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    OMGGG!!! asdfdghfjkhlöo They finally did it! Island Adventures MOD by @Mobbstarfinally updated to get Hail and Strong Winds!!! This is sooo damn cool... (Volcano next?.. pls?)
  3. This seems to be bugged this patch as cooking increases tinker skill for some reason. Probably not intended.
  4. Looking for modding partner

    So I present to you: the Advanced Water&Airlock!
  5. 1. By doing the associated tasks: Improve cook skill by cooking - improve art skill by 'arting'. (Strength is the exception and can only be improved by choosing various skill improvements). 2. The tool tips suggest that LEARNING does still boost the rate at which dupes improve other stats. 3. ? 4. Purely cosmetic. Would still like to see some bonus perks to the ray guns when specialising in certain disciplines eg miners receive double ray strength. Architects receive +1 ray distance etc.
  6. Problems with Matt's Tools

    Thanks for help ,but opening .tex files via TEXTool still doesn't work. But i am interested in ktech and ktools. I wanted to download ktools ,but idk how to download working program (i downloaded code from Can you help me once again?
  7. super coolant

    Super coolant cannot freeze.
  8. I personally think Wendy is a bit older than 12.. mostly cuz she says she pretty much left the phase of playing with toys... but yeap.. I agree with you I mean this was also confirmed by wortox's quotes: wendy and webber are the only character he says he is not gonna consume their souls.. I think that line was a fine touch tbh something for the nerds xD
  9. If that's the case then that's a shame. I wanted to compensate for the slow harvest times and reduced yields by having many more wild plants than just the ones that can be found initially.
  10. Wendy and Webber are usually represented as the children of the group in most official art. Wendy may be slightly older than webber, but not that much so there is an age barrier between them (Their friendship is more or less established in many of their quotes). If you ask me, Webber may be around 10 and Wendy around 12. The fact that Wendy is so well spoken could just mean that she and Abigail had a fancy boarding education or something of the sorts.
  11. pretty sure that you cant scatter seeds to make them grow... though, if you uproot a plant and do not touch the seed, it will regrow at same spot. So "organic farming" is all about not digging up the tiles that have the wild plants.
  12. that's happened to me as well, for long time ago and few times ocassionally, still not know how it trigger, but fine after restart ds
  13. I think my assessment is accurate
  14. Today
  15. please direct your attention to literally everyone else talking about the topic right now. I honestly feel targeted.
  16. world generation

    The only thing about rocks being entirely missing I can think of is that the world generated a rather small rocky biome, some other people mined it all, and you explored the surface in a small time frame before it could regenerate with meteors or petrified forest. Usually when this happens the caves hold still a lot of rocks for you to use, unless the people playing are really efficient and objective driven maxwells/winonas, in which case you'd probably find a large base with chests containing a lot of minerals somewhere on the map. Still, caves drop minerals constantly by earthquakes so you will find them no matter what. About missing flint, same thing, you are almost guaranteed to find it in caves and if they mined most rocks and flint you will find open sinkholes for you to go down for free.
  17. u won't give the Wendy waifu topic a rest, will u?
  18. Not even kidding this happen when u talk about avoiding her skins xD
  19. I like that the new Sick Bay doubles as a storage for medicine. Given the artwork for the building and given a doctor's job of working with sick patients, I think it would be a natural fit if we could plumb water to the Sick Bay's sink to help keep our Med Bays sterilized and our doctors germ-free.
  20. Actually you really want to know why Wendy skins are expensive because people love their emo goth gf except wendy is a emo goth underaged gf for those people that really love her character design, and half of the playerbase sure love wendy for having a cool goth vibe with her dead sister coming back from the grave to protect her from "predators". but yeah because people love wendy because her age, style and etc. probably why I avoid wendy skins
  21. Warbucks being removed is Chad Erasure those darn soical justic......
  22. Pls report here there is a better template to describe your issue
  23. warbucks being removed is white erasure
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