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  2. About once a month somebody suggests ONI multiplayer. Sometimes it ends up in a discussion but most veteran players don`t see a possibility for it due to performance issues and the general character of the game. That said there was an attempt to make a sort of shared save version (i can`t find the thread right now) and it ended up with players doing random builds and not really caring about other player designs. As for playing simultainously there are a lot of potential issues with control and pause. If players start on the same planetoid do thay share control or have their own set of dupes? If they start on different ones what happens when they travel? Also that`s potentially hours of play before they can interact. It`s not as easy as just adding another player controlling a separate character.
  3. The cargo modules in SO are made for automated transfer and aren`t accessible by dupes directly. This is an issue with solids as conveyors are locked behind the mechatronics skill. Most players resort to storage bins and sometimes filling them then deconstructing to save space while storing stuff on the floor of the spacefarer modules. As for how the loader and unloaders work to avoid the "cargo transfer complete" message you need to specify what cargo the module accepts. Ideally the rocket should wait to be fully loaded with fuel oxydizer and cargo and then launch automatically (which is kinda possible but requires the pilot to remain inside) at the destination it would be refueled unloaded and launch back on it`s own.
  4. I feel like radiation stuff could have done more like nuclear power. Or ways to obtain more Ore. I suppose drill them from poi in space. Or radiation mutation for critters.
  5. You can find your ignore list here: Or you can hove over a forum members name and choose the ignore option.
  6. We have an moded item that has a component "equippable". When you pick it in hand, game looses it's tex file and tries to find it in atlas 'images/inventoryimages2.xml'. Item loses his texture in crafting tab. There is an error from logs Deserializing tile data (425 x 425) [00:03:01]: WARNING! Could not find region 'jg_axe.tex' from atlas 'images/inventoryimages2.xml'. Is the region specified in the atlas? [00:03:01]: Looking for default texture '' from atlas 'images/inventoryimages2.xml'. [00:03:01]: Error Looking for default texture in from atlas 'images/inventoryimages2.xml'. [00:03:01]: WARNING! Could not find region 'jg_axe.tex' from atlas 'images/inventoryimages2.xml'. Is the region specified in the atlas? [00:03:01]: Looking for default texture '' from atlas 'images/inventoryimages2.xml'. [00:03:01]: Error Looking for default texture in from atlas 'images/inventoryimages2.xml'. [00:03:01]: WARNING! Could not find region 'jg_axe.tex' from atlas 'images/inventoryimages2.xml'. Is the region specified in the atlas? [00:03:01]: Looking for default texture '' from atlas 'images/inventoryimages2.xml'.
  7. Mods have been moved from that directory into Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/322330. Could you check to see if your user account has permissions to write to this folder and that no antivirus is blocking read or write access to this folder?
  8. you can't increase the speed at which you heat up, it's the same as any number of heat sources, only max temperature changes
  9. while it's made of the same things as ice box and more?
  10. This will be addressed during the next patch release with an empty string "" working as expected for these mods to continue to function. The intention was to add a way for mods to remove a remap sound event but I overlooked the common use case in mods that used an empty string to make a sound not play. After the patch release passing in nil or a string that is the first argument will remove the sound remap and an empty string will make the audio not play.
  11. How it was not helpfull? Without discussion he not also tell that this feature can be as optional. Kid go play tetris .
  12. Other forums and Discord allow users to ignore other users which makes it so the user doesn't see the ignored user's posts, sometimes with an unhide post placeholder. I'd love to see that feature implemented on this forum.
  13. I think that wicker, as a character, becomes too reliant on reeds being in close proximity to one another to make the most of her, which more often than not; means you want a reed trap. The fact that you need to gather 4 reeds per 1 papyrus means that bad swamp generation can really screw you over, even if you do make use of her books to the best capacity that you can with advanced farms like grass, twigs, and reed farms with lureplants. Her books however, are still pretty strong when you can get them. Being able to use birds of the world/sleepy time stories to farm krampii/feathers/morsels is incredibly useful, the aforementioned lureplant farms are incredibly strong, and on tentacles is relatively useful for certain farms/getting more tentacle spots. (not to mention they're also real good for any wurt players that might be in the server) More books will always be welcome though because as it currently is; playing wickerbottom is a bit lackluster imo
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  15. Absolutely none of your posts in this thread are helpful or relevant, so please stop posting unless you have something helpful to add. You made your point that it could affect performance. I don't see why you have to call me a "bodycard." I think it's a great suggestion and if it were added to the game people could choose not to use it to to maintain their performance and those with a computer that could handle using the feature could have it available.
  16. A grocery tote made of silk, you say? A bag of living things non-Webbers don't want to open. After making 3 totes of spiders, you ask your friends to carry some for you when travel around the world. But your friends refuse.
  17. "Too much" is caused by a bad mechanism, namely, the attack speed equivalence is more than regularly attack speed. This is equivalence to giving Walter a 50% flat damage bonus, which doesn't make sense to the character. This was to shoot down your 3-bullet idea. "less dps" was to point out without the 3-bullet idea, using slingshot in melee style naturally has reduced damage. The final damage will be less than melee weapons. Since this style of slingshot has the very much the same environment as melee attacks, but does less damage than the melee attack, there would be no reason to choose this type of slingshot. That "comfortable" situation would be more comfortable than melee if slingshot's starting shot is like whip's fast animation, but will actually be less comfortable than melee because its first slow shot. The dps would be nice, but not as good as melee. I can imagine it's not as comfortable as melee and deal less damage than melee. It would be a less desirable weapon than melee of same tier. The reason why people cannot escape the melee interactions is that there will be a lot of bounced off ammo, and it will take a while for Woby the Lazy Forager to pick them all up. If people figure out a way to exploit it through moving speed bonus or carefully chosen walking path, then those strategies are proof that Walters' play styles are affected by the change of reusable ammo. And it will provide gaming experience more than kiting and running. That by itself is a new interaction with bosses, besides possible melee encounters. Your main argument is that people won't play the game as I imagined. Okay, I have no problem with that, they can come up different ideas to take advantage of this new reusable ammo mechanism. No matter how they do it, they have a play style different from melee, and have more interactions than pure ranged. This mechanism will be a trigger to a chain reaction that allow players' strategic creativity in dealing with different bosses. Are you taking about preparing extra armor and healing, and not avoiding Walter's downside, and kill antlion the same way as other characters? I think we were talking about why melee weapons / close range shot guns were undesirable for antlion. The extra armor, healing, and Walter's downside is why. Insisting on choose that over a better ranged option seems illogical. That easy boss (antlion) is a good demonstration of my point that close range slingshot can be replaced by melee weapon because they have same uncomfortable environment and less damage.
  18. I main Wilson because he's a fun character, I enjoy a lot of different aspects of this game, and as a character with no downsides, I don't need to make or prepare anything to make a journey, and I really enjoy having a backup life or two at my base. His quotes are funny, and he definitely has more character, lore, and personality than some other characters (I'm looking at you wormwood) All in all, I like the funny science trumpet man with facial hair Also verdant Wilson is the best Wilson skin
  19. Any way to tell the radius of a starcaller that grows plants? Is the place where charlie hisses the spot where plants don't get "sun"?
  20. I would love to have breakaway windows as an optional feature in this game. It would allow for easier passive monitoring of projects or just contraptions I like to watch, and I have multiple monitors to take full advantage of such a feature. I agree with @Zarquan that using Ctrl+# and Shift+# is awkward and it's a feature I don't use often. If this feature was added to the game it wouldn't affect anyone who doesn't use the feature so @gabberworld is making an absolutely pointless argument. Believe it or not @gabberworld you can let people make suggestions and not come in and tear them down with performance arguments. Especially since Klei will never implement this anyway.
  21. Changed Status to Fixed I can't think of a change that would've fixed it in the latest update but I'm glad it's resolved.
  22. If a player's framerate is that bad, then they wouldn't have to use the feature. It is purely optional.
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