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  2. I've used something similar in the past. (I used deconstructed liquid reservoirs instead of the geyser fed overpressure) Using the airflow and mesh tiles with liquid in it with deodorizers is an amazingly simple way to filter maximum polluted oxygen with no power usage.
  3. Just wondering, because when you start a new game with him and open the console, nothing special appears...
  4. Wurt

    That's pretty much impossible, they would have to remake the animations for EVERY player action in the game and would pretty much be useless, besides Wilba worked so a goat merm should work too.
  5. Go to the trading forum. This isn't appropriate for General Discussion.
  6. Can you explain this?

  7. Wurt

    I hope he has a hunchback player model, or something similar. I feel like his head would be really out of place on the normal body shape.
  8. So uh, I finally made friends and the thing is that I have only 3 copies for 4 people ( including me ) Is there anyone who is the epic dst player and would give their 2nd copy for free?
  9. Wurt

    Can I just mention how the original poster got NO reactions even though this thread blew up? lmao
  10. Count to 200 without interruption

  11. If I magically got every single thing I wanted....where to begin. I guess here's just an ugly mess of my most wanted things for DST. DST would have a progression system similar to terraria's, where the world changes and gets more challenging as you complete specific events, but as you go rewards increase. Examples of these would be opening the portal after killing fuelweaver, or maybe the chunk of the moon falling making the cardboard water traversable. Would also have a real "normal mode" and "expert mode", like terraria so almost everyone could still enjoy it. The forge and gorge could be accesible through the portal and upon completion will bring back some mechanics and npcs like mumsy to the constant with you. Ai wouldn't be so dumb, mobs would have more than one predictable attack... maybe they would learn more attacks as you progress and scale, so no enemies would just fall off when you get stronger. The DST combat system would be entirely different and require some skill rather than memory. There would be much more viable weapons and armors. Each character would be truly unique and offer different playstyles. All characters would have a huge amount of special animations and the world would too, making the game feel much more lively. All characters would get ported, Hamlet and SW together would obviously be a thing ( no more pizza boats) , and in this world would have been made from the ground up for multiplayer. DST would get a solo play mode to allow for offline solo play, so nobody in the player base gets left behind. And skins would be much more high quality, and have special effects, animations, and maybe even some different voices and quotes. And.. seasonal events would be total map makeovers, changing the music, affecting how all the enemies and structures look. In the end, I just want the game to be more engaging and stop relying on not knowing something to be challenging. Of course in this perfect world, Klei would have been huge and time/resources wouldn't be something that held them back. Oh... and of course, PVP would get some more attention heh. PVP would have been balanced differently from PVE, and not effect PVE at all. These are just dreams and who am I to say they would all work as well as they sound in my head.
  12. ONI University

    I could do that then. idk how to move it... I got to go to an appointment rn, but I will figure that out later.
  13. Wurt

    “Hallowed Nights will be returning in a couple weeks and with it our Survivors will meet a new friend.” I think it’s safe to say both are coming at the same time.
  14. If you use a tempshift plate it should help stabilize this ice and allow you to pick it up. Or even better if it works, a mesh tile, when the water freezes, ice should go on top of the mesh tile and be stable, airflow tile would guarantee vacuum insulation.
  15. ONI University

    You're right that oni university is technically a compilation of guides, builds, other miscellaneous information, however putting in the guide category would serve the purpose we want. It would be quite ridiculous for someone to remove oni university from the guide category due to sheer pedantry. I think putting it in the guide category is fine because it will serve the purpose of getting the information out there, and it will give us time to slowly assimilate the information into the rest of the wiki. That is my plan. This is why active editors are always required because games changes, innovations and discoveries will mean that pages will always need updating.
  16. Today
  17. Sorry, little update. This one was made in survival mode : a bit tricky to prime. Could be better to manually add some hydrogen into the electrolyzer room before starting it. When i load the save, the electrolyzer may get few "max pressure", which explains the 99% on the last 5 cycles (edit: or maybe not ^^).
  18. First thing is to check if your drivers are up to date. Second close everything else running. This can happen, if something steals focus, while running in the background. Try even disabling your antivirus software for a test, but dont forget to turn it on again.
  19. ONI University

    I'd rather not put it there. It's more of a reference/referral/resource than a guide. I don't think it can be classified as a guide at all. It is a wiki in of itself with the "pages" being the forum links. Page links from the guide category could easily be put in the uni if the source information was unique, written there, and not referenced from somewhere else. What would save the wiki in general is if someone went through all of these posts/databases that I've found and updated each page of the wiki. That would require a lot of effort and re-writing/phrasing to keep the wiki relevant. The other side to that is new breakthroughs happen all the time on the forums (reddit too I've heard, but I don't use it as much). They also happen on youtube, but it is slightly more difficult to find that information unless you've already watched said video or someone has turned it into a thread. Point is I'm not sure where to put it. the wiki could benefit from it, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it will find a place inside of it. Side note; I need to add a link to discord, twitter, and possibly reddit in the uni. Maybe then I can replace jjcm's pin Technically this is not a guide either. Is it just me or does the discussion pages seem unintuitive in the wiki. It doesn't even look like much was said on the main page even in the history.
  20. Fanart by SightKeeper

    "Is dapper, but frail" has to be one of my favourite sentences from this game.
  21. also affected for all critters
  22. Wurt

    Well...last years hallowed nights was announced next Thursday,and Klei is doing this practice that I heavily dislike that is posting news about an update and releasing the update 2 weeks later,sooo yeah I think we will have a bunch of stuff next week.
  23. Ah, i think you misunderstood. I was referring to growing nosh bean plats wild. I wouldn't grow a tree wild unless i have, well, more than a single one. Getting more of those in the first place is the root of the problem. (pun somewhat intended)
  24. Sooo I was watching my morgue from the last 2 years (poor don't starve) and i found this weird cause of death. Can someone explain what happpened here? Has Willow commited a sucide? idk. xD
  25. ONI University

    It's searchable, but not easily as the page is currently in your sandbox rather than a page in the wiki. It was moved there because to the community manager it looked like you were experimenting/learning how to edit the wiki. I would suggest that you move the page to here This way it will be categorised as a guide. Conveniently, on the main page exists a button that links to all pages that are categorised as guides. You may want to make a note of your intentions either in on the page or the discussion to avoid confusion.
  26. Wurt

    I just assumed the event short will also be the character short.
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