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  2. With the Year of the Beefalo coming to an end soon. I thought I'd make this thread just to talk about some last minute changes that would be really good for the beefs. Because the changes made to them in YOTB where a Massive step up, but I do think there are just a couple of small tweaks they could use. I. Prelude Before we begin, what changes did YOTB make to beefs and their domestication? First is, as many people know, Is the Beefalo bell. Probably the biggest addition to YOTB. The Beefalo bell allows you to name and bind yourself to a beefalo. The bound beef will follow the bell like an eye bone, and while held, it will follow you into caves and through wormholes. This alone fixes one of the biggest weaknesses of old beefs. That being how how limited they where compared to Walking Canes. Second, You can now pick objects while riding beefalo. Bushes, saplings, grass tufts, ect. Are all picked as normal, and items on the ground take 0.25-0.5 (I didn't count) seconds. This is also a massive and wonderful change for 2 reasons. 1. It allows you to activly maintain a beefalo's obedience without having to constantly dismount it. 2. It removes the massive time loss that came from having to dismount the beefalo every time you needed to pick something up. These two changes make Beefalo much more fluid and convenient to use. And have definitly pushed them into viability. But there are still changes that can, and in my opinion, should be made. II. Food First, I want to start With Beefalo hunger and food, because this mechanic is simultaneously compleatly pointless and way to tedious. Allow me to elaborate. The first thing to note have 300 hunger and a whopping 4x hunger drain. If their hunger is empty, then they will start to loose domestication. On the plus side, you can feed your beefalo grass and twigs to restore hunger. Ofcourse, it only restores about 4 and 10 hunger respectivly, meaning you need nearly a stack per day to keep a beefalo fed. HOWEVER. Beefalo will not loose domestication if you are riding them, or if they are near a salt lick. So, If you ride your beefalo around the map and park it near a salt lick while not in use. So, we've got a near-bottomless stomach on a creature that you never actually need to feed. Good thing there's nothing else linked to a beef's hunger, right? Nope! One of the 4 tendancies beefalo can have is Chubby. This is obtained by keeping hunger above 50% or overfeeding it. And it is G A R B A G E. Chubby beefalo are slower than Ornary beefalo, weaker than Rider beefalo. And what do they give in return? a 6.25 sanity aura per minute. For reference, a Tam O' Shanter restores 6.7 sanity per minutes. You could stack the two auras. But a Tam already covers passive sanity loss 99% of the time. And on top of that, Beefalo will take the hits of most attacks, meaning you can wear a tam o' shanter on any other type of beefalo for a higher sanity aura without any of the downsides to the Pudgy beef. So just to Recap. Pudgy Beefalos are the most expensive to domesticate by a land slide, and are objectivly the worst option in every sense. Yeah. These guys need buffed. III. S P E E D This section is going to cover 2 seperate things. Speed boosts for the beefalo, and the Glossamer saddle. First. Speed boosts. Beefalo are pretty fast on their own. I'm not sure quite how fast, but a default beefalo feels around twice as fast as a player. Now, I don't think that Beefalo should be effected by walking canes. I mean that doesn't even make sense, now does it? However, I do belive that Beefalo being effected by Roads and Cobblestone turf *would* be a good change. It makes sense, is fairly balanced. and rewards players for investing the resources into long-distance cobblestone pathways. And now for the Glossamer saddle. I'm sorry, but this thing is nowhere near worth it. No, no. It's not as not worth it as you think, it's even less worth it than that. For 68 butterfly wings, you can make a saddle that has a 55% speed boost. Pretty cool, right? Now what if I told you that the default saddle, made with pigskin, gold, and wool, gives a 40% speed boost, thus meaning that all that investment is actually for a 15% speed boost? Thought so. So I'd say either the cost of the glossamer saddle needs to be reduced, or the speed boost needs to be closer to 80-100% than 55%. IV. Conclusion. So finally. What all do I think needs changed with Beefalo domestication? 1. Reduce hunger drain to something closer to 2x instead of 4x. 2. Buff the Pudgy beefalo. A higher sanity aura is the obvious change, but given that Pudgy Beefs are the only kind of Beefalo that actually require resource investment, I think they need a new bonus entirely. 3. Allow Beefalo to be effected by Roads and Cobblestones 4. Buff the Glossamer saddle. 5. MAKE THE STUPID AS HUNK OF MEAT NOT RUN AWAY WHILE I'M TRYING TO FEED OR RIDE IT BY THE NINE CIRCLES OF HELL PLEASE!
  3. So I've been having another crash with the mod configs and I'm having the feeling there's nothing I can do about it on my own here : I've also tried to run Gemcore's world seed config, seems to be getting the same result so I'm confident it's a general issue.
  4. The issue people were facing with deerclops respawning mechanic has occurred to me with Dfly. Default settings, no events. Went to dfly, she did not show up. I did not kill her for a long time.
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  6. One track they could extend is the "Return of them" leitmotif. It's a quiet subtle track that's atmospherically puts one on edge.
  7. I just started a new map and noticed that there are fewer Pacu on a swampy start, and they're also breeding less in the wild. I have just started a fish farm. Has anyone made any other interesting fish boxes?
  8. It seems reasonable to assume that the depleted uranium would make an interesting alloy for blocking radiation - seeing as how it's depleted. Might be a condemned part of the base where the radiological research takes place.
  9. I am happy so many people love this idea haha. Yeah something like this would be great. I for one am hoping for "Ambient" mainly because it would be nice to toggle between ambient music on and then normal soundtrack in case people do no want to hear the ambient music but I know for at least myself a lot of down time happens before fighting so it would be nice to have some sort of music that is not so "chiptune" would be nice. I think even copying the ONI soundtrack into DST would be something temporary while they find a way to make a similar soundtrack for DST. But I really like a proper soundtrack could really put this game on a whole new level. Minecraft IMO has one of the best soundtracks and while the music plays you tend to get lost with time because of how it is. Especially as you all know even Valheims music does the same. It is on loop but overall you never notice because its so low and in the background. Here is hoping
  10. Klei uses json4Lua to convert between lua tables and json strings in DST. This library has many fatal flaws, which are presented on I think you can use other json libraries implemented in pure lua to replace it if necessary. The alternatives I found are as follows. LunaJson json.lua
  11. "bring glory back to mermkind!" "Scale less not understand we just like them." "Wurt little but strong!" "Show mermkind life beyond swamp!" "Hungry... May go home soon" "Not feel so good" "Fight! Defend princess Wurt!" "Chop trees easy for merms" "Will break rocks, easy!"
  12. I read the thread in question and I can see where OP is coming from. While there is no need to attack JoeW- I would hope the above poster was also punished for actively attempting to anger someone. As someone once said about 3 hours ago-
  13. By the titan that was nearly 100 pages ago.
  14. Yeah Idk on that one. I can only imagine it's because Graft slots are expensive; so the indebted labourer Sal has the least, while the rich kid Smith has the most?? Rook has more than Sal because he's ex-military and a lot older, probably.
  15. Have You tried to control pills consumption with Consumables tab?
  16. In honor of this being (as of the time of writing) March 1st, technically a "spring" month, I decided to dress up my survirors in various spring-related themes. (at least, that was the original idea. It kinda devolved into its own thing later. : P) Boxer Wolfgang is ready for his spring training. Wickerbottom the Nature Witch Lightning is an expected occupational hazard of Mad Science, hence Wilson has prepared himself for it with goggles, a raincoat (it's a raincoat if I say it is, shut up), rubber gloves and boots. WX goes back to its..."roots". Both literally and mechanically. WILLOW: Spring? You mean that season when it's (shudder) wet all the time? Wake me when it's summer. And last but not least... Wendy's garden party got rained out. : P ...Notorious
  17. You can check the stress breakdown in the dupe info screen. It tells you the sources of stress change on a particular day. If there's a spike of stress, maybe check if dupes are sopping wet from working under liquids, or check if they have popped eardrums from working in an environment with high gas pressure. They increase the dupe's stress by at least 20% per day, and the effect lasts for at least half a day(it gets reset if the dupe enters a high gas pressure env or under liquid env, so it can stack up under control).
  18. Ban viberr because James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher
  19. other idea that i have is that in the petrified forest have a chance to spawn a rare pretrified tree and when you mine it, you will receive a blueprint that let you make petrified tree seeds like marble beans. Maybe it's a bad idea but I'll post it anyway
  20. Oh it really worked! Thank you so much Bigfootmech you are incredible!!
  21. Makes sense, I feel like Woodie is secretly the one getting benefit from everything Sea related tho, no matter how expensive you make the Boats, Woodie has it, and he can pretty much travel from Water base to dry base by transformation, in no time.
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