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  2. that's happened to me as well, for long time ago and few times ocassionally, still not know how it trigger, but fine after restart ds
  3. I think my assessment is accurate
  4. please direct your attention to literally everyone else talking about the topic right now. I honestly feel targeted.
  5. world generation

    The only thing about rocks being entirely missing I can think of is that the world generated a rather small rocky biome, some other people mined it all, and you explored the surface in a small time frame before it could regenerate with meteors or petrified forest. Usually when this happens the caves hold still a lot of rocks for you to use, unless the people playing are really efficient and objective driven maxwells/winonas, in which case you'd probably find a large base with chests containing a lot of minerals somewhere on the map. Still, caves drop minerals constantly by earthquakes so you will find them no matter what. About missing flint, same thing, you are almost guaranteed to find it in caves and if they mined most rocks and flint you will find open sinkholes for you to go down for free.
  6. u won't give the Wendy waifu topic a rest, will u?
  7. Not even kidding this happen when u talk about avoiding her skins xD
  8. I like that the new Sick Bay doubles as a storage for medicine. Given the artwork for the building and given a doctor's job of working with sick patients, I think it would be a natural fit if we could plumb water to the Sick Bay's sink to help keep our Med Bays sterilized and our doctors germ-free.
  9. Actually you really want to know why Wendy skins are expensive because people love their emo goth gf except wendy is a emo goth underaged gf for those people that really love her character design, and half of the playerbase sure love wendy for having a cool goth vibe with her dead sister coming back from the grave to protect her from "predators". but yeah because people love wendy because her age, style and etc. probably why I avoid wendy skins
  10. Warbucks being removed is Chad Erasure those darn soical justic......
  11. Pls report here there is a better template to describe your issue
  12. warbucks being removed is white erasure
  13. As someone who has often pined for combat to matter, alien invasions could be cool. We could have manned and automated defense turrets to shoot down their ships, new buildings and rooms that give combat buffs, armor to reduce damage suffered during firefights, and the resulting physical wounds would give our doctors something else to do besides manufacturing pills all day long. We could even have combat modules for our rockets and use them to track down dens belonging to these space invaders for some sweet, sweet loot. However, I fear such a system would reduce ONI's mid- to late-game to a de facto tower defense game, and I'm not sure that's in spirit with the developers vision for the game. For that reason, I think combat should be fleshed out through critters. Volgus could be a pest that breed quickly in their dens. They could chew on exposed wires, steal unsecured food, s[read disease, etc, making them a nuisance worth getting rid of. They could also provide a renewable source of meat, making them worth keeping around. Either way, combat would be needed to destroy the den or hunt for meat. Shockworms could represent a more aggressive creature, a territorial one that will attack our dupes on sight. These things would need to be dealt with by dupes trained and equipped for combat. The developers could add other aggressive creatures too. Volgus Shockworm
  14. Is it still possible to scatter seeds on natural tiles for them to grow in the wild? I built lots of fridges in an ice biome. Filled each with one sleet wheat grain, and then deconstructed the fridges. Many cycles later and they still haven’t taken root!! I’m pretty sure this was possible in the past. I don’t consider this an exploit as harvest times are much longer and I think the yield is reduced as well. I consider it more like organic farming.
  15. With Tubes, I see no reason for an Elevator. However, I do very much see a reason for Teleporters, both a Dupe version as well as a debris version. Sometimes you just need to move things a very long distance, and it takes a lot of time, even with Tubes, for a Dupe to move that distance. And in the end, you can move debris out of an area pretty effectively with a Conveyor and a Sweeper, but you can't effectively bring construction materials in that way.
  16. Today
  17. Tubes are more fun than metal elevators tho!
  18. I was actually thinking of juice bars... Not juice bars... But now that you mention it, juice bars would be a fine addition too.
  19. Weird Ideas

    Since we already have a stress response that causes dupes to destroy buildings, I'd rather a zombified dupe attack non-infected dupes. This would give us a needed source of physical injuries, giving us a bit more mileage out of the new triage cot.
  20. An alarm would be very useful. I'd also like to see seismic sensors, though the use for such a thing is somewhat limited in scope.
  21. I once proposed a pill to repress gastrointestinal-related traits (diarrhea, irritable bowel, flatulent, etc). If we could make something like this I would consider taking on flatulent dupes, but as is they're a no-go for me. PS - On a somewhat related note, I've also proposed a therapist job (complete with a couch for patients to lounge on during therapy sessions) that could repress psychological traits like squeamish and trypophobia. I think that could be a fun branch of the new medic skill tree.
  22. I don't know how many people find this mechanic yet if you are in the dark at night, without any light source on you, pig guard will pretend you are not here, give up chasing you although he is responsible to KILL you because you picked one frekkin flower that he is protecting however, whether a pig guard has hatred on you if you steal anything in guarded area, in the dark without light source pig guard will still notice and remember your face, he shouldn't notice that if he is not able to see you as long as this mechanic is intentionally designed, it should work fully and properly
  23. If they wanted dupes to actually get sick more often they could have kept the immunity system and just doubled/tripled the rate at which germs depleted immunity. The best aspect of immunity was a quick and easy way to identify which dupes were exposed without any additional clicks.
  24. i remember when i was playing forge and sometimes i could invite my frinds and sometimes i coudnt. turns out when they are already in dst you cant invite them. they need to be not in the game then you can. so maybe you try not being in dst and your friend invites you?
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