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  2. I disagree. To have a proper boiler setup with supercoolant, you need hundreds of tons of supercoolant to properly do this. This is prohibitively expensive in my mind. Additionally, the higher boiling point doesn't necessarily help, as you don't just want the liquid to boil, but you want it to boil quickly. It is possible that sulfur could be better in some situations. If you can boil 10 kg/s supercoolant or 200+ kg/s sulfur, I would prefer the 200+ kg/s sulfur.
  3. where is antlion lower body, we never seen it in caves during summer before so how did Kirby found it
  4. "The year is 2129, the entire game industry has been bought by EA. Now you have to buy every character appart from Wilson and cant weave anyone. Skins can only be obtained via loot boxes worth more than a bundle. Game hasnt had an update since Gorge S2 happened 50 years ago, but skins keep coming out weekly"
  5. @FurryEskimo I don't really remember your code layout, so I'll assume yes. But important detail: The RemoveEventCallback requires you to use the OLD OnStartFollowing that comes with the hound prefab. The ListenForEvent uses your NEW OnStartFollowing.
  6. @penguin0616 So, hmm, I'm guessing it would be "inst:RemoveEventCallback("startfollowing", OnStartFollowing)" then I add "inst:ListenForEvent("startfollowing", OnStartFollowing)" to my ModMain, with the code I wrote. I'm guessing I add it to the "local makeHoundFriend = function(inst)" section of the code.
  7. After the rot is over, maybe we will get the third new series!
  8. @FurryEskimo If I remember correctly, you need to use inst:RemoveEventCallback("WHATEVER_THE_EVENT_WAS", THE_OLD_ON_START_FOLLOWING) then listen for the same event with your function.
  9. no i just recently spent like 3 bucks completing my webber collection a couple days ago
  10. it gets an update @Lbphero is that- my screenshot, in your signature?
  11. Now this is a Don't Starve I can get behind Give me a hornet character or give webber a hornet skin and I'll be a happy man.
  12. What's next? The constant is renamed to Hallownest?
  13. I hope that awhile after this RoT update's official launch that they'll work on Webber for the next rework. After his rework I could die happy
  14. It was mentioned before (I think Discord?) that the idea of a moth boss wasn't off the table... That and the glass sculptures... All in all I wouldn't mind another boss but I certainly don't think it'd be original. Plus you have to go through Crab King for it... Hmm. I'm curious to see what it all is, the war surprised me and makes it impossible for me to try and guess so for now we wait.
  15. That would be cool if Klei wasnt so nice about their skins and events and everything
  16. Today
  17. If so, he's failed. Super coolant has more than 10x the SHC and a higher boiling point and will flake off a 500C tile... I declare sulfur to still be useless, order is restored to the ONIverse.
  18. That's fair and considerate, and I admit that my desire to shame comes from a rather visceral anger towards someone who would seek to profit from the intellectual property of an indy game company. Like I got a real, real big problem with IP theft, and I don't want any freelancing developer to ever get the impression that they could get away with something like this.
  19. I slid down and it got me stuck in the floore
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