practically worthless with the highest setting. Want to be a glass cannon berserker on the edge? Tune down parka comfort and defense, ramp up terrain penalty, axe skill and sanity gain on kill. Live as an ocean nomad? Turn off terrain penalty and tune down meat penalty. Don't suffer unless you want to.
    This mod is compatible with extra slots for backpacks and amulets. I've not tested extensively since it defeats the spirit of the character but found only a minor issue with inventory overflow. Items will not automatically insert themselves into the backpack on pick up, the backpack must manually be opened and items inserted by hand. I feel this is more a realistic feature than a bug if you do intend to go this route.
    This mod is also compatible with display food values. When you hover over meat items, they will show the correct character-specific food value.




  16. [Mod Released] Dolly, the Doughnut Lady

    Finally finished! I'm proud to present my latest mod in the making; Dolly the Doughnut Lady!
    The character itself belongs to me, and wasn't originally made for Don't Starve.
    Health: 130
    Hunger: 230
    Sanity: 200
    Hunger depletes 70% its normal speed.
    Only does 75% of average damage.
    Loses more sanity from rain than average.
    I'm a lot more proud of how this one came out, because technically it's an update.
    Tell me what you think! And enjoy~


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  17. Saber [DS+RoG+SW]

    Ahora con la opción de descargar la versión en ingles o español. Pocas diferencias aparte de las descripciones de los objetos personalizados y que mientras la versión en ingles ahora usa los diálogos de Wigfrid (que curiosamente serán traducidos si usas un mod de idioma), la versión en español tiene algunos diálogos personalizados que iré actualizando cuando tenga tiempo(de momento he añadido algunos mas), pero advierto que para evitar el problema con las frases por limitaciones de las fuentes del juego, he optado simplemente por no usar caracteres como "¿" , "¡" , "ñ"  y letras acentuadas.
    Este era un mod incompleto abandonado por sus autores Kanuosi y LongFei y retomado por Aida Enna que tampoco lo termino(a mi parecer solo lo simplifico demasiado). Me he tomado el tiempo de reconfigurarle a mi gusto, y aunque no era mi idea en un principio, creo que ha quedado bastante bien y seria una pena no compartirlo, si es que a alguien le llegase a interesar.
    Es Saber de la saga "Fate" uno de los personajes mas versionados de la historia del anime.
    Los porcentajes dados son referentes a las estadísticas básicas del juego(las de Wilson).
    Información básica:
    *Vida            150.
    *Estomago   300.
    *Sanidad      200.
    No le teme a la oscuridad ni al combate:
    *decrecimiento de sanidad durante la noche y el combate -50%.
    *Resistente al daño por veveno.
    "Cualquier cosa comestible es aceptable" suele decir.
    *No recibe penalizaciones por comer comida en mal estado.
    Tiene 6 diferentes estados o transformaciones con diferentes efectos.Para tener acceso a estas transformaciones, tienes que tener la espada apropiada equipada y presionar la tecla "C".
    Hogareña, su estado base:
    *Velocidad: +10%.
    *Regeneración de vida: 1/30(seg).
    *Hambre: +50%.
    Azul, en su vestido real:
    *Bono de vida máxima: +30.
    *Bono de daño: +10%.
    *Velocidad: +50%.
    *Regeneración de vida: 1/15(seg).
    *Hambre: +50%.
    *Decrecimiento de sanidad: 3/min.

    Ligera resistencia a las temperaturas extremas, que se traduce en:
    *Bono de aislamiento contra el frió y calor: 60.
    Armadura plateada, la poderosa y clásica Saber:
    *Bono de vida máxima: +80.
    *Bono de daño: +50%.
    *Velocidad: +25%.
    *Regeneración de vida: 1/5(seg).
    *Hambre: +100%.
    *Decrecimiento de sanidad: 10/min.
    Su armadura le ofrece una buena protección:
    *Adsorción de daño: 35%.
    *Daño por fuego: -20%.
    Mayor resistencia a las temperaturas extremas, es decir:
    *Bono de aislamiento contra el frió y calor: 120.
    Red, es Nero! que ardan!:
    *Bono de vida máxima: +50.
    *Bono de daño: +30%.
    *Velocidad: +35%.
    *Regeneración  de vida: 1/8(seg).
    *Hambre: +80%.
    *Decrecimiento de sanidad: 8/min.
    No tiene armadura, pero digamos que sus ropas son resistentes, y a demás:
    *Adsorción de daño: 15%.
    *Inmune al fuego(que ardan!).
    Enorme resistencia a las bajas temperaturas: 
    *Bono de aislamiento contra el frió: 240.
    Armadura Blanca, es Lily! y por alguna razón se le han adjudicado propiedades de frió(que curioso no?).
    *Bono de vida máxima: +50.
    *Bono de daño: +30%.
    *Velocidad: +25%.
    *Regeneración  de vida: 1/8(seg).
    *Hambre: +80%.
    *Decrecimiento de sanidad: 6/min.
    ¿No es preciosa su armadura?:
    *Adsorción de daño: 25%.
    Enorme resistencia a las altas temperaturas: 
    *Bono de aislamiento contra el calor: 240.
    *Daño por fuego: -40%.
    Armadura negra, es Alter... ¿hace falta decir mas?
    *Bono de vida máxima: +150.
    *Bono de daño: +100%.
    *Regeneración  de vida: 1/2(seg).
    *Hambre: +300%!!!
    *Decrecimiento de sanidad: 25/min.
    Su armadura es muy pesada y resistente:
    *Adsorción de daño: 55%.
    *Daño por fuego: -50%.
    Enorme resistencia a las temperaturas extremas:
    *Bono de aislamiento contra el frió y calor: 240.

    Objetos personalizados:
    Saber conoce las recetas de todos los objetos personalizados y solo necesita los materiales para crearlos, a demás, como ayuda empieza con un "Mana Crystal" en su inventario.
    Caliburn: La espada de selección, símbolo del rey.
    *300 Usos.
    *Daño básico de 40.
    *Emite una débil luz blanca mientras esta equipada o en el suelo.
    *Al dejarla en el suelo, quedara marcada en el mapa.
    *Da acceso a Saber Armadura blanca o Lily.
    Aestus Estus: La espada carmesí de Nero.
    *300 usos.
    *Daño básico de 42.
    *Tiene 20% de posibilidades de prender en llamas a un objetivo inflamable.
    *Al dejarla en el suelo, quedara marcada en el mapa.
    *Da acceso a Saber Red o Nero.

    Excalibur: La espada sagrada más fuerte y majestuosa.
    *Es indestructible.
    *Daño básico de 50.
    *Emite una fuerte luz dorada mientras esta equipada o en el suelo.
    *Al dejarla en el suelo, quedara marcada en el mapa.
    *Da acceso a Saber Azul, y Armadura plateada.
    Excalibur Morgan: Excalibur, despues de ser corrompida por el mal.
    *500 Usos.
    *Daño básico de 60.
    *Tiene 30% posibilidades de invocar tentáculos de sombra al atacar.
    *Al dejarla en el suelo, quedara marcada en el mapa.
    *Da acceso a Saber Armadura Negra o Alter.
    Mana Crystal: objetó necesario para la creación de la mayoría de las espadas. 




  18. The Sniper

    The Sniper from TF2 in Don't Starve Together.

    Has custom sound and speech lines.
    BLU Team skin available in dress tab.
    Dragon Wolf Leo for Extended Sample Character (forgot to add this last time)
    Valve for TF2 and the Sniper
    ZupaleX for initial damage modifier creation
    IronHunter for the modification of the damage modifier as well as getting Jarate to function
    DudeDude for the Starver's Carol midi
    CheeseNuggets and Jack for the Jarate's anim and script
    Nurd for some screenshots
    DarkMatterZero for helping the with the Shahanshah
    <default>'s Soldier mod for the (former) coding for Item skins
    Hank for some bugtesting




  19. Wark the Chocobo DS ROG SW

    this mod brings Wark the Chocobo to the original "Don't Starve" along with its DLC's "Reign of Giants" and "Shipwrecked"
    Wark the Chocobo was originally created by @Spotteh for DST and you can get her fantastic DST version here
    the real point of this mod existing is due to me not having DST but wanting to be a using @Dleowolf's example character template mod alongside Spotteh's fantastic character art and with massive coding help from @BraveChicken! I'm happy to say that she's ready for the world to enjoy!
    now for her stats!
    60 HP 50 Sanity 300 hunger Wark is "mortified of darkness" meaning her sanity will drop like a brick in water the minute it gets dark, although its a slower drain at dusk
    Wark "loves fire" and is "fireproof" meaning that she needs to stay around light sources like fire to keep her sanity up! her fire range has been set so that she doesn't have to stay too close to a fire-pit to get the sanity effect! also light sources are larger with her so its easier to see (and I find it to be more realistic)...I don't have to explain fireproofing do I?
    Wark has custom items!
    Chocobo Satchel Chocobo Translator the satchel is a fancy backpack styled from the "Chocobo Dungeon" video games while the translator actually lets her speak! and is styled from "Final Fantasy Unlimited"
    Wark is VERY fast! and she's built to be a "glass cannon" type of character
    she's support to be like a treasure hunter or archeologist but I'm too lazy to write the extra custom speech text ATM so thats for a later release!
    fish in ponds with flower petals run super fast hit 3x harder gain sanity around fires can walk through fire unharmed does not need a science machine takes longer to burn or freeze comes with backpack/translator/thuelculite pickaxe can eat monstermeat without heath damage custom voiced with ACTUAL Chocobo sounds (that I got from a limited edition sound effect track disc) will be updated for play-ability in Hamlet once its released and I know how to make it compatible! custom intro for DS and ROG (can't figure out how to do it for SW yet) cons
    hunger drain at 1.3 decrease so she gets hungry faster then normal 60 HP means she can be oneshotted by MANY bosses/beefalo sanity will be reduced to 0 in less then 20 seconds after nightfall harder to warm up or cool down due to long times to freeze or fry impossible to survive in caves/extended winter (prove me wrong) can't speak without the translator and will make bird sounds instead surprisingly hard to keep sanity up still needs an alchemy engine you need to choose between carrying stuff and speech ("unless you have "backpack+amulet" mods enabled in which case she's been custom coded to detect such mods and work with them") I plan on making her HAMLET compatible once Hamlet is released!
    once again the art and name are NOT my own! they're Spotteh's! and if there's any complaints or problems from her with me having this mod up then I will take it down immediately
    thanks for reading and enjoy being a Chocobo!




  20. Ozzy the Buzzy [DST]

    Link on steam :
    Stats :
    - Health : 175
    - Sanity : 100
    - Hunger : 120
    Perks :
    - Is a bee : Yep, he is considered a bee. Spring bees will ignore him, but killer bee hives are still triggered when he comes nearby.
    - Has his own beehive : Ozzy starts the game with a unique beehive. This beehive will try to protect players ( unless they try to attack it or its bees ), spawn stronger bees with poison sting, and can be upgraded with honeycombs by Ozzy.
    - Can produce honey by eating petals : After eating certain number of petals, he will drop 1 honey.
    Discussion :

    Ozzy has low hunger and sanity, with higher hunger rate, to balance with the bees army. His beehive will try to protect players ( except Webber, he is a monster and deserves  no protection ), spawn stronger bees with some abilities. The bees are kinda useful to defense the base against small and medium monsters, but still very weak against Bosses, so you should not depend on them too much. Also, like any other structures, the beehive will be taken down in 1 hit by The Bearger or Clockwork Rook. The bees are also programmed to not be controlled by The Bee Queen, cuz they are mutant bees anyway.
    Future works : 
    This is my first mod, and I was inspired by the idea of "befriend with mobs and act like one of them" from Webber. There are many things I want to improve in later versions :
    - Add more bee-like behaviors to Ozzy, for example prefer honeyed foods, have pollinator ability, become angry like killer bee, weaker in winter, stronger and aggressive in spring, hate darkness and rain, gain bonus with petals or flower hat, etc
    - Add more ability to bees, for example variant attack effects based on season. Currently poison is the only attack effect. I can also change the AI, make them do more strategy. 
    - Work more on the art. For now I'm to lazy that I borrow Wilson's arms, hands, legs and foots for Ozzy  Also, if the bees and beehive have their own animation, that will be good. Currently I only make them bigger than normal and change the color a bit  
    - Add unique speech lines, currently using Wilson's speech. 
    - Add his own sound, such as bee buzzing, currently using Webber's sound.
    - Maybe a bee weapon for him. For example a blade/spear as of pokemon Beedrill. 
    I made this mod based on The Extended Character Sample :
    Please feel free to feedback and suggest Anything you can think of a bee-like character. 
    Thank you !




  21. Conker the Squirrel

    Conker the Squirrel is ready for another Bad Fur Day!
    Health: 150
    Hunger: 150
    Sanity: 200
    Frying Pan
    The frying pan is a useful multi tool for Conker. 
    *It can be crafted under the Weapons Tab.
    *To craft it you'll need 3 Rocks, 3 Twigs, and 3 Charcoal.
    *The pan will start out with 34 damage and has 200 uses.
    *If you stand close to a fire or leave it by a fire it will heat up!
    *Once it heats up the damage will be boosted to 42.5 damage, provide some heat, and you can cook with it.
    *If you heat it up until it turns orange it'll provide a small amount of light around you.
    *Includes authentic sounds from Conker's Bad Fur Day.
    The chainsaw is a powerful tool and weapon exclusive to Conker.
    *It can be crafted under the Tools tab when you have an Alchemy Engine.
    *To craft it you'll need 5 Hound's Teeth, 1 Electrical Doodad, and 2 Boards.
    *The chainsaw will cause 59.5 damage and has 100 uses.
    *If used to chop down trees it will knock them down with ease 4x faster then a normal axe.
    *Not only is it faster it lasts 4x longer when chopping trees, that's a maximum of 400 uses!
    Conker is scared of this land and the beasts that lurk within.
    *When nearby a creature that drains sanity Conker's sanity will drain 10% faster.
    *If Conker is caught out in the dark his sanity will also drain 10% faster.
    It's going to be a long and treacherous day for Conker, are you up for the challenge?




  22. Alula

    A character from Oneshot in Don't Starve Together.

    "Little Cat Feet" For the creation of Oneshot and Alula
    Extended Sample Character by Dragon Wolf Leo
    steam ver:




  23. Back to nature [DS] [RoG]

    Back to nature
    A pack of 3 characters.
    Compatible with [DS] and [RoG]

    Steam Download link

    I still can't believe that I finally finished my first mod ever! In just few days, after researching and studding the game's files, I managed to learn enough of the basics to be able to achieve most of the things I needed for my mod. And for the other ones, I tried giving all of the credits of the mods that I found helpful in the script of my mod. (I was too shy to ever ask for help, so it was a long few hours/days of headache and studding of the game files, to try and understand how things work to be able to alter them in my mod  X___X;  ) 
    My project was quite ambitious as for someone that literally knew one big 0 about how to code this game, but I never gave up on it. I have worked with complicated coding before on advanced custom stories for Amnesia the dark descent, so I thought  "Pfft. Don't starve? How hard can it be? It's probably gonna be a breeze!" ...umm... Yea... Nope. XD That actually was a lot harder that I expected. But then again... Most things are hard before they become easy XD
    So 4 months and about 300 hours of testing later, this mod was born! XD 
    The artwork and characters are made by me. And of course... (I don't think I need to mention it but I will anyways) Feel free to use the coding I made for my mod if you'll find it helpful, or even change it to use it in your own mod if you wish.
    However, please DO NOT reuse any of the art that I made for this.

    Thank you, and I hope you'll enjoy my mod! ^-^
    (Also, sorry if there are any typos anywhere. They tend to escape me. XD Evil typos!  :U )

    About the mod

    The mod contains 3 different characters. (Wool, Weem, and Waan)
    Each character has different perks, custom speech, and special items.
    All of the characters are taller than the normal Don't starve characters and have different analogies/anatomy.
    They all also have their own custom character selection frame.
    (You can check for them in the description below or in the pictures attached to this mod.)
    Keep in mind that this mod resizes the headwear of the characters. So if you'll be playing with a normal Don't starve Character while having this mod on, then the headwear will look small on them.

    Do not use this mod along with any other mods which transfer anything from SW to DS/RoG.
    It might crash your game or kill your character. (If you're playing with Wool, Weem or Waan.)
    Please do not attempt on making this mod compatible with SW, Hamlet or DST on your own.
    Thank you for reading and for understanding.
    I hope you'll still enjoy the mod the way it is.
    Wool is a peaceful, sweet, deer-like creature which loves nature and gets heartbroken when he sees plants suffering or getting hurt. He sees the life of plants on an equal level as the life of any other living creature, making him sad that he needs to hurt them in order to survive.

    Wool isn't the easiest character to play as. He loses sanity pretty quickly while gathering resources, and he gets hungry fast. Wool also has a very useful fried, a wisp. She can glow in the dark, heal his HP and recover his sanity. The wisp wakes up from a pearl which is Wool's special item that he starts with. The pearl can also be upgraded into a blue pearl, fire pearl, silver pearl, or golden pearl. Each pearl wakes a different wisp with different helpful perks.

    HP -  200  | Sanity - 120  | Hunger - 90
    Neutral perks
    - He is not scary to "prey", so animals like rabbits and gobblers won't run away from him.

    - He loses no sanity during nigh.
    -  Standing near dark flowers, wearing the fashion melon, and digging up graves does not decrease his sanity.
    - He can regain sanity by standing near trees, rabbits, beefalos, flowers, and by planting trees.
    - He has increases defense.
    - Starts with the recipe for healing salve unlocked.
    - He will spawn a butterfly from time to time. (That's just to make sure that he will always have some way to restore sanity while the Wisp is resting)
    - He can pick up the spiky bush without getting hurt.
    - He gets less hungry from eating flower petals. (+3) (dark petals give him no penalty)
    - Beefalos see him as one of their own and will not attack him even during mating season. They will also dash to protect Wool upon witnessing him being attacked.
    (They will still attack if attacked)
    - He can warm himself up by standing near beefalos.
    - He can see beefalos on the map.
    - His fur keeps him warmer during winter. He also takes less damage while freezing.
    - His Wisp can heal his sanity and health, and she glows in the dark.
    - He won't be attacked by killer bees if he won't bother them. (Killer bee hives are still a danger though)

    - He loses sanity while chopping down trees, picking flowers, grass, or any other plant. (except cactus)
    - Loses sanity while standing near tree stumps, burned trees, drying racks, and while wearing moggles, garland, or holding grass umbrella, or ham bat.
    - Loses A LOT of sanity from burning plants and trees, and from heads on a pole.
    - Loses large amount of sanity from eating mandrakes.
    - Killing any living creatures (animals and monsters) decreases his sanity. (The amount of sanity loss varies depending on the killed creature)
    - He does not regain any sanity from scalemail.
    - He is a herbivore and can't eat any meat nor any crock pot food that can be made with meat.
    - He gets hungry fast.
    - Wisp needs few days to recharge, and is not fast enough to catch up with Wool while he runs. (on a road or with a walking cane)

    (Some foods also work differently on Wool.)
    - Durian - HP.0   Sanity.0  
    - Cooked durian - Sanity.0
    - Red cap - HP.5   Hunger.12   Sanity.0
    - Red cap cooked - Hunger.12   Sanity.0
    - Green cap - HP.0  Hunger.12   Sanity.5
    - Green cap cooked - HP.0   Hunger.12   Sanity.15
    - Blue cap - HP.20   Hunger.12   Sanity.0
    - Blue cap cooked - HP.20   Hunger.12   Sanity.10
    - Dragonpie - Sanity.10
    - Powcake - Can't eat.
    - Taffy - HP.0
    - Stuffed eggplant - Can't eat.
    - Wet goop - Can't eat
    - Goat milk - Sanity.20
    - Watermelon - Hunger.60
    - Cactus flesh - HP.0
    - Lichen - Sanity.0

    Wisp is Wool's little companion, which when awoken will follow Wool and assist him with her light and heals. 
    Wisp awakes from the pearl which Wool carries. It takes 1-3 days for each pearl to fully charge.
    When a pearl is charged, place it on the ground and wait 10 seconds for the wisp to wake up. 
    Every wisp will stay with Wool for 1 full day. (Starting from the moment it was awoken)
    Only the silver and golden wisp will stay for longer time.
    After the wisp's time will be up, it'll turn back into the original Sleeping pearl (White pearl).
    Wool will now announce when Wisp will be about to go to sleep.
    The 1st cue "Wisp seems tired" will be given by Wool when there will be about 2 minutes left on Wisp's timer.
    The last warning "Wisp is really tired" will be given by Wool when there will be about 1 minute left on Wisp's timer.
    Wool will also say "Rest well, my little friend" once Wisp falls asleep, helping players notice that Wisp is no longer following them.
    To avoid ending up in the dark when the wisp will suddenly fall back asleep, awake your wisp during the day or dusk.

    Weem is a highly educated and intelligent water creature of the night. She loves solitude and spending time learning new things or crafting magical items. She is not too interested in technology related objects.

    Weem can be a pretty difficult character to play as, as her sanity and health keeps on decreasing during the day, and can easily kill her if she won't be properly taken care of.
    She, however, has all of the magical/ancient necklaces and staff (along with few other magical/ancient recipes) already unlocked from the start, and along with her ability to craft gems and use magic without sanity loss, can make her a powerful character when using magic. 

    HP - 160  | Sanity - 150  | Hunger - 150
    Neutral perks
    - Planting butterflies will make a dark flower appear instead of a normal one.
    - Her speech can provide the player with few information about the inspected objects. (But they tend to be long)

    - Regains sanity during night and in caves.
    - Rain heals her sanity and health.
    - Spiders and merm don't mind her but will still attack her if attacked.
    - Ghosts won't case her even if attacked. (She will still get damaged on contact)
    - She can craft gems, thulecite, living log, spiderhat, and walrus tusk.
    - She has most of the magical/ancient recipes unlocked from the start.
    - She can use the magic/ancient staff without any sanity loss.
    - She can craft from the unlocked ancient recipes without being near the altar.
    - She can craft  a stuffed spider which will make spiders protect her upon witnessing her being attacked.
    - Can craft a rainshell which will call rain when played.
    - She glows in the dark. (Her glow increases during rain and in caves/underground)
    - She runs faster during rain and in caves/underground.
    - She can grow and cut her hair to receive silk.
    - She doesn't lose sanity from moisture. (But still dislikes wet clothes)
    - She can always see the closes sinhole (cave entrance) to her always uncovered on the map when loading/starting the game.
    - Bug net last for much longer when she is using it. (-1% per use) (Just because she needs a lot of butterflies to create more dark flowers for her crafts.)

    - Loses A LOT of health during day.
    - Loses sanity during day and dusk.
    - Overheats fast.
    - Pigman and bunnyman hate her and will attack her on sight.
    - Catcoons dislike her and will attack her if approached too close.
    - She can only eat meat and drink blood. (She prefers her meat RAW)
    - Most crock pot foods which can be made with veggies or fruits will damage her health.

    - Fishsticks - HP.-10
    - Fishtacos - HP.-5
    - Kabobs - HP.-20
    - Meatballs - HP.-20
    - Perogies - HP.-20
    - Unagi - HP.-20
    - Guacamole - HP.-20
    - HotChili - HP.-20
    - Mosquito's blood sack - HP.10   Hunger.8   Sanity.30
    - Meaty stew - HP.-2
    - Cup of blood - HP.30   Hunger.5   Sanity.3
    - Monster blood - HP.3   Hunger.5   Sanity.30

    Waan is a cheerful adventurer, filled with love towards technology, lots of excitement, and bad puns. He is always ready to explore, and when he doesn't talk about food or adventure, he loves making fun of everything around him. He in reality is a young prince who always tries to escape his kingdom as he loves the though of adventure a lot more than the though of becoming a king.

    Waan is not too difficult character to play as. He is a very good character for players which love exploring the map and rarely stay in one place or around the camp area. He still might cause troubles during winter as he freezes fast.

    HP - 120  | Sanity - 200  | Hunger - 150
    Neutral perks
    - Starts with a backpack, food, a compass, his boomerang Boomy, his royal scarf, and a thermal stone.

    - Loses no sanity during night.
    - Can't lose any sanity due to food. 
    - Loses no HP from any kind of meat nor crock pot food.
    - Loses no sanity when using the orange teleport staff.
    - Is not a fuzzy eater and hardly gets any negative effects from food.
    - Can see in the dark.
    - Can craft gears.
    - Walks and runs faster than the normal characters. 
    - He knows how to craft a shovel, a thermal stone, a backpack, a walking cane, a compass, a rope, a crock pot, a spear, a cut stone, and a tent from the start.
    - He is a desert cat and will never overheat.
    - His special weapon Boomy is unbreakable and has high range and damage.
    - He has a collection of maps which let's him see all of the maps fully uncovered.
    - His royal scarf has a high sanity heal.

    - Can't gain any sanity from food.
    - Doesn't have much HP.
    - His special weapon Boomy can easily kill or severely damage him if not caught.
    - He is a desert cat and freezes fast.
    - His royal scarf is not too easy to make.
    - He needs to keep the maps with him to see them fully uncovered. (As he tends to forget and the maps get covered up again)


    Few animations might seem wonky.
    Due to the fact that I tried giving to the character different analogies/anatomy, some of the animations might seem weird. (Even though few of them are caused due to the game's texture selection)

    Wisp gets in the way of planting.     -- Fixed in 1.3.7
    Wisp might often get in the way when Wool is trying to plant something. (If that happens, simply make a small step forward and retry doing what you wanted to do.)

    Wisp's timer changes.    -- Fixed in 1.3.8
    After entering a cave/going underground with an active wisp, it's time will reset (But only for the cave).
    Entering/exiting caves, or saving and exiting the game while the wisp is active, it might cause it to change it's timer (sometimes staying a bit longer/shorter)

    Wisps's animation freezes.
    Wisp sometimes right after waking up might look like she is frozen in the air. But that's just the animation waiting for wool to move in order to begin.

    Waan's night vision & Weem's night glow doesn't activate.    -- Fixed in 1.3.7
    Sometimes when the night starts, the character's night vision/glow won't get activated while the character stands near a light source. If that happens, don't worry and simply enter the darkness or turn off the light source, that will activate the night vision/glow immediately.

    Waan's maps don't show in the animation.
    Waan's book does not appear in the reading animation in DS (But it works in RoG)

    Weem's HP decrease is missing the arrow.
    The arrow which indicates a health decrease does not show during the day when Weem is losing HP.


    The character's have their shadow in the wrong place.
    That's actually not a bug. This is caused by me trying to push the character's textures almost to their limits in an attempt to make the characters taller than the normal ones.
    (If you'll encounter any other bugs or issues which are not listed here, then feel free to let me know about them)




  24. Neo custom character

    I made this a while ago using a sample found in this forums. Yesterday I made another one, the thing is that when I activate both mods in my game it crashes, it seems that the games reads the files like te sample character and that's what makes it crash, but I'm not really sure if that's the case.
    So I want to see if uploading here one of the mods something will change or something, if anyone knows how to solve my problem I would be really glad to get that help...




  25. Yuki [DST]

    (This is my first character mod so if have any problem, give me ur feedback and support me. Thanks a lot! ^^)

    Hunger: 150
    Health: 150
    Sanity: 200
    Link on steam:
    About Yuki: I think she is a good supporter, who can make 
    Food for Sanity and Health
    Items for battle
    Cool down player
    Easy to find eggs and meat from Prey
    Good in Winter but Bad in Summer
    Run fast but weak
    When play as Yuki, try to find ICE and MUSHROOM as much as possible and build Mushroom farm earlier
    ------Is a vegetarian and a mushroom------
    + Little faster than normal but weak (same Wendy dame)
    + Only eat vegestables so it's good for health (gain 1/10s)
    + Prey don't fear her and if Yuki kill preys, she lost 30 sanity
    + Love Ratatouille (more points when eat)
    + She is a mushroom so she likes rain. Gain sanity when raining (but still be wet)
    + Can eat mushroom (raw/cooked), but don't eat raw Red Mushroom
            - Raw red--- [- 20 health, -15 sanity, +12,5 hunger]
            - Cooked red--- [+15 health, -10 sanity, +0 hunger]
            - Raw green--- [+0 health, +15 sanity, +12,5 hunger] and give one mushroom spore
            - Cooked green--- [+0 health, +30 sanity, +13 hunger]
            - Raw blue--- [+35 health, +0 sanity, +25 hunger] and give one mushroom spore
            - Cooked blue--- [+1 health, -1 sanity, +0 hunger]
    This's different ways to use mushroom (raw/cooked). Remember this to have the best effect
    ------Born in snowland------------------
    Yuki loves Winter. She run faster and gains Sanity everytime in Winter, more than if snowing.
    White snow like Yuki's veil, it's make her gains health (5/10s) and absorpt 50% dame received
    Cold and freezy resistance
    Yuki shines in Winter night
    Yuki's body very colds. It's slow down food spoilage and cools player around her down to....death (It's good for someone who overheating to stay near her, but don't stay to long)
    Yuki hates Summer. Her sanity drain everytime in Summer and very easy to overheat
    Yuki takes more 50% fire dame. Be careful with fire! XD
    ---------Can craft some special things with Mushroom and Ice-----------
            - Pupe Mushroom: use like Honey Poultice but more than 10  health (+40)
            - Pupe Mushsoup: Yuki's special food, [+65 Health, +50 Hunger, + 50 Sanity]
            - Pupe Cocktail: Yuki's special food, [+20 Health, +20 Hunger, + 75 Sanity]
            - Snow Mushroom: Yuki's soul, it's only shines in Winter night
            - Ice Armor: an armor like wood armor but harder to destroy
            - Ice Helmet: like Wigfrid's hat
            - Ice Walking Death: special weapon by Walking Cane + Spear
    [ Run faster (walking cane's speed) when equip and do 20 dame
                                    Has 30% to crit. Do more 30 dame (total 50) ]
    ---------Yuki is a mushroom, daugher of the Moon---------------
    When full moon, she become Moonlight form and be protected by Moon
    - Absorpt 80% dame received
    - Health regain (2/1s)
    - Sanity gain super fast

    My characters don't use body size of original characters (leg is taller than), so its can't use some skins in game. 
    I were rebuild some file from <default>, San(Princess Mononoke), Waiter 101 Together v5.0x Mod.
    Custom voice "Tecolin"
    And Character's appearance from hinausa, neko-rina deviantart
    Say "Thanks!" for it and "Sorry" for my English

    date: 24/02/2018