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  2. If you pick Wolfgang you have the damage of 2 people. No need for scaling.
  3. Actually even 68 butterfly wings are perfectly doable within 5 autumn days (one can consistently kill 15 butterflies per 4 minutes during day) without any sort of containers that reduce spoilage rate and there is no need to catch butterflies alive, plus it doesn't even have to be 5 days in a row since butterfly wings need 6 days to spoil and fresh ones are constantly added to pile of less fresh ones. Since flowers are abundant, unless it's winter or light's out setting, all one has to do is to rotate camera and keep in mind that butterfly spawns roughly every 15 seconds as long as there is at least 1 flower nearby. All this can be done in addition to other activities on surface mainland, preparation to ruins rush included. I don't think first autumn is endgame. Sorry for offtopic.
  4. while others may have done killing some weird skeleton, i was the only one left up there during sommer to do more swamp
  5. Personally I feel like the moose falls off the moment you get access to alchemy, the beaver for the most part stays somewhat useful but fails immediately vs maxwell or wurt in the early game. Overall tho feel like some small changes could give the first 2 some niche advantages for example Allow were beaver to collect logs as he moves and put it on a log counter instead of a inventory then have them all drop out around him when the form ends in stacks of 20. For moose allow him to use food but it won't recover his hunger instead 5% of it's hunger is added to it's healing and remove his movement speed penalty. I personally feel like goose is fine for what it is.
  6. neither fighting iron hulk, pugalisk, quacken and company the game offers many ways to reduce boss hp or to increase character damage when the player thinks that the boss has a lot of hp
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  8. I really wish worldgen in general would get a small update and add a bunch of setpieces to the mainland too. Perhaps it's just me but it felt like set pieces were much more common in solo Don't Starve and those worlds always felt a little bit different each time to me, especially the caves with the failed survivor camps and all. Boons, trap set pieces(my favourite of them all), I really wanna see the devs just have fun for a future QoL update where they just create a bunch of new set pieces to freshen up the world and add some replayability to exploration.
  9. (Super) Hardy Circuits, imo, aren't attractive enough to compete with other circuits. My motivation behind the suggestion is to diversify players' preference. Giving Hardy and Super Hardy Circuits a damage reduction (like Wigfrid's, not like garlic powder) can reasonably increase their desirability without changing balance Hardy Circuits: 30 hp, 10% damage reduction for the first one. Any extra hardy circuits adds 1% extra damage reduction, stack additively. Super Hardy Circuits: 125 hp, 11% damage reduction for the first one, any extra super hardy circuits adds 2% damage reduction, stack additively. In other words, total number of damage reduction depends on the number of slots taken by either hardy or super hardy circuits. 1 slot is 10%, 2 slots 11%, 6 slots, 15%. Alternatively, the extra reduction can be 2%, and final 6 slots will be 20%. I'm not sure which one is better. English is not my first language, I'm looking for a word, adverb, meaning meaning-wise, relating to real life, a synonym i can think of is semantically. I've seen this word in this forum and only in the forum, that's why I ask. Thanks.
  10. The moonstorm amongst Summer's sandstorm both have overlays that go over the screen. These are both absolutely awesome, but a major concern of mine is that they cover the player's HUD... which, if intentional, I implore you to have it changed. Either altogether or as an option. You're not always going to be able to get hats to prevent the overlay and when you do its extremely nauseating and dizzying trying to strain to look at the hud/crafting menu... I seriously hope this can be looked into since its not really fun design and is aggressive with my already poor vision.
  11. The forms definitely have much to be desired. Early game it's incredible. Past day 15, you're sort of on bar if not at a disadvantage certainly by the end of winter. By year 2 and especially year 3 woodie falls so very far behind. His forms are a hindrance rather than something powerful. Full moon becomes a dread rather than a boon. His downside which is really an upside is chopping trees faster and more tree guardian spawn rate. But you'd rather just have bearger be your chainsaw anyways.
  12. If it lags for console player even if they play solo, at that point that game is unplayable on that console, its not DST problem or the difficulty. You can just place an empty boat and put your boat close by out of the range of crab king's attacks, fighting like this is better because you don't risk your fully set up boat.
  13. So hold on. You reverted Warly from his DST rework to his original Shipwrecked version; not only disregarding the massive improvements; but also ignoring how DST as a whole made every character item craftable. But to top it off, the one change you *did* make in line with DST's changes is making the Chef's Pouch have only six slots and making the Sea Sack have 8? Not the most unreasonable changes I suppose. But it definitely sounds a bit hypocritical
  14. Sorry, I wasn't specific. I meant people upgraded snow Chester during full moon, but no one actually grab it for any use afterwards. Only use I saw people grabbed it for was thermal cooling. Again, anecdotal experience in pub servers. Not sure why people don't use it, just observations. I can be very much wrong. Not to back up my suggestion, just to show my chain of logic.
  15. The parts i deleted can be summed up with: get off of it, then get back on, it takes about a full second, and you can do multiple things while off of it. ohhh noooo, if only i had TWO extra equipment slots while moving from place to place thanks to not having to hold the walking cane AND have the magi equipped at all times. And its almost as if… you could have a backpack or krampus sack to have even more slots, and just keep your magi switchout ready to be equipped when you do get off. Or just have the appropriate seasonal protection equipped and not have to stop and recharge your magi, burn trees as often, or gather nightmare fuel. And gossamer saddle endgame? With a construction amulet you only need 34 butterfly wings a single living log and some silk. If you can make the time to grind a walking cane it’s absolutely doable to just kill three dozen butterflies, or alternatively catch them (they stack to 20) now i want to be clear im aware the discussion is about chestpieces, but to say the magi is the hands down no argument best option is just factually wrong. Any other chestpiece is a perfectly viable option because there is another option to achieve the same speed. You choose magi? Thats your choice, that doesnt make it the best choice.
  16. I think allowing were forms to eat would still be fine it's not like this is particularly impressive even less so with the extra sanity, hunger, and hp you'll be losing just from fighting like this in the first place.
  17. I've said it often, but the ocean is mainly lacking setpieces. Real survivor shipwrecks (not just a few planks), haunted dwellings, sunken lighthouses, watery graveyards, gnarwails vs sharks, pig or merm rafts, tentacles, rock formations that involve rock lobsters, icebergs, small walkable lands, maybe the implied tentacle monster, ect. it's really a no brainer
  18. Epic dst beta art, this is for the evolution of wilson Final: Beta: Pixel art one idk what its called Final: Beta: Find it here:
  19. I agree on the loot to a degree however I do really like the watering can and the bill makes for an amazing paddle. Yeah she can also be hard to find but I have an area with four shoals close together in my main world so I guess I'm biased as it's never too hard to find her. The fight itself I really enjoy though both before and after the boat changes.
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