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  2. Hey Grifters, There's a whole bunch of new music tracks in the game today - see if you can find them all! GAMEPLAY If you kill Tazz in battle, he should show up as Dead in your relationships tab. Tazz and Felek are eachother's best friends. Aww. Set up Vixmali's new attacks and a basic combat behaviour (NOT FINAL) Amount for boon-gifting is affected by Prestige. Deep Undercover: Fix cast name in location name. UI Hook up per-character music for all handlers. Seriously, it's a lot of new music. audio: story music fix for deckviews The Grout Monster now shows up in the compendium like all other bosses CARDS Added a reason string in the CanPlayCard for Fortitude Fixed bug caused by bottle_shot
  3. Bug Fixes Fixed a crash when using the cookbook. Fixed a crash when sanity monsters are set to never. Fixed certain actions (pick, chop, mine, ect) not working when you joined a server. Fixed ocean bull kelp appearing to always be modified in the world generation options.
  4. Hi friends! A small patch before the weekend with some fixes to Duplicant radiation exposure. Changes Added "Radiation Balance" line item to Duplicant's condition panel Cosmic Radiation now falls off on a curve instead of linearly. Constructed tiles are now effective shielding from cosmic radiation Note: Radiation shielding is not fully implemented for all sources of radiation yet. Renamed nuclear reactor to Research Reactor Minor HEP art revision Art revisions to Research Reactor meltdown and dead animations Improved descriptions on Atomic Collider and Research Reactor Fixes Fixed issue preventing Duplicants from recovering from radiation exposure at the proper rate Remove Unity splash screen Fixed issue with placer art on Uranium Centrifuge Fixed a bug that caused sidescreen titles to not update if you clicked from one building with a sidescreen to another Removed "(Original)" suffix from plants Hooked up correct Lead artwork
  5. Hey Grifters, Fixes! Get your Fixes here! Set right up! CARDS Reduced the renown cap of Dominion by 1 Deceive now has a priority of PRESETTOR Fixed bug caused by an interaction between kindling and sapping bile Fixed bug where the first aid boon was triggered by debuffs decaying fixed a doubled up flavor on a rook negotiation card and condition builder update Fixed the event priority on Dogged Greedy can now only be targeted by cards, similar to Levy Increased damage of Dogged, it now costs 1 less when prepared instead of costing 0 Midbrain Padding now triggers before Jarackle Janglers GAMEPLAY lowered hp of Vix's heshbladders Fixed bug where the looping fx from toxic_buildup stuck around after the condition was removed Added a basic combat behaviour for the deltrean dignitary hook up normal vix fight in experiment, and vix's normal boss intro The combat backup in smith_tei_buyer_beware.lua is now an autodog on day 1 Fixed bug where the Handy perk would restore charges to items when they were dealt at the start of battle/negotiation keep new_supplier out of the fight to free old_supplier in side_smith_seemli_new_deal.lua Added missing titles to Shredmaw, Droad. Suppress intimidated greeting quip after robbing prototype. absolute_focus no longer counts as completed unless you win the challenge Fixed crash caused by mutant vix's acid attack UI Fix some subtle cases where right-clicking will invoke card popup info undesirably. . Suppress it whenever targetting or dragging a card. . You must click down AND release on the card to show its info popup. . Clear alt_hover flag when a card loses hover. . Cancel current chosen card on control up instead of down. Put the 'click to continue' overlay above the in hand cards, to prevent interaction with them. This puts dealt cards above as well, which seems ok. Added custom titles for Bordenkra and Theroux Remove red highlighting on re-usable Attack! convo option text.
  6. Here it is, friends, the moment you've all been radiating for: Today we're moving the new Radiation System into testing! There's been a lot of content simmering for a while (some of you have seen as much in the game archives ), but it's finally coming together as a new playable system that we’re looking forward to sharing. As with every system in ONI, we want Radiation to be fundamentally connected to other systems across the entire game, so we've got lots of new parts to make and iterating to do before it's ready. We'll be rolling these pieces out to testing as they come together, and at this time we’re expecting the system to be broadly realized over the next two updates. There's a lot of new content already in today's Spaced Out! testing branch, mainly focused around a core loop of converting raw uranium into useful radiation via the Research Reactor, and subsequently capturing that energy using the High Energy Particle (HEP) conduit system. This will be the foundation of new infrastructure and systems throughout your bases relying on powerful, yet dangerous, radioactive elements. We're really excited to finally get this out to you. We know it's been teased for a (very) long time, and we've wanted to do it ourselves for even longer, so we feel this is a big moment for development. Check it out and let us know what you think, post along any bugs you find, and as always, thank you so much for being on this journey with us! What does this testing branch contain so far? Here are the changes we've made so far in this update, loosely categorized: What is open testing? "Open testing" means players get to test-drive new content early and give us feedback and suggestions before it goes live. Because this is an unfinished and in active development version of the game, it's pretty likely you'll encounter bugs, crashes or balance issues while playing these builds. We'll try to fix any problems that crop up as quickly as we can, but it's possible you'll lose progress in your games while playing on the Testing branch. Regarding performance, the Testing branch has additional debugging tools enabled to help us track down crashes. This makes the game run more slowly than the live version of the game. Please also be aware that once a save is loaded in the Testing branch, it cannot be reopened again in the previous Live branch or previous builds. What do I do if I find a crash or a bug? Post it up on the Bug Tracker and we'll fix it as soon as we can. If you can attach a copy of your save file to your report, that helps us even more as we can pinpoint the source of problem more quickly. Do I have to play the open testing build? Nope! If you'd prefer to only play a stable build, you can continue to play in the current Default branch until the game launches in full. Playing the Open Testing build isn't necessary, but it helps us a lot to receive your feedback and reports - if you're interested, try it out! How do I become an open tester? There's no sign up or registration for becoming an open tester. If you own Oxygen Not Included plus the Spaced Out! DLC and want to join the Testing Branch, all you have to do is play the Open Testing build on Steam. How do I play the open testing build? You can switch your branch on Steam using the instructions below:
  7. Hey Grifters, Just a couple of fixes today. As we closer to freeze, you should probably see these lists getting smaller, and more precise. GAMEPLAY side_thief_bounty.lua now applies Wanted Alive to the thief if you choose to fight them Mutant vix now maintains his attack sequence through stuns Vixmalli's resentments can no longer be triggered on the turn they are deployed Self-Doubt don't force targets on the turn they are created, if it is Vixmalli's turn CARDS force_target no longer redirects splash damage, any such effect must use the SPLASH_RESOLVE event Removed Burnout from Shrewd Reduced damage from Rowdy Patron by 1 Fixed bug where Unstoppable affected all fighters Trail of Daggers: Don't issue post battle dialog if you ran away. Flatten II: Ensure Composure is applied first, as per the wording. UI Add gamepad button hint for navigating to top bar. Fix flourish cards mysteriously reversing order whenever the screen regains topmost status.
  8. Update (Xbox One) Fixed the groomer and sewing machine burnt anims. Ridden Beefalo's costumes work properly if their main build changes now. Hitched Beefalo won't teleport to the owner. Traps can now be picked up properly while riding a Beefalo. Smoldering objects can now be smothered while riding a Beefalo. Domesticated Beefalo will no longer turn feral if their Beefalo Bell bond is broken. Fixed player badges from being missing in the server browser. Fixed the Redeem Codes text entry box from failing to accept certain codes. Fixed Wigfrid's Merrymaker hair clipping issue. Fixed a crash after playing the contest several times. Fixed a crash if there are more than 8 posts in a contest. Fixed a crash at the end of a contest if you pick a fight with contestants. Fixed a crash if the Beefalo got unhitched just as a player tried to groom it. Beefalo now wake up to follow their bonded player if they go too far away at night, like Chester and Glommer. Beefalo in heat cannot be hitched. Adding Settings option to disable Moving Head Icons. Fixed a bug causing stumps that decay to remove all the relevant items, instead of leaving one of each item behind. Fixed Bundling Wrap from losing skin information when entering and exiting Caves. Updating legacy Lunar and Valentine skins to Timeless rarity. Beefalo no longer duplicate during a rollback while a player is riding them. Beefalo no longer duplicate during a rollback if the Beefalo Bell is in a backpack. Fixed a crash when attempting to Hitch a Beefalo while not bonded to a Beefalo. Fixed a crash on load if you had Amberosia in your inventory.
  9. Hey Grifters, There's some new music today! Try to convince someone to do something as Sal when it's dark out. There are also a couple new grafts, a gross animation for Vixmalli, and some fixes/balancings. GAMEPLAY Trade Secrets: Reduce kickback to make it a more comparable option to the others. Admiralty Extortion: cast citizenry only Fixed bug where Mutant Vix fled instead of surrendering The monsters spawned by Mutant Vix now flee if he surrenders/dies CARDS Added three new rare grafts for Smith Slight nerf to Boosted Dynamo Fixed typo in the description of Temper Fixed missing upgrade highlight for haymaker Increased the cost of Shrewd by 1 and gave it Burnout Brain Harp now increases overflow damage by 2 instead of doubling it UI play kashio's intro music when you see her in the bar for the first time hookup night negotiation music for sal hook up vix transform animation
  10. Changes Oceanfish and Wobster den world generation options should now be more impactful Bug Fixes Fixed a bug causing the player to keep trying to craft something after releasing the crafting button. Fixed the Chesspieces world generation option not generating more chess pieces. Because chess pieces have no native biome this uses a new system to randomly place clusters of chesspieces in the world, if the settings feels to high or low please let me know. Fixed spilagmite world generation image. Fixed action holding not working as a client.
  11. Hello, here's a patch for the live version of Spaced Out! with a crash fix and a fix for mysterious energy creation that's been around since Spaced Out! went into Early Access. Enjoy! Updated Chinese, Russian and Korean translations The temperature simulation was not being updated correctly on certain worlds, which resulted in energy created from nothing. Orbital Cargo Module would not deliver cargo correctly to some worlds Prevent base game rocket modules from spawning in Spaced Out. This fixes a crash in some saves where an incorrect module had been added Attempt to "reconnect" rockets on load if any of their modules ever disappear.
  12. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug causing world settings on the Server Browser to say they were out of date. Fixed a crash when entering the Server Browser. Fixed a bug causing crafted merm houses to not have world settings applied.
  13. Hey Grifters, Here are the day's fixes: CARDS Fixed bug where Claimed By Hesh crashed the game if it killed you Stacks of bile debuffs applied by Vix now scales with prestige Fixed bug where power removed by Sapping Bile wasn't properly re-applied Clarified description of Ricochet Mark now references Charge Fracture now applies 1 wound and deals 5 damage Fixed unintended interaction between Sapping Bile and temp power Under Your Skin now has a minimum threshold of 3 instead of 2, so you are still allowed to play a single manipulation card at max difficulty Shrewd: nil-check GAMEPLAY Increased length of Mutant Vix's attack pattern Brut now focuses the target with singled out Made the vix lumicyte slightly squishier and removed their exposed debuff Reworked Toxic Buildup to ensure that the chosen debuff changes every hit instead of being truly random Fixed bug where Rowdy Patron could be triggered by self-destroying arguments Skittish is no longer applied if the battle has a NO_SURRENDER flag since that negates the skittish effect GetNumberOfConnections() no longer excludes removed agents since we include them in other similar contexts Dodgy Scavenger: nil-check Graft defs in case they don't exist in Content currently. UI Add a compendium fade Preload fighter combat anims while faded in going into battle. Fixed incorrect quip for the default enemy attack card in negotiation
  14. The Beta Branch is open again, this time with the March QoL changes. Although this is not a Return of Them update we will be using the Don't Starve Together: Return of Them bug tracker and forums for this beta. The "Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherReturnOfThemBeta\" folder will also be used for all save data. This update contains some changes to world options, they have been split into two categories, world settings (things affect the world after it has been generated), and world generation options (things that affect world generation). By default, saving and loading presets will work as before, or can choose to unlink the world settings and generation options and manage their presets separately. If you host a dedicated server, the method for applying world options is unchanged and will continue to work just fine. You can follow the directions here to join the beta. Changes Containers can now be opened by multiple players at the same time. All actions can be repeated by clicking and holding the action button. All crafting recipes can be repeated by double clicking and holding the crafting button. Setting world generation options to “More” will no longer generate more of that object in every biome, it will now only generate more of that object in biomes where that object already exists. World settings can now be changed after a world has been generated. The preset menu has been overhauled to allow custom presets to be named. Added over 20 new world generation options. Added over 50 new world settings. The server commands menu (eg. roll back, regenerate the world, etc) is now accessible via the “Server Commands” button in the not-a-pause pause menu. The rescue command has been added to the Server Commands menu. The player listing screen (scoreboard) can now also be accessed via the not-a-pause pause menu Added world settings to assist players when joining someone’s server. These settings should only have an impact on public servers. If you are locally hosting your own private world that only you and some friends play on, your experience will not be affected. Extra Starting Resources. New players joining a world after day 10 will start with a few extra resources to make up for the starting area being most likely picked clean. Seasonal Starting Items. New players joining a world that is not in autumn will receive a basic seasonal clothing item to help them survive long enough to get started. Griefer Spawn Protection. When a player spawns in, if there are too many structures near the spawn point or if there are hostile creatures, the player will gain a temporary buff that allows them to walk through structures and prevents them from being targeted. Drop Items on Despawn. Sets whether a player will drop only irreplaceable items or drop all their items when they leave the server. Bug Fixes Ice now floats Lesser Glow Berries now have a different animation on the ground. Fixed a bug causing birchnut trees to update when they shouldn’t. Notes For Modders The worlddeciduoustreeupdater component is now deprecated You can see this post for the modding api changes made in this update.
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  16. Hey Grifters! Today's update fixes some issues, and adds an experiment for the fight against Mutant Vix. Raaaar! GAMEPLAY Added a battle to experiment_smith_final_fight.lua so you can fight the mutated vix Meeting at the Crossroads: add failure case if you don't make any shills and need to battle the law. Fixed bug where the informant boon applied to the wrong person UI Fix for card purchasing with gamepad, while Confirm Selection setting is enabled. A confirmation popup now appears. Preloading various common battle fx when starting a new game. Preload the stuff in generic_fx, too. Unload only when returning to FE. Replace broken InkTransition going into combat with a fade. On some platforms we need to load during darkness anyway. Don't use popup mode for big/bigger UI mode on the TravelScreen. Fix for occasional missing damage previews, if an argument is still being animated in when it has been retargetted. Fixed bug where persuasion labels on your arguments were not updated in the same way as your opponent's CARDS Handy now affects Master Chip. Telegraph now grants a small amount of concentration before applying defend Fix a bug where Spark Visor could be triggered more times than the number of stacks. It now applies at the start of battle only, but yields a larger bonus.
  17. Hi friends! Here's some fixes we wanted to get to you before the weekend, enjoy and stay safe! Changes Hooked up codex icons for aquatic and moo biomes. Move the Small Oxidizer Tank to the same tech as the Sucrose Engine since they're necessary for each other. Add the Large Oxidizer Tank and Scanner Module to the tech tree. Added a tooltip variation to the Fueled item in the launch checklist. Improved “All crew boarded” condition tooltip. Fixes Duplicants can now deliver resources to the Large Oxidizer Module Rockets would sometimes not notice they were ready (animations, button, etc) if the checklist was completed in a certain order. Under-construction rocket modules no longer appear to be constructed before they're finished. Crew are once again allowed to leave a rocket once it has landed (if the crew access is set to "All"). Fixed rogue question marks on the starmap, as well as "landed" rockets appearing over planets. Fixed some worldgen failures related to the Water Moonlet. Fixed launch issue caused by having a warning state in “All crew boarded” condition.
  18. Hey Grifters, This update cycle is going to be short, and focus on bugs and tuning as we work towards locking down our build for the port. This first update makes some big balance changes to brawl, and gives new players the option to start on P1 if they're familiar with the genre. GAMEPLAY Brawls give you the option of two quests every time you do a quest Brawl grafts are no longer given out in Brawl games, the draft has been replaced by a regular graft draft "Brawl grafts" are now given out at the start of daily challenges Prestige 4 now increases boss health Increased health of twin bosses but lowered their damage at p0 (increased defend at higher prestige) Slightly buffed both the Shredmaw and Droad Add confirmation option to pet selling in the night market. renaming p0 from "Normal" to "Introduction" Give players the option to skip Prestige 0, if they have played other deckbuilders Fixed bug where lumin turrets would damage themselves the worker in baron_the_best_defense.lua now helps you when negotiating to save them from getting beat up, regardless of relationship CARDS Fix hatched cards not having the correct owner. Hatch-ready cards don't show up in upgrade remainders, and shouldn't be upgradeable from the DeckScreen. Fix 0 stacks showing up sometimes in combat keyword tooltips. Update Muddler description to reflect it only applies to enemy targets Change how Pursue, Amplify, Rehearsal, and Forgo bonuses are tracked so that they work as expected with Carbon Copy. Eel eclairs no longer give xp to item cards. Wanted! now deals 8 resolve damage exactly. fixed bug where Raise affected 2 cards instead of 1 CombatCondition calls SetStacks in init now, which is more analagous to how modifiers work in negotiation, and fixes some bugs with conditions' OnSetStacks not being triggered on first application. In particular, fixes Impervious not being triggered if gaining 99 Defense without having prior Defense. Martial Master now improvises Phantom Finishers. UI Add mechanism to cycle through hover links in the conversation screen using gamepad. make the priest look scared when you push him into the beast Greyed out the outfit you are already wearing when changing outfits. (also removed some debug prints)
  19. Hello friends! Today we're bringing some more rocketry and space features out of testing. There are three major things to try out now! The first is new conduit fittings for rocket interiors. These allow you to run plumbing directly between rocket storage modules and a rocket’s interior, allowing for more compact internal layouts, and a completely piped connection between ground infrastructure and internal infrastructure. This includes power, and there is even a new Battery Module to store power between the two systems. Next, we've expanded the cluster by a couple of planetoids. Please welcome the Water Moonlet and Moo Moonlet to your happy little space family. The new addition of the Hydrogen Engine and Scanner Module will allow exploration out into these far reaches of space. And finally, on these moonlets you're bound to find new sources of supermaterial components (or supermaterials themselves if you’re lucky!). While we still have some work remaining before all base game content is available in the cluster system, this takes us one big step closer to completing that goal! And with that it seems we've caught up with the edge of space, which means it's time to turn our attention back inward and see what we can discover on the planetoids of the cluster…. Hm, what's that glowing green stuff…? Let us know how rockets and the new planetoids are working out for you in the feedback forums or filing bug reports. Thank you as always for your support and participation! What's New and Improved? Features Added new Rocket Interior Fittings: Power Outlet Fitting Liquid Intake/Output Fittings Gas Intake/Output Fittings Conveyor Receptacle/Loader Fittings Added new modules and updated modules from base-game New Battery Module for rockets which stores excess power generated by a rocket engine or ground facilities. Provides stored power to Interior Rocket Outlets Rocket engines now generate some power while in flight New "Scanner Module" that will allow rockets to explore unexplored space and reveal tiles as they go Revealing tiles on the cluster map with a Telescope or Scanner Module "peeks at" other nearby tiles, giving hints as to where other planets might be Added Spaced Out! versions of the Hydrogen Engine and Liquid Oxidizer Tank Added CryoFuel Propulsion tech to the Research Screen Expanded on the cluster and its resources: Added new “Moo Moonlet” to Terra and Swamp Clusters Added new “Water Moonlet” to Terra and Swamp Clusters Add a new Resin Rooster point of interest. It will appear on newly generated Marshy Moonlets. (Art/Sound are work-in-progress) Added "Resin" material to the game. This is a precursor to Isoresin Added “Graphite” material and recipes to the game. This is a precursor to Fullerene Suit Durability is now a custom game setting In progress: New effects added to rocket modules to indicate when a rocket is ready to launch Fixes Potential workaround for users crashing before the Klei logo. Try adding “--force-opengl” to the Launch Options in Steam (right click Oxygen Not Included -> Properties) Fixed a temperature related crash which primarily happened on the frozen world with iron volcanoes Fixed an issue where sometimes a geyser's output would transition the wrong element, which made it appear as if a different element was being emitted The new version of the Large Liquid Tank had an incorrect ID, which may have caused save/load issues. If you have a Large Liquid Tank in your save, you will need to deconstruct it and rebuild it Fixed replacing a Spacefarer Module with a Solo Spacefarer Nosecone showing excess backwall Fixed sounds for base game Rocket Engines in Spaced Out! Power sources no longer complain about missing consumers if there is a battery or transformer on the network Display worldgen failure popup when guaranteed POIs are not successfully placed and return to main menu Updated Korean and Chinese translations Fixed rockets in space being "entombed" on load Audio Added new sounds to main menu Added sound for Trailblazer Module and Scout Lander Added ambient loop to the main menu Art and Animation New Duplicant animation in the main menu Incremental loading animations for the Orbital Cargo Module New animations for the Interplanetary Payload Repositioned side view of Oxygen Mask Visual updates to rocket engines that were ported over from the base game Finalized artwork for Orbital Cargo Module Added a Duplicant to the Spaced Out! main menu Battery Module's meter now follows it when the rocket is rearranged or launched UI Fix for issue preventing some colony diagnostic alert settings from save/loading correctly Rockets automatically request their crew/kick out passengers when the launch button is pressed, rather than requiring correct crew to press the button. This obsoletes the "Auto" crew setting and makes launching a rocket less fiddly Center moons on the Choose A Destination screen Fixed animations on the Choose A Destination screen Centering Done button on options screens Improved organization of the rocket checklist Rework to the rocket module sidescreen Worlds are listed in the order they are discovered. Does not apply to worlds already discovered worlds in existing saves The "Cargo not loaded" launch condition was showing a blank message Launch button and destination select are now on the Spacefarer Module, not the Basic Nosecone Worldgen Niobium Volcano is now guaranteed to spawn Fixed a number of worldgen failures due to guaranteed geysers not spawning Moved outer cluster worlds further out now that more rocket engines exist Mods Worldgen: We restructured the StreamingAssets folder separating the base and Spaced Out! files Worldgen: We are phasing out the pointsOfInterest list in favour of using subworldTemplateRules
  20. Hello friends! The features currently on the Spaced Out testing branch will flip over to the default version of Spaced Out tomorrow. Today's patch introduces the Scanner Module, which allows a rocket to fly into the darkness of space and look for new planetoids! This brings with it some changes to the way space is revealed. Now, whenever a telescope or scanner module uncovers a tile on the cluster map, nearby tiles become "partially discovered", offering hints as to the location of nearby planetoids. Between the new module and the partial uncovering, it should be possible to locate and reach every planet in the cluster. Let us know how it works out for you! Features Revealing tiles on the cluster map "peeks at" other nearby tiles, giving hints as to where other planets might be. Added a new "Scanner Module" that will allow rockets to explore unexplored space and reveal tiles as they go Changes Sap Tree art pass Hooked up the Moo Moonlet starmap icon Fixes Can no longer attack the Sap Tree Telescope icon on the clustermap is now more consistent Sap Tree now has its own strings and proper information in the info panel Worldgen: Niobium Volcano is now guaranteed to spawn Worldgen: Fixed a number of worldgen failures due to guaranteed geysers not spawning
  21. Hey Grifters, We did a dialog pass on Smith's finale, and did some further revisions to Vix's negotiation, based on feedback and testing. GAMEPLAY Smith finale final text initial pass Added a custom negotiation behaviour for Weezil and Brut Added the Rise Valet and Admiralty Investigator to Murder Bay and Pearl On Foam Added the Rise Valet and Admiralty Investigator to the relevant combat parties CARDS Reduced wound applied by Fold 'em by 1 Retarget any necessary arguments when Shielded is applied. Sal's Shadow Mastery now grants Adrenaline instead of Temporary Power Vix negotiation changes: - resentments scale in power with the prestige level - self-doubt functions like bait - bottled rage is weaker on p0, and only grows from card damage - the shield will not be applied twice to same resentment in a row if there are other options - reduce the number of attacks when there are self-doubts in play from 3 to 2 Fixed incorrect rarities on some of the new boss grafts UI Fix shield status changes not updating the tooltip.
  22. Hi friends! A small patch before the weekend with some crash fixes in it. See you next week! Changes Updated Russian translations Fixes Fixed a Linux/Mac crash starting a new game or loading a save. Please let us know if it’s still crashing for you Fixed crash when battery modules load while in space Some launch conditions weren't being checked correctly so the Launch button would lie about a rocket being launchable Graphite -> Fullerene recipe had incorrect amounts for Sulfur and Aluminum
  23. Hey Grifters, Here are some new grafts, a bunch of tuning, and some big speed improvements in the compendium. CARDS Added 2 new general boss battle grafts Added 4 new general boss negotiation grafts Added 2 boss grafts for each character (one negotiation, one battle) Moved Coactive Orbslug and Contractor from Boss grafts to Rare grafts Moved Distributed Processing from Boss graft to Uncommon graft Rook Balance Changes: - Increased cost of Induction to 2 - Increased cost of Telegraph to 2 - Increased cost of Casings to 3 - Increased cost of Backfire to 3 - Increased cost and damage on Wounding Shot - Reduced max damage of Charged Barrage to 3 - Reduced Overcharge from lever_plus2 to 3 Smith Balance Changes: - Increased cost and damage on Conquer - Increased cost of Obliterate - Increased cost of Thickness - Increased cost and damage of Bio-Strike Add Vix negotiation quips Vix pours on increasing impatience once it starts vix's 'damage this argument' triggers account for defence UI 5-10x speedup when opening for people and grafts compendium tab. Cut 33% (~2k) widgets from the Mettle tab in the Compendium. Remove unnecessary hitbox and post_images child widgets from IconButton. Fix crash if clicking on GraftDetails of a graft that was just upgraded. Add missing nil-check to fighter quipping. Can occur if you for example you kill Jeol and his drones at the same time with an AOE. Fix hidden selected_filters still applying in a FilterOptionalRadioGroup. This would happen when switching between battle/negotiation cards. Fix missing hit frame for Smith's throw anim.
  24. David_B


    Hot Lava SDK Update -- Let your creativity run wild! A new SDK update is now available for anyone who wants to create their own worlds inside Hot Lava. This release brings some major new features and lots of little fixes and improvements. T.O.X.I.C. Moves T.O.X.I.C. has invaded Hot Lava SDK! Lord Sludge and Poizone's new moves are now available to add to community maps. Explore new challenges with the double jump or slide jump movesets. New LavaEmitter A simmering new lava generator automatically makes better looking - and sounding! - lava. Just enable the excellent new LavaEmitter to fill your your homemade map's lava with vfx and sfx. Improvements and Bug Fixes We’ve also added lots of fixes and modkit usability improvements, including some great advancements in the Randomizer gamemode. We’ve ironed out a bunch of issues and added more Inspector info to make it easier to use Randomizer to create daily challenges generated from fragments of your existing courses! Detailed Patch Notes - 451344 Upgrade to Unity 2019.4.7 Add Double Jump and Slide modifiers (Poizone and Sludge movesets) and corresponding Workshop tags Allow multiple targets in ActivateTriggerLogic Draw course finish checkpoint’s camera bounds and camera position in Scene Draw direction player will face on spawn for SpawnPoint Added Klei/GameMode/Draw All Checkpoints. Uncheck this menu item to draw only the current game mode's checkpoints Lava planes (NavierStokesSimulator) can now automatically generate LavaEmitters for vfx and sfx Add the material properties display so you can look up the different gameplay behaviours of PhysicsMaterials (select material_properties asset) Add Edgy-X energy_drink_brk prefab Add Trial_ChaseGrade avatar for pursuit trials Detect portals to invalid gamemodes in Check for Errors Fix prefab flickering when they contain FMOD events Fix levels with lava always being marked as unsaved Remove some unused animations to reduce size of Generic package Fix limited prefab inspector flickering (when you click on one, but don't open it) Fix rogue trial avatars appearing on portals using Pogo or TinyToy Upgrade progrids and polybrush to more recent package manager versions Fix “GameObject > Group Selected” command to maintain object order Properly scroll and display text in mod upload window Apply text length limits in mod upload window on modification and not just on submit Uploading Workshop maps now automatically adds Unity and Modkit versions to Change Notes Apply show/hide after teleporting to a new section of a Randomizer course Prevent error with Randomizer when a course doesn't have a level intro Fix Randomizer gamemodes in modmaps aren't visible in pause menu (requires re-creation of Randomizer gamemode to fix existing uses) Explain Randomizers in GameModeContainer inspector and list the candidate modes Add /cyclerandomizer chat command to give you a sense of how Randomizer changes day by day (only in editor) Fix failure to submit leaderboard scores in randomizer courses
  25. Hey Grifters! Today brings a new experiment: Vixmalli's negotiation! Give it a shot, and tell us how it feels. It's pretty first-pass, so watch for tuning in the coming days. Other than that, we have a whole bunch of controller UI fixes. If you use a controller to play, we'd love to hear how that's going for you - we're always looking for ways to improve the interface! GAMEPLAY Added vixmalli negotiation experiment Boss grafts on day 1 are always negotiation, Boss grafts on day 2 are always combat Fix infinite loop crash if you kill Rooks' day 1 story boss. Added boon, bane and death loot to the Rise Valet def Set up the combat behaviour for the Rise Valet Hooked up the boon, bane and death loot for Tei and Theroux Set up the Bilebroker Sampler def with a simple combat behaviour UI Hold RT/LT to engage turbo cursor, and reduce the speed reduction over hover widgets. Add missing cursor hints on the TravelScreen Fix CardGrid:GetDefaultFocus Battle deck is the default focus when focusing on the top bar in gamepad mode. Reorder top bar widgets so the most important widgets are fastest to access via gamepad. Fix the card info popup showing when you confirm a card upgrade using gamepad. When cancelling a targetted Flourish, animate the card away instead of playing the Expend animation. In any non-Dev branch, include in the lua crash message a list of installed mods. Use the battle/negotiation speed scaling setting instead of Fast Mode to modify the animation speed when choosing Flourishes. CARDS Swap rarity of High Places / Executive, since High Places is more likely to be useable further in a run given its renown requirements. Edited the desc of Swift Rebuttal to make it clearer (hopefully) Fix Fold Em applying Wound to all targets if modified by Spear Head. Fix crash tooltipping Fatigue outside of battle/negotiation. Fix player preview not disappearing when cancelling out of a targetted flourish. Fix All-Rounder only applying 2 Trauma. Replaced Boosted Pinto Pour with Pale Pinto Pour for better upgrade options Fixed bug where Spore Cloud affected non-attack cards Added missing Finisher flag to Finishing Strike Fix Gut Shot (or other multi-hit attacks) not applying features if the target dies prematurely.
  26. Hey friends! Today's Testing Branch patch is mostly bugfixes, though we now have the Hydrogen Engine back in the game! I'd also like to add a note about a fix that went on to the Testing Branch last week: "Fixed an issue where sometimes a geyser's output would transition the wrong element, which made it appear as if a different element was being emitted". The bug caused elements to state transition using the wrong material properties. In the geyser case that meant steam would cool into methane. In more "normal" cases, it could cause an element to transition based on the wrong state (transition happens on wrong frame) or to transition using incorrect thermal properties (energy created or destroyed). In most cases this shouldn't matter and in fact it's not noticeable during normal play, but scenarios where there are lots of rapid state transitions will behave considerably differently now. One such example is compact steam turbine setups, which may exhibit much different levels of efficiency than before and require tweaking. Features Suit Durability is now a custom game setting Added Spaced Out! versions of the Hydrogen Engine and Liquid Oxidizer Tank Added CryoFuel Propulsion tech to the Research Screen Change Updated strings Worlds are listed in the order they are discovered. Does not apply to worlds already discovered worlds in existing saves Launch button and destination select are now on the Spacefarer Module, not the Basic Nosecone Fixes: Border temperature related crash during starting a new game Fixed loading some saves which have missing cluster information Fixed crash loading some old saves prior to moving the worldgen files around Fixed animations on the Destination Select Screen Fixed replacing a Spacefarer Module with a Solo Spacefarer Nosecone showing excess backwall Fixed sounds for base game Rocket Engines in Spaced Out! Power sources no longer complain about missing consumers if there is a battery or transformer on the network Battery Module's meter now follows it when the rocket is rearranged or launched
  27. Update (Xbox One) Fixed a possible crash when ending a contest. Fixed a bug when a beefalo dies in the contest. Fixed a bug causing statue figures to use the wrong animation. Fixed a crash when riding Woby. Fixed an issue with Winona's hair in the character selection grid. Fixed a crash with no NPCs in the pageant. Fixed a crash in the Item Collection when Willow hugs Ashley. Fixed a crash when using the Winter's Feast Lantern. The contests posts won't get stuck waiting to be marked if the event is aborted. Adjust new Victorian wall skins textures so they are less tilted. Fixed a texture bug with the Lovely Chest.
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