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  2. I hope that awhile after this RoT update's official launch that they'll work on Webber for the next rework. After his rework I could die happy
  3. It was mentioned before (I think Discord?) that the idea of a moth boss wasn't off the table... That and the glass sculptures... All in all I wouldn't mind another boss but I certainly don't think it'd be original. Plus you have to go through Crab King for it... Hmm. I'm curious to see what it all is, the war surprised me and makes it impossible for me to try and guess so for now we wait.
  4. That would be cool if Klei wasnt so nice about their skins and events and everything
  5. If so, he's failed. Super coolant has more than 10x the SHC and a higher boiling point and will flake off a 500C tile... I declare sulfur to still be useless, order is restored to the ONIverse.
  6. That's fair and considerate, and I admit that my desire to shame comes from a rather visceral anger towards someone who would seek to profit from the intellectual property of an indy game company. Like I got a real, real big problem with IP theft, and I don't want any freelancing developer to ever get the impression that they could get away with something like this.
  7. I slid down and it got me stuck in the floore
  8. ~wip; sketch part done ♡ *chibi valkyrie noises*


    1. Blue Moth

      Blue Moth

      :0 it looks so good! I love all your art that i have seen

  9. If anyone else has this problem: I was experiencing something similar, freezes mid-cycle, then I remembered I set the timelapse resolution to max. The timelapse takes a screenshot every mid-cycle. Try reducing resolution in game settings, it may help.
  10. The New Update for Beta called "Forgotten Knowledge Update!" brought so many new and cool content, but one bug fix embarrassed me: Fixed a bug allowing players to attack much faster than intended. I am not a big fan of survival, but this fix related to a mod called "ReForged". I am one of the speedrunners and this fix would crash our time like in the Forge 2018. This should reduce our time by half because you won't click at all. I attach a video, where I enabled the Chinese client mod to show you how fast attack speed is. I just could wish, that Klei will NOT bring this bug fix in the standard DST. 2020-10-21_02-23-09.mp4 2020-10-21_03-20-49.mp4
  11. Wigfrid: *leaves armor laying around* Me: I AM PRETTY VALKYRIE.
  12. I know, I know, it's just that so far, for all of that effort... It doesn't feel all that worth it honestly.
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  14. It seems like we're getting into the "big" multi-update part of RoT, like Heart of the Ruins in ANR. This update is pretty obviously setting up for something with the archives and the altars, so we will have to be patient. Also I don't get why you only listed those two things. A way to consistently gain thulecite without killing the Fuelweaver is pretty big for some playstyles, mush gnomes are a consistent way of getting living logs early-game without destroying totally normal trees, lightbugs have potentially interesting uses, etc. There's a lot in this update even if it's not completely finished. While it would make sense for them to be craftable somewhere, having it be at the terra firma tamper doesn't make sense. It's not a generic ground-creating machine, it's used to crush and mash materials down into natural turfs. It wouldn't make sense to get carefully-tiled pieces of flooring from that.
  15. Well from Klei’s perspective they probably want to do what they feel is best with the resources they have available and they want to make profit, and make their players happy with what they put out. From MY perspective- The game is called Dont Starve Together- But my friends skill levels actually vary drastically between one another, and in order to play this game with them and it be ENJOYABLE to them.. I have to screw around with those World Gen Customization settings. Trust me I speak from experience.. I have to mess with these things based upon WHO I want to play the game with at the time: I have friends who want extreme challenge so we amp up the stuff like hound wave frequency, we reduce the amount of resources available, we set weather seasons and season lengths to be random. Then there are the friends who starve to death with an inventory full of birchnuts because they have yet to figure out how to cook them.. Those friends need things toned waaaaayyyy down- So there are no hound wave attacks, all bosses are toggled as off, all weather seasons are turned off except Autumn, resources that were set to lower for my other friend have to be set to the most allowed for my Inventory full of Birchnuts friend. To put this into a TL:DR- It never hurts to have MORE control over how easy or how hard the game will be for you and your friends, and while you may see this as something that Klei shouldn’t waste time or effort on, I see it as the only way to truly play the game TOGETHER (like it’s name implies) and actually allow said friends to enjoy the experience- based entirely upon our personal preferences of all the glorious settings we should have further control over.
  16. @OxCD Sounds like I have a fun reason to open the game this week and play. Maybe it's time for an updated "Partial Metling/Evaporation" thread. I'll try to make it exciting, and keep the gory details in spoilers. For me the key would be to spread the 500C out rapidly enough to keep lots of spots open to flaking at 400C (or a bit lower). I do know that puts a cap on 25kg/s of material being processed per flaking point, but I don't know of any faster way to move heat (though I'm excited to learn). It' will probably be a few days before I can devote decent time, but I like the challenge. It will probably keep me up tonight, trying to devise something new. The game is on.
  17. @penguin0616 So I'm 90% sure this is the code I need to add, but am not sure how to replace the old code. Have you done that before? I've already done something like this before, don't really remember how I did it.. local function OnStartFollowing(inst, data) if inst.leadertask ~= nil then inst.leadertask:Cancel() inst.leadertask = nil end if data == nil or data.leader == nil then inst.components.follower.maxfollowtime = nil elseif data.leader:HasTag("player") then if not data.leader:HasTag("houndtamer") then --Test Code. inst.components.follower.maxfollowtime = TUNING.HOUNDWHISTLE_EFFECTIVE_TIME * 1.5 else inst.components.follower.maxfollowtime = TUNING.TOTAL_DAY_TIME * 2.5 end else inst.components.follower.maxfollowtime = nil if inst.components.entitytracker:GetEntity("leader") == nil then inst.components.entitytracker:TrackEntity("leader", data.leader) end end end
  18. For some reason I've always pictured WX-78's animated short featuring a part where they come awake for the first time on a table as a blurry image of Wagstaff is wandering the office space. It then fades to a scene where they're outside for the first time, just taking everything in, when suddenly a butterfly lands on WX-78's palm. They stare at it for a small period, almost as if it enjoys beauty, before the programming kicks in and they just absolutely squish the thing, soullessly staring. With Wagstaff standing in the back as a silhouette or something.
  19. I'm so happy to see Maxwell getting some screen time. It always seemed a bit odd that he was never shown in any animated shorts and seldom shown it artwork and yet he is one of the most important characters. Can't wait for the update
  20. I predict not now but in the future, maybe several years from now.. that DST will be the blockbuster big name franchise it deserves to be- but the game will have evolved by that point into something much bigger then what it is now- Things I would like to see on the way towards this prediction- Palm Trees, Walani, DLC compatibility with Shipwrecked and Hamlet themed Worlds (if you own those dlcs) An actual Adventures mode like single player DS had, More world Gen settings and game customization options, more exciting brand new content with new features, biomes, mobs, hazards and gameplay mechanics, the entire roster of Single Player DS’s playable characters (Walani, Wilbur, Woodlegs, Wagstaff, Wilba, Wheeler) Tons more skins for further game customization (and profit for Klei), Lore, lots of juicy Lore! & huge highly voted fan suggested changes such as “Elevated plots of Land” which if anyone has the link for that please post here! Oh and last but certainly not least- An epic quest to save, & unlock Charlie as a playable character.
  21. That is such a lovely looking image. I cannot wait for this stuff to hit the regular branch. Super hyped for what's following too!
  22. hypeee! i really cannot wait! halloween is my favorite holiday and to have forgotten knowledge paired with hallowed nights is just perfect
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