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  2. It has full details of every geyser.
  3. Interesting idea. Does Cairath's tool store the metrics of the geysers though or only their count?
  4. As I've mentioned in my previous posts, I would suggest: - hunting. I suggest herds of Zebs at once by checking increasing numbers of Suspicious Dirt Piles, or a jungle predator by checking Great Leafy Stalks for signs of its presence (clawmarks, bloodstains, etc.) (Thanks to everyone else's ideas :D) - the addition of the Teleportato and its setpieces. Given the scarcity of Gears the DLC wishes to impose, i suggest finding it in a special ruins or a special island, and finding its parts in a similar manner (though i wouldn't know how to implement the Divining Rod seeking for it in Ruins...) I would also like to add: Special RMB attacks for every weapon, like the jab shown in the trailer for the Spear and possibly the halberd, or an AoE for the Dark Sword with sanity cost, or a heavy attack for the Ham Bat, to name a few.
  5. I can't seem to find an image of these proto Spider Monkeys at all. Do you have an example?
  6. please confirm this if you can.
  7. Mod Tools generates an incorrect value in the names_*.xml and names_gold_*.xml files when converting PNG to TEX as described by me in this thread:
  8. Anyways, once you directed my attention to the file in question I was able to pull out the original characters' name files and found that the problem is one simple naming convention - (the numbers and even the picture size dont matter as those are just relative to positioning): <Atlas> <Texture filename="names_esctemplate.tex" /> <Elements> <Element name="PROBLEM_HERE" u1="0.00048828125" u2="0.85009765625" v1="0.1962890625" v2="0.9990234375" /> </Elements> </Atlas> where PROBLEM_HERE:is generated incorrectly: wrong naming convention: names_esctemplate.tex or names_gold_esctemplate.tex correct Element name should be (in both files): esctemplate.tex Like the following below: Correct names_esctemplate.xml <Atlas> <Texture filename="names_esctemplate.tex" /> <Elements> <Element name="esctemplate.tex" u1="0.00048828125" u2="0.85009765625" v1="0.1962890625" v2="0.9990234375" /> </Elements> </Atlas> Correct names_gold_esctemplate.xml <Atlas> <Texture filename="names_gold_esctemplate.tex" /> <Elements> <Element name="esctemplate.tex" u1="0.00048828125" u2="0.85009765625" v1="0.1962890625" v2="0.9990234375" /> </Elements> </Atlas>
  9. neither in the telescope description in the build menu nor in the tooltip for the telescope itself does it say it needs oxygen. I had to look on the forums to figure out why my duplicants wouldn't use the telescope since they were in atmo-suits and it wasn't ever mentioned that they needed oxygen to use the telescope. This requirements should be mentioned in those tooltips.
  10. It’s true... Old fashioned way but not even something modern and even not piped... (^ω^)
  11. The heavy joint plate doesn't carry a full 20kw. The heavy conductive joint plate does carry 20kw.
  12. Today
  13. Hello guys! (•ω•) The idea is simple, that is what you can find in your daily life - it is in the power distribution device in your home (that box with lots of switches). I mean the RCBO (residual current breakers with overcurrent protection). It will cut the circuit once you overload the power network, act like an automated power shutoff. But if you want to reconnect the circuit, that will need your duplicants to reset the device manually. So can this be applied into the game?
  14. I also wouldn't mind being able to hold down shift or something and scroll faster. I know we can set bookmarks, but sometimes you're scrolling somewhere nearby but not near enough that you want to wait.
  15. hmmm your file is identical to the one generated by mod tools except for the filenames n references of course
  16. it will probably primarily be supported on occulus rift since thats the main thing set up to test it
  17. The command is correct. Just make sure that you are running the command as admin, and, in case it's a dedicated server, with the infamous "Remote: " in front of the command line. (The "Remote: " is toggled by pressing <ctrl>, and therefore get's toggled when pasting something into the command console using <ctrl>+v.) Afterwards restart your server for the change to take effect. Also keep in mind that you have to change it for every shard. Means if you are running a Forest+Caves world, you have to execute it once on the forest shard, and once on the caves shard for both to be changed.
  18. Some strange Wormwood behaviour

    Not sure about befriending, but they are neutral to him.
  19. Liquid pipe thermo sensors stop giving meaningful readings, always reading 0 Kelvin with water inside. Quiting and reloading the game does not fix the readings. Prosperous Fart.sav
  20. I think it's used in GeneratedOre.LoadGeneratedOre and substance is assigned to the element in ElementLoader.SetOrCreateSubstanceForElement and ElementLoader.FinaliseElementsTable. Btw, there is still no easy way to add new anims to the game.
  21. So I learnt from this forum that mechanism for doors has changed. So I was trying to come up with a staple that automate egg delivery, incubation, and killing. The whole process is still cruel to critters, but nice to dupes. Here is a demo And main parts in next spoiler The idea is pretty simple. But this does not work with any flying critters, cuz they don't fall in closed doors, they just get stuck. Should work for all walking critters. This is just a demonstration of the idea. To make it complete, the room will have to be taller, and an auto-sweeper to get out dead meat and egg shells should be added, and something else that I may have forgotten. Well, no one is perfect.
  22. If you have an over abundance of shine bugs, you can run the solar panels somewhere in the base. Just needs a critter lure. There's around 90 bugs in this mess - both panels, full output all the time.
  23. Central cooling mk2

    I like this approach.
  24. Alright, today I was going to fight pugalisk for the first time. I had my cane, my armour, my weapons, my healing items, and was ready to go. I start the fight and then.... OH S***T I FORGOT THE COFFEE. Oh Well, at least I have the magic water, may as well get out of here before it all goes south, it's not like I can hit him anyway. I really shouldn't be able to run away from a boss fight like that! Hell, I took more damage from the ruins than I did getting raiding the fountain of youth!
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