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  2. Started new game on the version with no dlc and it's playing the menu music through my gameplay which is causing the scores to clash.
  3. Griftlands Update - PlayStation 4 Ver. 1.01 (06/18/2021) Fix for Mutant Vix crash/hang Fix for database rebuild issue
  4. I like challenging optional bossfights like enraged dragonfly armorless or bee queen no armor no healing but I only do them in their own worlds, I find the standard boss fights in real gameplay to be extremely boring after I've already done them dozens of times so cheese is perfect if all I want is the boss drops; you can't claim he's bad for everyone if you intentionally set your own restrictions that make him worse cheese is an intended mechanic because the devs know not everyone wants to fight the tedious bosses repeatedly just for items
  5. Well, look. I love the challenge and struggles. I love hard things, but i also love to find the easiest way possible to achieve it. Small trick there, another there will make my fight easier but i still have this fight.. But i just hate how easily exploitable this game is, too much cheese is possible that will let me completely skip huge chunks of content and experience. I can go and prepare for the hardest fight in my dst life by challenging the devilish creature from hell named Ancient Fuelweaver. OR JUST PLACE A PEW PEW THINGY and then go to the kitchen to make myself some tea. I remember my first time when we were fighting Fuelweaver. Oh god. It was the most fun experience ever. Then the day after, there was that wolfgang that showed me how do this stupid thing with shootius. I know i can play how i want and not exploit the things and cheese tactics, but why wouldn't I? Why wouldn't anyone? Is it a good thing for a game? Where you can completely skip a badass sequence of fighting with some big bads. I don't think so. Same i think about Character swapping, same im thinking why Walter is bad character. Because he is only good if you want to cheese. Its almost impossible to fight Bee queen with him for example, because of his stupid allergie.
  6. Ok cool it tends to crops and plays the animation normally. The only two things left is that it doesn't do the little bop when walking near it, like it should, and I want to play the current cycled sound when playing it to summon rain. Thanks in advance.
  7. If hats are a thing, it’s very likely that so are helmets. I guess if you really want an elite army you can give all of them helmets as well, making them tankier. It’s just guessing but maybe depending on which spider type you want making a different “mutating food thing” to feed the spider. like Woodie’s idol kinda mechanic? The other option is that there is just one type of mutating item and it randomly chooses between all posible spiders to change it, which would be more RNG dependent. But it would probably force you to be a bit more cautious when you get the kind of spiders you want, heal them and take them with you for other fights. Spitters and armored spiders are most likely going to be the most desireable to have.
  8. That is assuming that a spider queen doesn't leave behind a normal tier 1 den when she spawns, which would mean you would need to either destroy the den and re-decorate them (which only Webber can decorate) or shave the den down a couple stages before a queen spawns (also something only Webber can do). Unpopular opinion, but I personally am in favor of the above outcome. I like the idea that you can't just simply get cool decorated dens and bail on Webber for any other character, you actually have to put care and dedication into tending the spiders and dens. Plus I'd really hate to see another awesome character be used as a swap character for their perks.
  9. Wait what happened, did the werepigs actually attack the wall rather then get infinitely baited?
  10. The slingshot is designed to be used more as a tool rather than as a high damage dealing weapon. I'm glad it's designed that way, not every character has to be super duper epic at combat.
  11. what's wrong with cheese exactly, dst isn't a boss fighting game
  12. BQ and FW farms? And there we have a character that pretty much have to cheese to achieve anything. I see no more reason go on. In the end, we have a Character that can kill stuff only by using cheesy mechanics, then his speed perk being outclassed by taming a beef later on. Having one of the smallest stomachs, so you need to eat often, Couple of random hits will turn you to insanity where you will fight nightmare creatures for eternity. And also low health. I don't know. He looks like Wes 2.0 for me.
  13. Here's an idea. One of the issues with food production/storage is that dupes do not prioritise food that is stale. What if we had a freezer building as long term storage/automation alongside a "pie warmer". Dupes can't eat frozen food and instead get food from the "pie warmer"
  14. Like this? local function PlaySound(inst, doer) local PLANT_TAGS = {"tendable_farmplant"} inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("hookline_2/characters/hermit/plugged_fissure/"..inst.components.cyclable.step) --Attach the current cycled step to this string to determine which of the 3 sounds to play inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("music") --You need to make your own animation here! end
  15. I want to make a backpack for my character. But i don't know how to draw for it. I am planning to make 1x6, 2x6 and 3x6 slots for it and i am planning to edit original ui_backpack 2x4 but i don't know how big i should do it. Is there any measurement for it? any help would be great. sorry for my bad eng its not my main language
  16. In continuation of main menu song bug... Now the main menu song of base game (the correct one) continues playing when loading a save from the main menu. When the save is loaded through the game menu (loading a save a second time) the main menu song stops playing. Loading a different save does the same (log file when loading an old 500+ cycles colony. That colony also had some deactivated mods and there is some extra weirdness at the end of the log) Starting a new game (base game) also doesn't stop the main menu song from playing (a log from that attempt too..)
  17. Wickerbottom's main "thing" that can only be done by her is quick mass production of reeds, something that should realistically be available to more characters to begin with in some form. Outside of that her perks are very helpful but far from essential. Wolfgang is ultimately less of a help to the game's multiplayer focus when wortox and wendy contribute so much more to the team, making cheese-less bee queen a much more achievable goal whilst also helping immensely vs fuelweaver, and being pretty nice vs enemy hordes like spiders and splumonkies. The only reason I feel one can paint wolfgang as OP is in a solo play context, otherwise simply using spicy goat jelly vs a wet enemy, or even just using a morning star vs a wet enemy will already provide you more than enough individual dps. WX meanwhile is just ehhh. While overload is not bad by any means, it's also not exactly so overwhelmingly strong that it instantly pushes him up into one of the best characters - you generally only need so much speed for each boss's kiting pattern, and I don't think overload hits any essential benchmarks in a more practical manner than just using a cane or a mag or a road. Having 400 hp does not mean much either, since characters like wigfrid and wurt exist with their more than 200 hp (effective hp in wigfrid's case), which achieves pretty much the same practical benefit of being able to take a hit or two while unarmored, and synergizing a little better with jellybeans. I think before many changes were made it would be easy to place these three as clearly better than the rest, but I don't think that's the case at all anymore. Wigfrid is MUCH stronger than wolfgang in the game's intended multiplayer context in that she can make supplying all players in the game with equipment a much more achievable goal whilst also providing a supplemental source of healing to everyone, and draining very few resources from the group thanks to her lack of need for healing or sanity foods. I think the main problem is that to a degree it's being looked at in a singleplayer light, which pretty clearly isn't the focus of DST.
  18. Maybe a quote from merma but no. You need to feed them more for longer works and less for short ones
  19. due to his speed advantage he spends the least amount of time gathering the materials to set up farms for bq and fw early on, the most important bosses
  20. This has been fixed but unfortunately didn't make it in time for today's build.

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    is a screenshot ok? also if it is, side, front back?


    i got nothin to do so i did it anyways




    Wanted to make it a status to avoid interrupting the thread. 

    1. minespatch


      Also, looking at the drawing I did today, I drew the chains wrong. Thank you so very much, Wardin.

  22. Any word on game crashes due to deconstructing rocket gas cargo module ?
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