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  2. Hello (once again) My PC has been repaired and so I spent the last few days playing dst. So this time my opinion on Cawnival is actually based of my gameplay experience rather than just watching someone else's. Don't worry I'll keep this short, it's just my general feedback to Klei. The event, much like I have predicted, got boring about an hour after I constructed it. Sure, building a little setpiece with turfs, plants, fireflies and cawnival decorations was nice... but I have built like 4 different setpieces already in my world. It's nothing special. The minigames serve as yet another way of watching in-game days go by while I try to convince myself that I'm not wasting my time. Mystery boxes are kinda a cheap time-grab for players that have to collect every available cawnival decoration. And the decorations themselves (maybe apart from midsummer lights) look out of place everwhere else. Sure I can place some decorations in my base since most bases usually have no distinguishable themes. But most of the decorations are strictly for cawnival builds. This isn't anything new, I mean heck, look at Winter's Feast's stuff. Try to place a festive table in a survival or sea-themed build. Overall this feels like an event for the sake of an event. It did pretty good for its first irl year, I can see that thought and effort went into making it. Perhaps in 3 years it'll be a lot better. My wish to Klei is that now you guys focus on the base game. For me the content we got in 2021 so far was underwhelming (except march qol). I'd like some updates that focus on more variety in sprites and animations, randomized stuff that keeps the gameplay somewhat unpreditable and obviously new big content like new biome with its own flora and fauna (obviously introduced through multiple updates, I know you guys can't make stuff that fast)
  3. Not sure if this is too late to change, but I can see an issue with this algorithm. Lets say current live branch is version 7. My mod info currently supports version 6 and all is good. Now you guys release public_testing branch with version 8 and Harmony2.0, my mod in version 6 will crash beta branch. But if I update my mod to support both v6 and v8, my v8 update will be applied to live branch with v7 as "lowest greater" following rule 2. If I have brand new harmony 2.0 update on my v8 mod or any other changes that supports beta, but are unsupported by main game, my update will break the game for all non-beta users. As a result, my mods cannot support both public_testing and live branches, I must pick one of them and let the mod crash on the other. If I want to update my mods, I cannot do it in advance not to destroy most people's lives and I must wait until beta goes live. @Ipsquiggle, is it possible to modify those rules, or is it too late now and we keep what we have?
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  5. Hello ! A fun disposition in a cold biome (iron volcano up, cool slush geyser at the bottom) Since there is little space near the iron volcano to set up a cooling system (like this one ) I thought I may simply dump drops of molten iron into a pool of polluted water (a trash chute? ). And, if need be, create a circuit cooling the polluted water, or just use the (warmer, slightly warm, hot ?) water in the base. Here comes my limit, how to roughly estimate the cooling power of a material? List of my knowledge so far: (it's short !!) a passive coolong steam turbine will give 292 kDTU/s iron volcano max 400g/s at 2526°C with a SHC of 0.449 liquid iron specific heat capacity (SHC) is 0.449 DTU/g/°C slush geyser will give a minimum of 1 kg/s of -10°C polluted water (pH2O) pH2O specific heat capacity (SHC) is 4.179 DTU/g/°C Surely there is a way to estimate the change in temp of pH2O when hit with liquid iron
  6. Agree, it should be possible to disable sound for alert screen, because only "color" alert is enough.
  7. I buy almost every skin they release - both because I love the arts they provide, and because I wanna keep throwing money at Klei b/c they keep making this game better. The skins I pass on are usually the character specific skin packs, idc about them as much. Craftables that I can make regardless of my character choice are almost auto-buy even if the item is rarely used. I'll build it just to look at it lol
  8. ppl in thread: Wildfires are easy just GO TO SPECIFIC AREAS OF THE GAME TO COMPLETELY AVOID THEM lol so ez lol I've long thought wildfires were a mistake. They can be very punishing, easily overlooked, and when DST throws several things at you it can be the straw the breaks the camel's back. I love challenge, but I hate cheap shots and wildfires are a bit of a cheap shot as far as difficulty is concerned. The amount of ambiguity and tediousness they add to the game far outweighs any fun that comes from building flingos, luxury fans, or water balloons. I think replacing it with a better thought out mechanic that was more involved between the players and the game, with different layers of counter-play would be FAR better than wasting a single line of text defending what we have now. I get that many people are ambivalent about it, but doubt anyone could make a case its actually a *good* mechanic. Fortunately Klei did a great farming rework that took away many problems with farming, while giving us a more creative and interactive system. Hopefully they'll tackle wildfire in the same way... Is there anything other than lureplants that have priority though? Lureplants are a bit awkward to set up, and its a bit ambiguous where the lines of their protection can be drawn. I've seen ppl lose bases by following guides about how OP lureplants are in controlling wildfires lol This involved glitching the mossling eggs so you could crack them open after Summer began allowing you to keep them through the year. It doesn't work anymore. You can still get rain by spamming telelocator staves, but it takes a few of them to get a rain going. "You only have to gather 2 gears and 15 ice" vs "wait I have to build these everywhere?" lol which is it?
  9. You can try mine. One purpose was to be a pocket version. Other purposes needed to be checked into the topic. But you'll need steel, thermium, supercoolant ,etc.... So space materials. If I get it you're cycle 70. That's early game and oil to NG boiler are late game setup. It's seems you put the car before the horse. There's plenty other setups to produce electricity you should (must ?) do before going to oil to NG boiler.
  10. hello I did it but it still has the same error, help me
  11. You need to use GLOBAL.TheWorld in the modmain, otherwise the world is always nil. Screens are always running on the client, you will need to add netvars to send information from the server to the client, which you can then use with your screen.
  12. Do you have a line in your modmain where you wrote local TheWorld = GLOBAL.TheWorld If not, this is one of your problems, as TheWorld without GLOBAL is always nil in the modmain. In your character prefab you won't need a GLOBAL. Use what krylincy wrote and add a GLOBAL depending on if you need it. I think the TheWorld check and inst.components check may not be needed, if there is an error there the game has bigger problems.
  13. If I'm not getting it wrong, you can use the pathchecking tool to check out the available path. Just click on any dupe and there will be a button for you to do this
  14. Hi. I still have my issue : I got the Levianthan Skin Chest in Twitch but not in game (not even in my belongings or rewards). I don't linked different accounts. The only thing i've done is changing my password. I precise that i have the icon and frame in my belongings. Any idea ? Thank you
  15. The problem here is that your change is in a local variable, that means with a ComponentPostInit you won't be able to change it. _alternate_beasts is referenced in SpawnHuntedBeast, which in turn is referenced in self:OnDirtInvestigated, which is the first function you could change as it's not local. You could try and make a change to this function which calls a custom SpawnHuntedBeast which references your list. Then you would only need to change something if Klei changes self:OnDirtInvestigated or SpawnHuntedBeast. Another way to do it would be with the upvalue hacker of Rezecib. You make your way up to the local table of _alternate_beasts and change these parameters. The advantage is that as long Klei does not change which function calls which function, you won't need to update you mod, even if there are changes in the code. It's a little bit more complex this way, I don't know if it's worse in a performance way, but it works.
  16. 24 blocks means 12 schedules. Or do only psychopaths make 12 shifts with 1 dupe per shift?
  17. I don't experience the game freezing completly when I open the research screen. It freezes for about 2-3 sec.
  18. I am hoping they'll add some hard Aridio/Oassise style starts to the "spaced out" mode. The cool slush geysers make life very easy, it's totally trivial to farm Sleetwheat and Bristle Blossom and heat never becomes a problem. I'd like a start that instead has a 95 C geyser, it's still easy enough to use 95 C water for research, electrolysis and most other things because lots of heat gets deleted in water consumption, it just adds a bit of heat instead of taking a bit of heat away.
  19. There are three big issues with food storage right now: Fridges are basically a trap with their power usage and heat production, but are now almost mandatory because temperature matters. Fridges and ration boxes expose their contents to the atmosphere, which includes any rotting stuff. There is no freezer building, leaving us with stupid, overly-complicated builds just to get frozen food. 1 and 2 are closely-related, they both come from the fact that, unlike real fridges, the fridge in ONI doesn't shield it's contents from the air in the room. If it protected food from outside air while closed (not having something being put in or taken out; contents would exchange heat with the fridge itself), and then only used power when it had something to cool, it would be decent. The ration box could also be useful this way just for protecting food from polluted oxygen (a big problem in swamp starts). A freezer could also be added that's just basically a fridge but 2 tiles wide and 1 tile tall, and that has a lower target temperature.
  20. Wilson when he killed Celestial Champion on day 1 using fist on 1 hp and at full enlightenment (he's just very lucky)
  21. The circuit produces enough lumber to generate 667 watts of energy. Plus dirt, shells, and meat. Not so little, considering that the dupes work is minimal and the circuit is extremely simple. The manual generator only produces 400 watts and nothing more and requires dupes all day (in shifts).
  22. I have an AETN on my map, and a few SPOMS that I can siphon some hydrogen from. How do you propose I get the magma spike to work/ build it in the first place?
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