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  2. So Klei should just build a mode where everything spawns randomly and every 20 game days it generates a new world that lasts for only 20 days till it is regenerated again? I already do this with some of my saves & until I learned how to survive Winter, this is detail of how my play sessions with this game as a Noob went. Is it something that needs its own mode? Eh probably not- as I feel like it would be a waste of time and resources for Klei when YOU can just randomly regenerate your world yourself. Is it a “Minecraft Dungeons” type experience? No.. but DST shouldn’t aim to be anything like Dungeons, DST should be it’s Own thing and the more content Klei can add to its surface world, the ocean, and caves.. the more I’ll have to do and explore. Would a Randomly generated Forge Battle Arena be fun? Yeah you bet.. battling in a circular arena full of lava and your goal is to kill or knock the enemy mob into the lava meanwhile they’re trying to do the same thing to you. Think of it as sort of that limited time Last Stand after match mini-game Smite once had.. or Similar to Borderlands Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot DLC.. as a Survival Mode where you pick a character and fight in a tiny restricted area randomly spawning “Contestants” until you are killed or get knocked into the lava ring. for Moxxi’s Underdome there were even some crazy modifiers thrown in every few waves (but I’m not sure if random rule modifiers wouldn’t be a bit too much for DST) One thing I DO KNOW is that people have a hard enough time hosting a world with cave content in it as is.. so adding any additional server shards to the already existing game world would simply be near impossible due to the game being Multiplayer. So “Minecraft Dungeons” or DS Hamlet Temples probably won’t ever exist in DST..
  3. I still find that pretty impressive, honestly! Even if you quite literally know how everything works in the game, putting the knowledge to survive is another trouble entirely, especially with how winter is a huge roadblock for people due to its multiple dangers + Deerclops, which most who know about it usually don’t do too well until after a few attempts with the boss, so getting across that and spring is still an achievement. Family also is extremely important and should come first, so I understand not being able to play.
  4. who said the game needs to be more uncompromising?
  5. I finally beat omni-kashio with smith. Turns out smith's best strategy is adrenaline/power + self damage build.
  6. Not even what this thread is about. Plus, don't you have some difficult bosses to beat for the first time? If it were an item it should just be a special item (1 per world) that can be found floating in the ocean by any character.
  7. Yeah.. the Razor, a one time built tool that has infinite durability & multiple uses already, way to make the game more uncompromising and give us more reason to gather resources.
  8. dude, you don't need to be a toad about it. golly.
  9. Mini Games are great, but what I really want is new levels of difficulty. Chopping a Tree in SW or Hamlet can result in spawning a hostile mob or having a coconut konk you on the head injuring your Health, things that DST does not use outside of its Underground Caves.. or the Treeguards/Birchnut Guards. Outside of that.. Rawling being a character exclusive item I don’t agree with, it should just be an item anyone can find, I mean didn’t Return of Them start by literally having a massive tidal wave caused by a chunk of moon that fell into the ocean?
  10. I would never want to waste glasscutters just to obtain mediocre and bothersome food. your idea sucks and the razor is perfectly fine for this.
  11. glass cutter is nice too but do you think that would put newbies and players of an unexplored map at a disadvantage?
  12. Both air vents in in screenshot has been long inactive due to overpressure. Tried layering bottom with pwater/crude oil (again), deletion still happening. There is about 10-20kg of steam in that top corner in each tile. Before patch there was in excess of 30kg in half of the room, I have added photo for comparison (Photos). I'm going to call it gas deletion, notice I now have 2 petrol generators on the left, PO2 getting deleted in there as well. Ethanol in small amounts also getting deleted randomly. This makes any kind of machinery steam room with more than 1 type of gas unusable. Desolated 430_gas_deletion.sav
  13. It’s just that every Return of Them update has introduced new craftable structures and tools.. It doesn’t HAVE to be Hamlet Shears, they just made the most sense for trimming a tree.. Alternatively They could just let the Glass Cutter be the tool used for this.. making trips to Lunar Island more frequent for players. Instead of using the basic Razor.
  14. As I understand it, the output of batteries is not regulated, they can easily output more than the wires can handle. Keep them on the heavy watt side, and use transformer to limit power to sub-circuit. do not put battery on sub-circuit.
  15. Love the birthday card XD he looks so done with life XD
  16. The rework is aimed on several aspects: 1) making darts cheaper to produce and more oriented on increasing melee weapons efficiency instead of being primary weapon 2) improving effects of existing darts, especially of underused ones like fire and sleep darts 3) making darts work similar to actual darts, having duration of effect instead of instant effect Darts are split from blow pipe, which has infinite durability and can be crafted from driftwood, reeds and ropes. Blow pipe can be loaded with feathered darts. Basic darts are crafted with 1 twig + 1 tip. Tip is either flint, stinger or hound tooth. Tip affects duration of effect applied to mob - 20 seconds for flint, 25 for stinger and 30 for hound tooth. In order to be loadable into blowpipe, basic darts have to be upgraded with a single feather by hovering a feather over them in inventory. Type of feather define effect applied to mob struck with dart. Black feathers work similarly to sleep darts, applying grogginess (mechanic introduced in DST but currently exclusive to players) to mobs for dart's duration of effect, eventually putting them to sleep if enough darts are attached. Groggy mobs have reduced walk and attack speed. Total sleeping duration once a mob is put to sleep is based on total remaining duration of all sleep darts. More sleep darts can be fired to increase sleeping duration without awakening the mob. Blue feathers reduce mob's resistance to freezing and instantly add coldness. Single or several darts fired in quick succession are able to freeze a mob. Freezing time is calculated the same way as sleeping time and can also be increased with more freeze darts. Red feathers combust upon reaching the target, applying non-spreadable fire damage (5 hp/sec) to a mob for dart's duration of effect. Fire damage can be stacked with more fire darts shot. Mob is not set on fire and as such drops regular loot instead of cooked one. Additionally, mob begins to panic unless it was prone to fire damage (red hounds, dragonfly). Yellow feathers deal additional damage every time the mob is attacked with electric weapon. Each attached electric dart deals 5% of weapon's damage to a mob and these can be stacked. Additionally, they deal passive stackable damage to wet mobs (similar to wx-78 damage from rain). Unlike bird feathers, Down and malbatross feathers apply instant damage - 100 hp for down dart and 150 hp for malbatross dart. All darts (with exception of red) drop feathers when dart's duration effect is over or mob is killed, allowing to reuse feathers to craft more darts. Basic darts are consumed and their crafting ingredients are not returned. Red feathers are turned to ash and as such can't be reused. Mobs have a certain limit of darts they can have on them. The limit is mostly based on mob's size. Darts attached when the limit has been reached cause darts with lowest duration remaining to fall off prematurely, returning feathers or ashes. The limit is highest for boss mobs and giants (~20 darts) and lowest for small mobs like rabbits (~1-2 darts). Feathered darts stack to 40 (up from 20) because they are similar in size to twigs they are made from.
  17. I'd say backstories during development probably isn't part of the lore canon, but I am not sure. In any case, we can still have other balls to throw, like the Silly Monkey Ball.
  18. Ya I was sort of thinking the same thing. It would not be a battle arena it would be somewhat similar to Diablo style where you are running through dungeons. It is hard to explain I guess especially if you do not enjoy those types of games. Ya budget is tough for Klei on events like this I was thinking it not even be an event just an actual version of the game for example choosing map layout which includes Winters Fiest you would choose Dungeons for example and it would generate the world.
  19. Where is the "Wilson is the vanilla character and therefore should be left alone" option?
  20. Today
  21. I'd love a bee character, could be named something like Waxer or Waxel and have unique recipes with honey and bees wax. I could see them having the ability to pollinate their own flowers and collect nectar for early game honey production. There's all sorts of stuff a bee could do that wouldn't just be "everything Webber but goes buzz buzz instead."
  22. Giving a single character a band-aid solution to a problem instead of addressing the actual problem is a bad idea, and Klei would never do that more than once.
  23. Hahaha, omg, I totally forgot about his allergy to bees. I imagine her apologizing when she interacts with him and him saying that he's "totally fine". Oh really?! I never saw it, I'll take a look c:
  24. During the days of ANR, I played with my wife a fair amount but we were not that good and only survived until summer. Occasionally I'd join a public server but not very often. I haven't had as much time to play these days as I have a house full of young kids. I played a lot during the Gorge and both seasons of the Forge. Most people didn't realize they were playing with a developer, even though I had the admin badge on the character icon.
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