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  2. I'm running ubuntu, don't starve together linux native, trying to play with the xbox 360 controller Don't starve together recongnizes dpad up as dpad left, and vice versa. Also thinks dpad down is dpad right, and vice versa. Can remap controls to make them correct in menus by assigning them correctly, however the display icons are broken. Other games, and steam interface, all see dpad directions as correct.
  3. Ivo's Painful Arts

    That's really good! You even managed to understand the shading.
  4. It's a shame that we just can't have a water boiler, aka a kettle. The water tepidizer is rather useless at the moment, if this had a much higher temperature range, it would be useful.
  5. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Transparent traumawell for your traumawell needs.
  6. Sand disappears when the block right below it is dug out. In previous versions of the game, the dupes would dig the block below followed by the sand that had just fallen and yield both resources. Now only the block initially dug is there and the sand completely disappears.
  7. Ria's Art Book

    Guess I'll leave these here for now:
  8. The starving mechanic seems a bit flawed at the moment, I seem to have dupes starve on a daily basis, despite their being 1m calories in food in easily accessible fridges.
  9. Ok, I did not see this post until now, my bad, and yes it's still happening, even now on QoL MK1. I did submit a full support ticket with my specs, and have submitted crash reports numerous times. What is a .dmp file, and where do I find it? My PC specs are: CPU: intel i7-7700k RAM: 16GB OS: W10, 64 bit GPU: Geeforce GTX 1080 founder's edition Game is installed through steam, on a SSD, and I do have a HDD should that matter. I have over 2k hours in this game since oil update, and I am very intent on getting this fixed. Fortunately, a kind soul did send me a save file so I could continue playing. Just let me know what I can do or what other info I can provide, I will be making a point to check this post every day for the next few weeks.
  10. I disagree, I think a faucet that doesn't allow liquid or objects to fall into the water below, would be very uesful, plus being sourced from pipes would be much more useful.
  11. I prefer indivdual launching, but launching with your huge rocket is also a good choice.
  12. I've suggested this myself as well as others. Some automation like batteries have would be super awesome.
  13. Do dupes have pathfinding? I watched a dupe travel some 60 tiles just to navigate to the other side of a door without any access restrictions...
  14. OK. So.. water and polluted water are pretty much interchangeable. You can convert one to the other easily enough. Anyway: polluted water --> Sieve --> Polluted dirt --> compost --> dirt. So you can get dirt from water. water --> Oil well --> Crude Oil --> (variousm methods) --> natural gas. So you can get natural gas from water. So, really, water covers all of your basic needs, since it can be used to provide air, food, and power. If you have a base with a small supply of water, it will not be able to support as many dupes long term as a base with lots of water, no matter what other resources are available. So, I stand by my previous statements: Water is the resource you need to obtain sustainability.
  15. Thanks Boxman I understand about the power generator choice. Different question or comment - I read on these forums that steam deletion happens if you don't leave an open row above the turbine, and you have 3 tiles that might delete steam. I wonder if your comment about it being ok to leave 50g in each tile instead of pumping to pure vacuum is because of that deletion, and I also wonder if you wouldn't need to drip in 100g/s of water if you just opened up those three tiles above the generator. I've built a few of these (not this exactly but very similar ones mathmanican and others have posted) for heat deletion -- not for reliable power generation like this one -- and I never worried about overheating the steel aquatuners. I used temp shift plates behind the aquatuners and a sensor on the input to keep from freezing the coolant (which usually limits the duty cycle) - maybe that's why and maybe I just got lucky. You have motivated me to revisit the turbine and use it as intended instead of just as a big heat sink. Your tepidizer idea to keep this going makes me think we can do both reliable power and meaningful cooling at the same time - just not with supercoolant (because it would take too much of it).
  16. I assumed that the increase in FPS made it possible for my screen to move faster than the computer would check to see if it needed to build something. I'd love to be able to build a row of tiles, just like we can delete them.
  17. Both cases you said happen to me. Some Dups flew through a checkpoint (i easily correct this) and some comets create a new path while Dups were in space and they took this way to go back. An easier way to track them down was the exact purpose of this post. I will keep being careful.
  18. It would be good if when pipes are cut by a plumber that they drop bottled liquid instead of spilling their contents everywhere, which you'd expect a trained plumber would avoid.
  19. Extoller's Art

    The combination of environment and setting just makes this cozy. Hopefully next year, candy canes will be a actual skin. It's a nice addition.
  20. I agree, drywalls don't allow gases to be viewable, the only way is to hover the mouse over a tile or go to O2 view, which isn't that useful for viewing different gases either.
  21. Would be useful if you guys could directly show us the Dupe's Vitals within the medbed assignment screen. Give us the dupe's health % and which ever has an illness. I'm having to always click on vitals and scroll through to find the lowest health guy to assign to the bed. It's like a three step process. Easier if the med bed interface has options to also sort their health as well.
  22. Dupe lure

    Or, lure them to their doom, mwahahaha!
  23. Ivo's Painful Arts

    Alright. Summoned everything to kill me.
  24. This is a particularly bad example. The game seems to perform much better in general, but I have to paint tiles a lot slower than I used to. It seems that the faster the tiles are painted, the more are missed.
  25. Consistant crashes

    Changed Status to Fixed
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