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  2. Can't start the game

    I don't mean to seem impatient, but how long does it usually take for one of the developers to respond to these kind of things?
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  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    the bearger coming to base because theres food
  5. Warly can't make unique foods

    Try having your friend verify the integrity of their game files and to make their own world with no mods enabled (mods have their way of messing with things you may not expect). That way you don't have to strip the server of all the mods at the moment. Have them spawn in the items they need to quickly test the recipes in that world. Do you know which recipes they are trying to make and what ingredients they are using?
  6. Warly can't make unique foods

    Ok after an embarrassing amount of time, we figured it out on our own. In the end, we're not even sure what the cause was, whether it was the Warly crockpot prediction mod that doesn't seem to actually work, or the fact that I accidentally copied over the original (last updated 2015) starter crockpot and the server decided to force that one to run. You guys can close this, sorry!
  7. lena's fanart momentz

    @minespatch gfhhgghf dorito chin wilba haunts me in my nightmares and thank you! <3
  8. Substitute for Item Codes

    I’m on Xbox One Not PS4 and even WE can’t get the Loyality skins for Shipwrecked Birdcage & Firepit.
  9. wow it must have a very large base. Post another screenshot please
  10. This is not correct. Abyssalite has a Thermal Conductivity of 0.00001; and when it interacts with another material such as crude oil, which has a high thermal conductivity, the total thermal conductivity for the system is geometric mean of the two. The situation where the oil and petroleum do not heat up any further is likely one of the edge cases explained in the wiki:
  11. Hot Lava + Apple Arcade

    Bruh, i have only android device. Do u have plans to import game to android?
  12. If you have enough clean water, algae terrarium are pretty good at converting it to polluted water. Out of algae? That's what puft are for!
  13. Copy/paste coordinates not duplicating

    There was some discussion here, but it appears they ability to revert to previous versions has removed, sorry:
  14. It’s a total troll move.. but What If Wilson was the only one who could craft the Science or Alchemy Engine? hahahaha now THAT would be funny.
  15. It seems like when a liquid comes into contact with abyssalite, on the first update it exchanges heat with the tile even though abyssalite has 0 thermal conductivity. Repro Steps: 1. Create a test box up in space. I sampled some hot Abyssalite for the test (1697.3 K). I put insulation inside the box so the potential gasses wouldn't evaporate - beyond that the box is a complete vacuum. 2. Pause the game and brush in some Crude Oil (238K). 3. Unpause and watch the oil flash to Sour Gas when it comes into contact with the hot abyssalite. Interestingly, the rest of the crude oil and petroleum doesn't change in temperature (once the overall temperature has stabilized). The crude oil only seems to exchange heat with the abyssalite when it first contacts the hot abyssalite. I've also reproduced this by brushing the crude oil along the ground to try to remove any "falling" interactions. The results are the same. Diseased Timeline.sav
  16. Okay Thanks, I admit I was wrong. I will now begin placing these in my world if this information is Legit. I Asked someone who sent me a video how they got the chairs for their town & they said Mods. But- How the F is Anyone going to know to do that without looking it up on a Wiki page? something I Don’t tend to do often because I like to figure things out all for Myself. Surely Klei doesn’t create all this hidden stuff like this and THEN expect us to look it all up on a Wiki Page? Perhaps make important things like this well uhhh more clear when a character uses their Examination Button? For Example: Wickerbottom- “It seems to be some form of Ancient Chest that accepts Materials in exchange for Blueprints..” “Perhaps I should throw some random items over into it and Observe the Results.”
  17. That is incorrect (
  18. Submitting on behalf of my friend. He's triple checking the recipes, using the portable crockpot, and trying several different ones, but it never makes any of Warly's unique recipes. He disabled Smarter Crock Pot, as per someone else having this issue, but that ended up not working. We don't have mods that interfere with cooking, food, or recipes, and we're playing on a dedicated server. Server mod list: Global Positions, Automatic Health Adjust, Wormhole Marks, Moving Box, No More Respawn Penalty, She Me, No Thermal Stone Durability, Extended Indicators, Bee Nice, Health Info Personal mod list: Combined Status, Finder, Geometric Placement, Gesture Wheel, Minimap HUD, Status Announcements, Where's My Beefalo Hoping that someone else has any idea or if it's a non-mod bug. I'd slowly strip the server of mods if it wasn't painful enough enabling them in the first place, so I'd like a place to start looking.
  19. Eh, I disagree to an extent. I kind of see the whole game of Don't Starve as Wilson's personal journey in becoming a successful scientist. Before he came to the constant he was terrible. Wickerbottom is just the smartest character in my eyes so it would make sense for her not to need to have the journey that Wilson does
  20. Imagine recreating the ruins scene, with the structures of the ancients available to prototype and much more. By placing each chair, table, bowl in the right place on the waning moon, we could recreate the scene of the olocaust.
  21. Unfortunate Screencaps

    Oh my. What did Ellie and Otto just see!
  22. This would be absolutely amazing! We've been in need of new caves content for quite a while.
  23. ONI multiplayer

    Ah, yes. I have made similar experiences. People do not understand supply & demand and are either far too willing exploiting themselves (hence killing prices) or demand far too low prices (hence killing prices). In actual reality, where you have significant running expenses, most of the MMO traders would be bankrupt within a few weeks at most. Completely removes the fun from trading. And then you have the bot-farmers that understand even less and kill prices completely because they flood the markets. I have absolutely no interest in such a trade system. The data itself is probably not the problem. It is how everything is connected. For the data, think how long saving takes. And for the connections, think how long loading takes.
  24. Today was also Presidents Day here in the USA.
  25. How it works, does not matter, as long as it works. And you can disable if for things you dont want.
  26. If that is what bothers you, ok then.
  27. We made him make the bunnyman shredded.
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