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  2. It’s true... Old fashioned way but not even something modern and even not piped... (^ω^)
  3. The heavy joint plate doesn't carry a full 20kw. The heavy conductive joint plate does carry 20kw.
  4. Hello guys! (•ω•) The idea is simple, that is what you can find in your daily life - it is in the power distribution device in your home (that box with lots of switches). I mean the RCBO (residual current breakers with overcurrent protection). It will cut the circuit once you overload the power network, act like an automated power shutoff. But if you want to reconnect the circuit, that will need your duplicants to reset the device manually. So can this be applied into the game?
  5. I also wouldn't mind being able to hold down shift or something and scroll faster. I know we can set bookmarks, but sometimes you're scrolling somewhere nearby but not near enough that you want to wait.
  6. hmmm your file is identical to the one generated by mod tools except for the filenames n references of course
  7. it will probably primarily be supported on occulus rift since thats the main thing set up to test it
  8. The command is correct. Just make sure that you are running the command as admin, and, in case it's a dedicated server, with the infamous "Remote: " in front of the command line. (The "Remote: " is toggled by pressing <ctrl>, and therefore get's toggled when pasting something into the command console using <ctrl>+v.) Afterwards restart your server for the change to take effect. Also keep in mind that you have to change it for every shard. Means if you are running a Forest+Caves world, you have to execute it once on the forest shard, and once on the caves shard for both to be changed.
  9. Some strange Wormwood behaviour

    Not sure about befriending, but they are neutral to him.
  10. Liquid pipe thermo sensors stop giving meaningful readings, always reading 0 Kelvin with water inside. Quiting and reloading the game does not fix the readings. Prosperous Fart.sav
  11. Today
  12. I think it's used in GeneratedOre.LoadGeneratedOre and substance is assigned to the element in ElementLoader.SetOrCreateSubstanceForElement and ElementLoader.FinaliseElementsTable. Btw, there is still no easy way to add new anims to the game.
  13. So I learnt from this forum that mechanism for doors has changed. So I was trying to come up with a staple that automate egg delivery, incubation, and killing. The whole process is still cruel to critters, but nice to dupes. Here is a demo And main parts in next spoiler The idea is pretty simple. But this does not work with any flying critters, cuz they don't fall in closed doors, they just get stuck. Should work for all walking critters. This is just a demonstration of the idea. To make it complete, the room will have to be taller, and an auto-sweeper to get out dead meat and egg shells should be added, and something else that I may have forgotten. Well, no one is perfect.
  14. If you have an over abundance of shine bugs, you can run the solar panels somewhere in the base. Just needs a critter lure. There's around 90 bugs in this mess - both panels, full output all the time.
  15. Central cooling mk2

    I like this approach.
  16. Alright, today I was going to fight pugalisk for the first time. I had my cane, my armour, my weapons, my healing items, and was ready to go. I start the fight and then.... OH S***T I FORGOT THE COFFEE. Oh Well, at least I have the magic water, may as well get out of here before it all goes south, it's not like I can hit him anyway. I really shouldn't be able to run away from a boss fight like that! Hell, I took more damage from the ruins than I did getting raiding the fountain of youth!
  17. Does anyone know when Year of the Pig King event end? I want to know how much time I have left to get the skins :?

  18. Holy **** you've done it. Somebody call Klei, they need to hear this.
  19. Polluted water is the highest out-gasser/sublimator of polluted oxygen per unit of mass - though output rate steadily decreases over time for untouched bottles not being replenished. Slime is a steady rate emitter of polluted oxygen ( 30g/s though the game says otherwise, debug measurements were made to determine that ) - regardless of mass. Algae distillers are the better way to deal with unwanted slime - it's just faster processing if you're willing to put up with the side effects. The output is probably more useful than just PO2 in slime's case. Not mentioning germs here as there are many ways of dealing with that issue. Converting PO2 into O2 is a only a post processing step that some people take when needing to deal with said germs or needing to have a supply of clean clay in the instance of converting germ free polluted oxygen.
  20. Auto-Sweeper doesn't work after 10 cycles or so. I have to destroy and rebuild Conveyor Receptacle every time. Incredible Panopticon.sav
  21. That's what I meant, but without full moon. Both Wormwood and Eldar Mandrake are plants like Snap tooth, Bulb plant so they should at least be non aggressive to eachother.
  22. Everyone can. You just have to wait till it's full moon
  23. She's old, sometimes simpler solutions get the same result. Instead of RNG her chances to die in an unfair way, she could very well just have 125 max hp. On the forge her hp pool was smaller than the rest, but not as bad as maxwell's. It would also fit her role as a "game mage": mages in games are usually smarter and more fragile than the average fighter, which currently she isnt. I also support @EuedeAdodooedoe to make spoiled foods to give a much stronger penalty to her. Regardless, it would be no fun if her rebalance are just nerfs. We want new stuff not nerfs really, and even if the above mentioned nerfs are applied, i'd very much like to see at least 2 new gamechanging books at her disposal. Absolutely agree. My previous post meant to fix the lighter only, not willow as a whole though. I liked the idea given in another post some time ago that willows firey powers would increase as she becomes insane, so when at 0, or insane levels of sanity, her interaction with "fire" related items change entirely. Examples: Cooking for her in the crock pot started by insane willow is 50% faster Fire staff deals some extra direct explosive damage to a small AOE (it shouldnt set that aoe on fire to prevent griefing or accidents, just explosive damage that doesnt spread fire) Torch or lighter in her hands emit more light Fuel she uses on fires last longer (like the potion of the mad science tab) Emits heat in a small radius for other players (not for her though) Etc Whenever she is sane again, these boosts are lost. It would also go well with other of her things: Bernie, so you'd be free to use your insane powers while bernie protects you. And id give her 100% permament fire immunity from the start anyway, just that changes her gameplay a lot if you dont have to fear fire damage. I'd scrap her current con and change it so she takes more damage from freezing and ice damage, and this extra damage she takes is even more when insane. Anyway Its hard to give her fire related powers without having to mind the griefing capabilities of it, so it takes a lot of thinking really.
  24. I have an issue I want to trace down over 100 cycles or so. Is there a way to increase the number of auto-saves? Alternatively, can I auto-pause the game when there is a red warning, like for suffocation?
  25. I have also had the problem with 7.6mg of dirt, not slime.
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